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Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY)

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  • Will be good buy at 21
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  • Retail stocks are roaring back. BBBY is still very profitable
  • Wow. What a mess.

    Went to BBBY today with the girlfriend to get a blender. You walk in and the store is still the same as it was, but it seems to be getting pretty tacky. As though everything they have is "As seen on TV". It pretty much looks like a junk mart with majority of the stuff being low tier brands. Girlfriend did get a Ninja blender which looks like it'll break within the year. We also looked for some Kenneth Cole bath mats and towels, which they no longer had. They did have some generic brands along the lines of Mushwafa or something that sounds just as unappealing. Overall, I'd say just get me out of here.

    So much for the store review. On to business. I believe I was disappointed even more than I should have because I own shares of BBBY. Unlike other stores that suck, I can't just leave and forget they exist. e.g. Sears. Instead I have to ponder how I got caught up in this value trap. The P/E is low, the balance sheet looks decent, cash on hand is fine. That being said, I just don't see much increase to the top line ANY time soon. BBBY was better for a time when people couldn't afford nice things. Its inventory still reflects the great recession, not the full employment environment we have today. It's very reminiscent of Circuit City, sears, etc. in that people will claim AMZN is killing the business, yet the reality is that it is just a crap shopping experience. It sort of screams leveraged buyout. All the cash could be sucked away while the company will be loaded up with unsustainable debt. The shopping experience will just get worse. It could end up being the only brick and mortar to buy doo dads pitched on shark tank, but I don't think you'll have full lines or parking lots in front of these.

    It's funny to see people say BBBY is benefiting from the decline of M, JCP, and SHLD. SHLD is dead. JCP is trying and may survive, but M just has better stuff. You would think that BBBY would try to use some of the brands M has to get their customers as M closes nearby stores. But No! BBBY will probably continue to sell junk. It needs better brands and exclusive products. To its credit, I'm sure all that plastic stuff they sell is high margin. Even after that 20% coupon that one must have in order to actually want to go into the place.

    What a ramble...

    Let's just watch the revenue, or lack thereof, in the next report

    p.s. not surprised the stock has gone below 30
  • I like the peronalized.com that it bought. Great profit margin and great differentiation from competition
  • Note that insiders are acquiring the stock now at a great discounted. This tells me the sales look good and stock will surge with the strong eco, potential reduce tax rate, and corporate tax. Couple with increased employment, .lower tax rate, it should be good for retailers and consumers. Effect of acquisition will likely not appear in next quater. Time to add more shares.
  • You know the stock market is out of whack when a company like BBBY has a PE around 7 and market cap around 4 billion is considered overvalued and dying, and SNAP has a 21 billion dollar market cap and is revered as the future of business.
  • BBBY could be an acquisition target at this price. Well run business with low overhead and high return on equity. Value investing is never out of style. I like the fact that it generating real cash and significant positive cash flow with growing e commerce channel with solid brand.
  • Everyone sold at BBBY can be bought from Amazon at lower prices. They have no moat.
  • This is going to get smacked in the morning.. Amazon murdering all these stores.. It would be a minor miracle if this is 30 at opening..
  • Amzn bought WFM bc it knows that it will be able to compete soon. Amzn prices are higher and ripoffs. They don't make money except for the cloud.
  • HUGE BUYER OF THE STOCK IN THE AFTER HOURS... Look like the seller been duke again.
  • Haha who the hell was bullish on this.
  • Why would anyone be buying retail its toooooo risky,, here is another example,,down 10% after earnings so whats the point to buying to lose 10%
  • Time for short squeeze. It will surge cause margin will rise with online with brick and mortar channel. Convenience is the key
  • Coupons expenses. Hell yeah, I get like 10 coupons from them a month and I never use them.
  • Things seem to be getting overextended for BBBY. Not sure how awe.some.stocks finds all these incredible trade ideas but im happy.
  • BBBY will be the next to be devoured by AMZN, period
  • Looks like BBBY found almost bottom, Tomorrow opening will conform whether $29.41 will be the bottom. we see more up side from here.