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BlackBerry Limited (BB)

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6.77-0.25 (-3.56%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
6.70 -0.07 (-1.03%)
After hours: 07:40PM EDT

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  • H
    It would be nice if people gave the Ape community / meme crowd the respect that they deserve. They are trying to make money on different fundamentals but more importantly are ethically standing up for the common shareholder. People need to get informed and look at the bigger picture. Besides there is a lot more money to be made through team work than fighting for scraps of day trading.
  • e
    Attn:BB. You made the comment yesterday that bb was undervalued I ask how that was, you never answered.
    Tell me what you think it’s fair value is and how you are justifying it please, i would love to know.
  • B
  • G
    Now think about this:
    BBBY rallied from $4+ to $30 within the last 2.5 weeks, despite liquidity concerns and store closures.

    When will BB rally like BBBY?
    Why does the man behind the curtains prevent BB from rallying like BBBY?

    Let’s be fair. Please answer my questions. Thank you.
  • T
    Oh dear. Reddit is coming !
  • P
    And it’s gone!
  • B
    @easyliven: Do your DD before investing in any stocks.
  • V
    Momentum building!
  • M
    Really odd this keeps getting rolled in as a Meme stock yet it hasn’t had a massive spike or anything out of the ordinary….
  • S
    see you all at the moon
  • G
    This is my opinion. not to be used as a reason to mortgage your house to buy BB stock as I did.

    BB can become a 3 figure stock with 24 months. Here's why. This is my opinion.
    Starlink right now is a subsidiary of SpaceX.
    Starlink's customers want endpoint security for their sensors that help all driverless , automatic and robotic/ AI applications.

    ALL of the endpoints need to be secured.
    BB is not the only company that can secure endpoints.
    BB's IOT has a jump start on the competition.

    For Starlink to guarantee security it will need to become a reseller of BB's iot solutions for endpoint security.
    Companies like Uber who want to launch millions of cars will need endpoint solutions that will be modified for their services while being a client of Starlink. Starlink will make a fortune selling BB's sw and so will BB.

    I am expecting the IOT numbers to soar big in 2023.
    I foresee the share jumping back over 20 dollars this year , just on the funds that want to own more BB in their portfolios, at these prices before the stock jumps over 100 again.

    When the funds hear about Starlink that will sell BB's sw, that's when there will be a stampede of fund managers willing to sell their grandmother's homes to load up huge.

    The reddit crew will do their DD as well. If they feel that 2023 is the year when BB becomes a 100 stock again then watch out.

  • l
    New highs wsb
  • M
    Bright future... Buy, Hold, Get Rich!
  • A
    Wow I just hit big with a play from this site. (
  • G
    Need MEME for a week about 1 Billion shares to get this up to $20
  • S
    When will this bad boy will be hyped by Reddit.
    C'mon let us run it to $20, I need to buy me a house.
  • w
    Well, I guess the meme crowd didn't get the news.
  • A
    4 more months patience left, real tough to hold.
  • F
    WE need to go up by a few dollars, not quarters...this should be much higher today, over $7.50 at least...closer to $8.00 would be reasonable.....
  • B
    Mahindra and VW ...and BB QNX and soon Ivy ....connect the dots; looks like several investors are seeing it.