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    I still hold on to all my BB shares because I believe that J Chen is a brilliant Engineer and he has been working for BB almost 8 years without salary increase and he will take millions Bonus and performance awards shares at @$30. or more so I believe he will deliver BB at 10X time more than they share price promised him. FB settlement, patents sold, partners with Amazon, and many more.. we never know for sure when BB share price will pop. Maybe some investors will come in and buy ton of BB shares!! Even Reddit people may come back?
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    So let’s get this straight...you don’t own the stock, you’re not shorting the stock and you have no intention of buying the stock. Buuuut you’re spending your precious time posting on this board. Ooookay then. 👍
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    ELECTRON CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC (NYSE:BB). The institutional investor bought 2.6 million shares of BB stock in a transaction took place on 12/31/2020. In another transaction, which held on 12/31/2020, ARROWSTREET CAPITAL LP bought approximately 2.3 million shares of BlackBerry Limited In a separate transaction which took place on 12/31/2020, the institutional investor, HILLSDALE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, bought 1.1 million shares of the company’s stock. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 56.60% of the company’s stock.
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    BB is not for short-term gains. Anyone who is interested in just short-term prospects should invest in other meme stocks. The conference yesterday showed that they have an amazing product and their focus is on long-term gains and sustainability. I got a feeling that they are currently lacking on the marketing front, but their tech will speak for itself. This is a new space with endless possibilities. So please...just relax.
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    D D
    Just got some intel it’s top secret can’t divulge info but I’d be buying First thing Monday @ any price Go BB Go
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    7 years ago in 2014 the average share price of BB was at $9.50 USD level. Are things better now or then ? Risk / Reward so rare and so compelling. All these short term downward swings will be meaningless in a few months and very unlilkely to stay at these levels. What happened Dec 1 and January 26 undeniably underlined that the shares want to go up and in a subtsantial way (and they will) and are just waiting for the right news. Too many things going and that news will come. No one expected IVY.
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    This is hard to watch! BB down, all my holdings are down. I was up 20% on my stocks as of Monday of this week. As of this moment, I am down 3%!. I never thought I would be in the red again but here I am. I know most of these will rebound over time (it took 3 months to build up 20% and 5 days to drop to red. But siting here watching your money bleed isn't easy. If you can, hold one long term people. This will correct soon. Hopefully by summer. It's hard but long term is the game...
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    $GME conversation
    Gamestop power to the players and I am going to add my own spin and say "power to the shareholders"...

    And for all the other reddit trades remember the higher gme goes the higher those go as well so $GME $AMC $KOSS $BB $NOK $BBBY $EXPR $NAKD show support to each other its not a competition and keep in mind the numbers gme are doing is rare and its considered the leading role stock for the others so show support to gme forums as well since there are a ton of bears bashing all day long. Lets stick together and show them we matter too. Remember this is not a typical trading stock the whole principle is to buy and hold until we see a major move of 500 -1000 get reached but if it hits to $1000 I would keep some shares in the pot in case it will extend pass that. Its best to be above a limit.

    This gamestop stock has kept the market alive for two months and its only getting started we have not even began to see what we can do if we stick to the plan. Diamond hands thanks for the support likes and comments ... to the moon and beyond!!!!!!
  • J
    If you couldn’t handle the up n down, come back in a year. I have seen $14 ,$10,$4, $3, $28. But I am still here holding . Because I am waiting for $100+ in 2 or 3 years . Very simple. Stay strong longs !
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    Bought back yesterday half of the number of shares I sold last month at $34. I feel like $11 to $12 might be its floor at the moment given the broader sell off in tech stocks.
  • a
    Amazon down, Shopify down, all tech stocks down. This company is good and will go up in the long term
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    This thing is going to grow organically as it has great fundamentals and growth potential!
    Also, great news to come with the FB settlement and sale of patents!
    The Reddit and WSB groups also have their eyes on this. They are positioning themselves for the next wave up. I think this is as low as it’s going to get and it’s an opportunity for others to enter a new position.
    We will likely see a new wave in late March.
    Please do you own due diligence.
    This is only my opinion.
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    pulled this off the crowstike board thought it interesting: Crowdstrike may or may not have hit its peak. 450 million in revenue. Look at Blackberry in the same field with 980 million in revenue plus a huge foot in the door with electric vehicles and great partnerships(AMAZON BAIDU SONY ETC) . It's so undervalued because everyone still thinks its a cellphone company. Hope both crowdstrike and blackberry can be successful but you should at least take a look at Blackberry for such a discounted price in the same FIELD. GLTA.
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    $9.5 USD is real BB stock price, could be bumped dive or float over a little bit. Hopefully BB can gain more sale and more earnings, I will sell if reached my average.
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    almost 90% of the stocks are overvalued in the market, so why can't blackberry stay longer overvalued..too ...
  • S
    On a positive note..My Financial... Bank and Reit stocks are performing well...Diversify people...I am down on my High Tech stocks too, but now is the time to be adding...when there is blood in the streets...the Sharks say..It's meal time!
  • R
    The investors conference was yesterday and BB presented. Give the investors some time to digest and do their due diligence before investing. I'm sure some , if not many, are already considering investing in it. It takes time. There will be an increase in the next 2 weeks, especially as it gets closer to the quarterly report as the price may increase. Investors wouldn't want to wait after the report is out in fear of paying higher rates.
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    My friends, this is way oversold and is primed for a nice spike upwards.
    Don’t let anyone scare you into selling or giving away your shares.
    It’s pretty much touching the lower band and has a short term upside to around $18-20 and closer to $35-50 plus by years end.
    I am buying more at these levels. There is so much potential for BB and I believe it is heavily undervalued and manipulated.
    Please do your own due diligence.
    This is only my opinion.
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    The day after Last ER in December, BB was -17%. Hope the next ER, BB will be +17%.