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BlackBerry Limited (BB)

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    still holding 34000 shares, average price a bit higher $11.90. not gonna sell until $50. good luck to longs.
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    Jayde Jk
    Too many negative comments about how bad this earnings will be. You don't know that, and I don't know either, but honestly, it's better for the SP to stay low before earning than to shoot up now, and then we see sell-off even if there is a beat. How many times have you seen companies reporting great earnings but a sell-off happens? SP grows before earnings and companies report great earnings, but the sell-off occurs as soon as earnings are announced. Unfortunately, this is happening in the market...

    If BB earnings are good, the price should increase after the announcement and continue to rise. You all know about "Buy the rumor, Sell the news", but here we could have the opposite, some investors might sell now because they expect a not so good report because many follow what analysts say, but if earnings are a beat, then we will see buying ... so "Sell the Rumors, Buy the news".
  • A
    Got my cost average down to $11.93....highly undervalued imo
  • N
    BlackBerry Granted Nine U.S. Patents on Tuesday Including 'Wireless local area network hotspot registration using near field communications
  • F
    "Patent Licensing Insights: Blackberry’s portfolio can pose a litigation threat to approx 2000+ companies"

    We need Answers.
  • J
    FWIW, I bought my 2nd block of BB here.

    $9.87 and now $9.28. I'm very bullish on BB and I have one more order if the market softens further.
  • D
    Added last 5k shares at 9.27. 30k strong. Retiring by 2025.
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    RBC analyst Paul Treiber estimated BB's patent portfolio is worth US$1 billion: “The value may be higher or lower depending on royalty revenue"
  • M
    7300 shares avg price $10.10. I used up 85% of my entire portfolio money for this.
  • B
    The problem with BB is that It is easily manipulated until it’s not… and that stay tuned is coming very soon! BB IVY news will be out on short order. There’s also a Easter egg in the ER slides.
  • B
    This is a good read from Larry Ramer posted today.

    BlackBerry Stock Looks Good Here on a Profitable Key Partnership

    Cutting-edge security solutions are a key for growing BB stock

    14h ago · By Larry Ramer, InvestorPlace Contributor

    After identifying many positive catalysts that are likely to arise for BlackBerry (NYSE:BB) stock in the coming weeks and months, I remain very bullish on BlackBerry.
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    Jayde Jk
    There is a lot of talk about earnings…Yes, I would like to see a beat, but I will not be under stress if it is not a beat. I didn’t invest in today, but I invested in the future. I'm not sure how many of you here really know about the BB advantage ... You have to be aware that the demand for electric and connected cars has just started to grow and will accelerate further in the coming years. Don't forget that big car manufacturers are already using BB's QNX platform, and IVY is coming soon. What BB is currently doing is called winning the future strategy, and BB has already won majority of that market, but is not done yet. Let’s not forget cybersecurity and we all know BB’s position there. Increased connectivity will give rise to automotive cybersecurity risks and the number of cyberattacks in the automotive industry is already rising.

    I agree that we need to see revenue growth and I am here because I believe it will come. We all know where the future leads, and BB is already big in that future and as the future grows, so will BB's revenue grow with it ... So the growth of the EV/connected vehicle market will bring BB's revenue growth, increased need for cyber security will bring BB revenue growth.

    That is my reason and belief why I invested in BB. Some here will disagree with me, and some here have already called me a pumper, but this is honestly just my belief, and I did my DD. My suggestion for everyone here is to do your research and DD and invest based on your research and beliefs ... you will be relaxed and you will sleep well.
  • F
    Things do not add up. IMO

    Share price is purposely depressed. IMO
  • J
    From the Stock House:
    RE:BlackBerry market worth
    As FB expand their audience the prize is about to present itself. FB having overpaid, market feeling at the time, for Whatsap's $22B.

    The teenage girl uproar is just that, nobody really cares about internet harm, next up pre teens.
    Facebook officials knew Instagram can have negative mental health impacts for teens

    Once they have the entire market info, which is not far off the need to monetize will be greater as will be the pressure from authories for them to do "something about it".

    Well, the purchase of BB is may be the something.

    With it the captive audience is the cream that will have paid to develop the mobility security, AI and secure motive RTOS. FB with a single purchase will have take the global market and have the machine in place necessary to market the BlackBerry solutions to the masses.

    Like Whatsap, the BlackBerry acquistion will be expensive however the reward is global domination with an option all to secure their _______ .

    Aliens' company to acquire BB

    KBB161718192030 wrote:
    My calculations say it is monetizable for a minimum of $80B and since the recent valuation run ups, hacks, ransomware and need for fortified security, much needed due to mobile devices with gaping holes, some planned, others found indicated BB is worth, to an AAPL, FB, AMZN or GOOG, $200B.

    These companies all have the ability to pay the going price, which one will leap. AAPL is deep into BlackBerry use already as is GOOG... the pardigm shift will occur when the penny drops and a major takes out BB.

    Seems the next BlackBerry device is delayed, likely due to a patent tug o' war.
  • S
    I am starting to see a pattern here. Every time I buy more BB shares, it will dip on the next day. This will lead to me buying more shares, which will make it dip again.
  • J
    Remember that Chen isn’t leaving this company without the bonus. $30 SP is minimum . I believe it will go much higher than that in two years. Stay tuned !
  • J
    At ~$800 annual revenue with limited to no growth - 3 times revenue or $2.4B. Well overvalued. Even if it was ~$900m at 5 times, that’s $4.5B at most. Currently it’s $5.2b or about 15%-40% overvalued.
  • B
    How is this stock still trading at only 10 dollars? Only 10 dollars?

    Ten Dollars???? Really???

    Seems LOW....NO?

    if you buy low and sell higher you make money right?

    How can this stock go LOWER?

    It seems IMPOSSIBLE with all the forward progress thats being described.

    I think I want to hear from somebody who wants to act negatively about the company explain how they think the market cap of Blackberry has any chance of going down.
  • J
    I hope no one was shaken out and that they bought into the fear...

    Market should be soft tomorrow too, but BB is an outlier with earnings on the horizon...

    Good luck longs, don't get shook/stalled/scared...