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BlackBerry Limited (BB)

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  • d
    BlackBerry Limited announced the BlackBerry AtHoc Public Safety edition, providing local governments and universities proven capabilities to deliver critical communications. This is getting better! It looks like we close the market greenish: http://psce.pw/TopStocksRightNowMustSee
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    Get a complete rundown of major market events, analysis of key opportunities and dangers, plus how you can best position yourself for success.
  • A
    SO TIRED OF THIS SLOW MOVING DOWN TRAIN!!!!! Can’t figure out how a year ago, the stock was trading at $8.89 with no positive news. Now with the recent positive news, the stock drops more. Been holding patiently waiting to at least breakeven. Seems like it will take forever for BB share to go up 43%...my breakeven point.
  • N
    High volume + down 2.65% when the overall market is up 1.5% is not a good sign. I have no idea what to do. I'm down too much to sell.
  • J
    BB overnight volumes are low. We might be returning to your regularly scheduled show 😊
    BlackBerry has been beating Microsoft on the vehicle software front... Think about that for a minute. It will be volatile for a while, however, I am confident things are looking brighter.
  • D
    its about to go up, thats the way the market works. When you're about to burn your shares or you already did, all of the sudden its start moving up again. I wont by more, but its about to go up again, and down again. So next time its goes to 7$ i would be a good idea to sell and wait.
  • N
    BlackBerry Shares should have stayed well above $5 range after earnings release. Smart analysts that usually show up late could realize risk extremely low (almost nil ignoring market risk) and upside potential very substantial.  Most will probably not go positive until shares up 25% to 50% from here. Gutsy ones will not wait and upgrade now. By the time there is obvious irrefutable traction on core business (all signs are that growth in core business is coming) shares will be higher. Barring a market crash, it is extremely likely, in my view,  the shares will trade solidly above $6 US within 3-6 months if not sooner. That is over 25% appreciation from Friday's close and 50% to 100% plus annualized. Further,  it is likely the shares reach, in my view, or exceed $10 US within 12-24 months. That is over 100% appreciation from Friday's close. The potential for serious upside beyond that is very, very real. This is what so far the market has overlooked - to get this kind of upside with almost no risk is extremely rare. And increasingly this kind of upside looks very close at hand (with diminished risk). Shares will finally get their due and $6-10 US range should come very, very soon. 
  • j
    I am looking at institutional ownership in BB and it shows huge institutional accumulation for the month. ER was good and was up quite big and then down for the day. Weird. Am I reading it wrong? Most cases I have seen, when institutional buying is this big, the stock is going up. Thoughts. God Bless and stay well all.
  • A
    Its time BB buys back some shares. Show investors what the future holds.
  • K
    The only money they make is from recurring revenue of existing clients. I don’t see their software market is that big. They need to find other revenues or this company will go nowhere!
  • R
    Rare Book Lover
    Please someone explain. Crowd/BB Comparison.. Mkt Cap 30.8B/2.63B , Price/Sales 45.97/2.59, EBITA -288.69/19.25 ....can someone please explain the logic of these valuations with some real sense because it makes ZERO sense to me why BB is so undervalued when they have a much better patent portfolio, Auto in roads, proven security with multiple Nations... I just don’t get it..
  • N
    Market seriously underestimates the value of all the entrenched relationships BlackBerry has been developing and continues to develop. These will lead to more business and get reflected. Stock analysts are bright and play a role BUT they are almost always late to the party and also their IB employers have their own vested interests (not always perfectly aligned with the investor). What is downside versus upside potential? And was the bottom seen in Q1 and immediately prior? Answer pretty obvious. Are the shares likely to go down or up from here ? That one pretty obvious as well. There was growth and wether it came from licensing it's still traction. Is more of that traction less or more likely going forward? The answer here also pretty obvious.
  • A
    Imagine if you will a rumor of Tesla putting a bid in for BlackBerry... how many other bids would come in to prevent this from happening. Strategically there are all kinds of plays to get this stock moving but Chen is focused on the operation rather then shareholders.
  • A
    Very gloomy here for longs, and the contrarian been dancing around all year.
    Forget yesterday and lets focus on what's been positive.
    A continuity to this will turn this thing around, high profile customer purchased Smart Suite, including the United States Air Force, which upgraded over 90,000 users from UEM to Smart Suite. Other wins including UK Ministry of Defense, the Royal Canadian Mint, Banco de Mexico, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Trade, sorry, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Trade, Rolls Royce, Lloyd Span, Societe Generale and Mitsubishi, just to name a few of them.
    Hope for more news on sales this quarter.
  • J
    so as it was known for some time cylance is a flop........the only think remains now is the connected cars only there it can prove to be reasonable aqusition..................all the cars will need to be cyber protected and since there are 170 Millions of cars with QNX then we can see the light on the end of the tunnel...until then its death money......any idea what time period we are talking about????
  • J
    Brendan Caldwell about Blackberry today on Bloomberg: still has his Blackberry phone, he is enthusiastic about the stock, doesn't own it yet but is seriously consider it
  • l
    Good Morning BB 10 Bagger.... Got up early today.....Just letting the Big boy MMs play with options a little longer..... Same rodeo, different place....
  • t
    tony voutsinos
    Average daily volume : 1.4 million
    TODAY : 4,137,121
    Time to buy BB .
  • J
    The indexes are attacking yesterday's gap up. BB will fight to hold.
  • J
    A Very confusing stock. I am so frustrated after 7 years waiting.
  • J
    BB should be fine here. Yesterday's opening gap was filled. This is very positive moving forward. The gap was aggressively attacked yesterday. Probably the shorts doing their thing. I have seen this before with other stocks that post a surprise, positive earnings report. A gap up at the opening, then the gap is attacked very soon and filled. After the gap fill, the stock stays around the gap fill for a bit, then the stock pops again very soon.
    It was a great volume day yesterday. Very positive. BB will get more attention now after the decent earnings report.
    It looks like a gap down for the indexes today. They will try to push BB down too, but I am going out on a limb and stating BB could trade OK today. Possibly even be up. BB should be above $5 bucks soon.
    Yes, it has been painful for sure being a BB investor, but I really believe this past quarter was the REAL transitional quarter to much better things to come. There is NO DOUBT as BB sits right now, this is EASILY $6+ dollar stock Vs the MANY way overvalued BB competitors out there. The stock just has to work through the massive manipulations from the big boys. They love to shake the retail investors out, and then run up a stock. They will want the anxious retail investors stock as the retail holder gives up and throws in the towel. The big boys are a DEVIOUS bunch. Do not cave in to their massive manipulations and throw up your stock to them.