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Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited (BAOS)

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    Very good volume yesterday and today...Just a matter of time....Let's do it in the AH . .$4 positively possible!
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    The volume last Friday was many times of the existing float. So much buying. Just a matter of time today or this week this will be squeezed UP...I expect no less than $4 this week....
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    It's about time to rumble...Just watch!
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    Today is the DAY...Let's rumble in the After Hours Action today....
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    Baosheng Media Group has been steadily growing revenues seeing year over year increases from 2018 to 2019 of 10.5% from $16.16 million to $17.85 million. Securing long term contracts with many media moguls such as: Tiktok, Amazon, Ctrip, 360 finance and Youku.

    Future Growth:

    $BAOS ipo'ed in early February 2021, offering 6 million shares at a IPO price of $5 a share. Raising $30 million in proceeds which will be used for expanding the Company's business scale and building its network of leaders/acquiring employees.

    China's digital marketing spending is rapidly growing, with 2021 forecasts expected to increase 20% from 2020. With expected annual growth of above 20% as companies are looking to more short-form video ads and social media ads.

    $BAOS is looking to capitalize on this growth by utilizing funds to enter into new sections such as NFT marketing and into the crypto currency field. BAOS received backing and a $10million investment from Ebang EBON in late March to develop a blockchain-based platform/NFT and crypto currency platform.

    BAOS is looking to create a platform to buy and sell NFT related work and enter an exploding market. NFT's market cap grew 1785% from 2020 in early 2021 due to the NFT craze. With China leading the market in dollar volume and spending.

    Margins and Ratios: (competitor valuations)

    BAOS is a market leader when it comes to profitability and margins.

    BAOS reported 9.5m and 11.16m in pretax income in 2018 and 2019.

    Those are margins of 58.7% and 62.5% respectively for their years.

    Return on equity: 43.2% vs market average of 4.78%

    Return on assets: 13.27% vs market average of 1.27%

    Their bottom line has been steadily improving year over year through developing efficiencies and capitalizing on market trends.


    Market Cap: 172M

    Revenue: 17.8M

    Earnings per share of 0.4

    Price to earnings of: 14.72

    Net profit: 10.8M

    Cash on Hand: 51M


    Market Cap:115M

    Earnings per share of (0.69)

    Price to earnings: N/A

    Revenues: 8.6M

    Net Loss: (14.6M)

    Cash on Hand: 451k


    Market Cap: 270M

    Revenue: 18.3M

    Earnings per share of (0.248)

    Net Loss: (10.2M)

    Cash on hand: 33M


    As you can see BAOS is deeply undervalued compared to its peers. It is one of the few small cap marketing companies that are operating at a profit (62.5%) at that aswell. It also has the strongest balance sheet and cash balance among its peers.

    Cash Position:

    BAOS is flush with cash and there is no threat of any share dilutions/offerings. BAOS is sitting on over 51 million in cash. Broken out by 11Million in cash pre IPO, 30Million from IPO proceeds and another 10 million received from EBON.

    BAOS is cash flow positive with cash from operations each year in excess of 9M annually, further increasing its cash position.

    BAOS will be looking to utilize this cash to grow its business through acquisitions, new infrastructure such as NFT platforms and acquiring talented individuals.

    Public Float:

    Baos has one of the smaller active tradeable floats on the market. The initial offering only issued 6 million shares of BAOS with many of these shares being locked up until August.

    The stock is largely unknown with volumes being very scarce. This is causing significant bid/ask spreads upwards of 3-4%. This also means there is very few walls for when this gains momentum.

    China Low Float Recent IPO Trend

    Chinese low float stocks have been getting pumped across the markets lately. Many of which have been recent IPO's due to their share lock up periods further reducing the floats.

    Some prime examples include:

    EEIQ running form $3.58 to $35.20 in 2 days

    UTME running from $4 to $107 in 2 days

    WAFU running from $4 to $21 in 2 days.

    $BAOS meets all the above criteria, with a small float, small market cap and in a hot sector. NFT/Crypto

    Upcoming Press Releases:

    I am expecting a press release to be issued in the next week or two regarding the demo/roll out of their NFT platform.

    BAOS's first press release was issued on March 18th regarding the EBON collaboration and entry into the NFT field. This was the first day the company could release news due to its 40day quiet period after a IPO. EBON stated in early February it was looking to enter the NFT field. I expect the partnership was entered in early to mid February. Meaning a news release on the development of the platform for BAOS should be right around the corner.

    NFT press releases have cause stocks to skyrocket, and was the hottest sector in March. With stocks such as TKAT, HOFV, DLPN and WKEY gaining as much as 1000%. These stocks have cooled off but most are still trading at 2.5-5x their pre press release values.

    Price Target: 10$ by end of April after first press release relating to NFT platform
    Price Target Long term: 25$ which would be a result of revenue growth through utilizing its cash and expanding into new networks/fields such as NFT. Expecting revenues in the 25M range for the year and profits of 15m+.
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    why its dropping too much
  • K
    BAOS looks like trash today - I bet it falls from here. Glad I am signed up to ( so that I can get stocks that actually move!
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    New IPO Tiny Float Same underwritters as WNW
  • S
    Saved by grace
  • D
    Lack of interest for the company leads the price down. A good PR please? Assuming that the growth of the Co is corralated with the reopening of Chinese economy, albeit it's akready restarted, the stock has potential, what are your thoughts pls?
  • L
    Leon Battista
    BAOS: The collaboration with $EBON proves that this wasn't just a PR about crypto etc. They WILL move in crypto business and they will do it SOON.
    Keep in mind that after the IPO they have more cash in hand than their liabilities, they make more than 10 million net profit per year and blockchain is the bonus to multiply their valuation in 2021.

    The big difference between BAOS and its peers is that this one is already profitalbe and debt free, while the vast majority of the others have losses from their core business and debt $NCTY $SOS $MARA
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    Stock is up because of a analyst report came out regarding the past 6month. Target price, $6.50.
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    sooo much pain 3.5k loss
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    10 bucks + coming
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    Reloaded at 5.37.
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    Chinese stocks are the best to making you wealthy, or homeless.
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    even with a halt? no posts
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    But may be buy back next week😜
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    This is next led 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    glad to see a nice bounce... someone knows something