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    Two new patents issued this week. JC and company aren't wasting time restocking the patent cupboard as one the largest patent sales ever looms: --method and system for vehicle location tracking using v2x communication --method and apparatus pertaining to history-based content-sharing recommendations
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    Try to keep your sense of play, sense of humour folks. If you've done your due diligence you know BB is well positioned for big growth over the next 1 to 5 years or more. It was a very big job to restructure this former hardware tech company to a pure software Cyber Security and IoT but it's been done.

    The balance sheet is fine, now we need increased marketing and sales efforts and execution.

    This could be a 100billion company in a few years. I'm here now for the potential.
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    It’s already August. Where’s the FB settlement announcement? Did Mr. Chen say by the end of July?
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    Fireworks start when analysts are forced to upgrade after BB shows signs of revenue growth, a sustainable growth path; either in big event contracts or steady Cyber security and IoT growth. BB is in the right sectors; there's legitimate reasons to believe the newly redesigned BB has a very bright future.
    Wall Street and other big institutions are still waiting proof, and BB left bad memories for many investors with the failure of its smart phone hardware business. Investor sentiment just isn't there yet; patience as the memories change/fade and BB prooves itself worthy.
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    @ Nelson ,,, if company has value this manipulation should not be there…. Share red again for no reason … actually it’s red on good news which you share all the time .
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     7 brilliant acquisitions of BB
    (a) Secusmart 2014 (used by only 2 governments for about 5 years, now used by 18)

    (b) Movirtu 2014 (multiple users on single SIM -- the basis of a key feature of BB's UEM offerings, but more importantly the basis of a good long-term deal with Samsung)

    (c) WatchDox 2015 (made BB one of top players in secure file transfer)

    (d) AtHoc 2015 (mass crisis communication)

    (e) Good Technology 2015 (saved BB's bacon in Enterprise SW, as it helped change BB's management of iOS from third-rate to first-rate, on par with VMware-AirWatch and MobileIron)

    (f) Encription 2016 (small purchase; gave BB a leg up in the UK; rounded out their UES offerings)

    (g) Cylance 2018 (new & advanced AI/ML capabilities ...
    now thoroughly integrated into both IoT and Cyber Security products, adding to their competitive advantage, especially in cybersecurity, where commodification had become an issue.
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    Contra the FUD. Key, basic facts about BB.

    FUD: investors have gained nothing since John Chen took over.
    FACT: The sp has gained 10.5% per year. 
    Proof: Subtract today's sp from that of mid-November, 2013. Calculate percentage increase. Divide by 7.5 years.

    FUD: BB revenue hasn't grown since John Chen took over.
    FACT A: True if revenue from smartphone sales and Service Access Fees are part of the equation. These declined to zero or near-zero by 2020.
    FACT B: False if revenue is calculated exclusively from Software, IP, and Services.
    It has risen from $248m in Chen's first full year in office to roughly $900 million today.

    FUD: Chen is scoring a ridiculously high company-destroying annual salary.
    FACT A: Chen is presently being paid roughly $3m US annual salary (though $2m of that is merit pay that may not be offered in any given year) plus 1m in RSUs. If BB's sp is $10 at year end, Chen gets a maximum of $13m in compensation. 
    FACT B: the compensation does begin to skyrocket if Chen gets the sp to $16, $17, $18, $19, $20, and then up to $30. At each of the first five stages, he gets an extra million shares. At $20/share, Chen would earn roughly $43m. And yes, that does look rather excessive.

    -- On the other hand, Chen will pay 55% of that amount in taxes to the Canadian government. For some reason, I've never seen anyone talk about that. Just have a gander at any payment Chen has ever reported in the form of RSUs. He pockets a little less than half the total number, and sells the rest -- and that's in order to pay off the tax collector.
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    Congratulations!!! #1 Cybersecurity CEO of 2021 is: John Chen - BlackBerry John Chen is the Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry. Joining the company in 2013, Chen led BlackBerry through a successful pivot from hardware icon to software leader. Today, the company is poised to leverage its brand strength and heritage in mobile along with its enterprise cybersecurity and embedded software growth engines to accelerate into the Enterprise of Things, an emerging category with billions of connected devices and massive market potential. Prior to joining Blackberry, Chen was Chairman, President and CEO of Sybase for 14 years. He graduated from Brown University with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a master's in Electrical Engineering.. Chen has an honorary professorship from Shanghai University, and honorary doctorates from San Jose State University, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
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    I want your opinion. Does anyone believe BB will eventually get similar valuations to Crwd or panw? Currently those stocks are trading nearly 10x the valuations of BB. i know why; BB lack of revenue growth and a restructured company. Yet once BB starts growing revenues even close to the rate crwd and panw are then this stock takes off in my opinion.
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    Jayde Jk
    Why so many negative comments about Chen?! If it weren't for Chen, maybe there wouldn't be BB today. Yes, it may have taken a little longer to turn around, but remember, BB was almost a bankrupt company. The turnaround is now over and this is the last troubling year for BB... BB should start moving higher this fall....
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    Blackberry is a take over target. Have you ever wonder who will acquire Blackberry. My bet is on Amazon!
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    Argus upgraded to a hold from sell yesterday. No price target changes though. Didn't see any verbal reasons why.
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    I've not read anything on this board that influenced my investment decisions yet. restating news isn't useful.

    Connecting BB software and contract news with revenue growth is useful. Haven't seen any of that yet.

    I'd like to know BBs strategic strength in cyber security and why their sales haven't grown much there and what BB is doing about it specifically.
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    Very rarely is there a get rich quick stock pick.
    Meme stocks have created this thought process of easy, quick money.
    Very few people time it perfectly!

    Don’t get me wrong, I have traded this stock to give myself a better position long term but the underlying truth is this has taken a long time to come to fruition. The pipeline is loaded with revenue streams, and we are close to seeing consistent revenue growth in my opinion.

    Why would anyone who is a long sell their core position without..

    1. Seeing results of patent sale
    2. See result of FB settlement
    3. See what the increase in hiring and marketing does for revenue .
    4. See what beginning stages of what IVY produces?

    At this point it’s really a short amount of time to find out answers to all of the above…

    Cheers Longs! It will be worth it!