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  • Some reality for the haters. Here's the facts. We were $6.40's in January so how about some perspective. Chen has the cash & a hit phone going into it. It's not what we wanted today but it happens. Shorts had today to play. What do you think is going to happen on Tuesday when Blackberry buys back 6% of all outstanding shares? The same volume of 36MIL that brought BBRY down $1.35 on Friday from all of the profit takers from past few months & the shortsellers, will be the flip side on Monday when there is easily 36 MIL of volume +++ that will be buying up shares to remove from existence. Not a bit worried. I'm buying more on Monday before the Tuesday buy back. & then just wake up every day with a smile looking for that inevitable buy out. Might be this summer, might be end of year, might be next year or beyond. It could happen any time, & when it does, that instant pop will be a very rewarding day. You are either in BBRY now, or you will miss it.
  • Just purchased 15,000 shares at 9.89. Idiots are selling on terrific earnings! Next quarter, revenues will be huge!
  • Rocket tomorrow. Good luck!
  • Brian... Your a nitwit. Stop trashing everyone's comments with childish replys you tool. Bottom line is all that matters? Share buy back? Forward guidance? Get a life and stop getting your fix by trashing others. You clearly aren't here to offer any constructive comments. Wait for cc. Even if it does end down... You think you were only One who called it?
  • Shorts are with us and will be working hard to create their negative delusions in the near term, regardless of earning results. They represent both the best and worst of WS and it is how our big banks make the billions legally/illegally.
    They are able to use/steal others shares, have HFT computers to control the ticker for periods of time and possess not a moral or scruple in their pot bellied bodies. They want our shares cheap---do not be fooled. Everyone should put in a sell order at 55 dollars to help prevent some of the institutional "borrowing" of shares.
    It should be a wild ride the next couple of days, so stay focused on the longer term potential share price, great BBRY fundamentals, buy out potential, Mr Chen's dedication and the over all value of BBRY .
  • And as the quarter's EPS beat shows, BlackBerry is still doing a good job of controlling costs and growing its margins. BlackBerry's turnaround effort did just hit a speed bump, but it hasn't exactly run into a brick wall, either. And with BlackBerry's stock still trading for a moderate 3.7 times its fiscal 2018 revenue consensus excluding net cash, it doesn't exactly have to return to its glory days to make investors happy.
    BlackBerry's earnings report was not as bad as it looked
    A sales miss fueled a big selloff on Friday. But much of the shortfall was due to one-time issues.
  • Conference call is very positive thus far. Volume is interesting. Maybe we do see green today? Awesome new clients. Bank of France. Fed ex etc.
  • Germany adopts new law to monitor wassapp and Skype. This is very good news for BlackBerry because BlackBerry already have this product and currently doing this with VoxSmart UK company. I believe the Blackberry software growth has big potential in future.
  • I bought in at the last minute because this has buyout target written all over it. This drop is nothing. Might double down...
  • Blackberry John Chen coming on CNBC after the break
  • I have a hard time believing this would go up this hard today unless earnings were looking nice. earnings whisper is .03 above .00 estimate
  • Watch Blackberry get bought out this week. LOL morons that sold. When the price drops like this, and a little negativity perceived, is when a company swoops in and buys Blackberry like this. Just happened to Whole Foods. 6 straight losing quarters, perceived as undervalued, & then bought out. . . . Blackberry will be $15-$20 in a blink of an eye.
  • Great meeting and information so far. Long and strong is the trade, IMO.
    Shorts might win some future interim trade battles but this company is truly successful on so many fronts. Chen is a dynamo and has all bases covered.
    Use any dips to buy more shares. Long term, many multiples higher from these levels, IMO.
    Looking forward to Friday.
    Cheers to all.
  • This is it.Friday is going to a main indicator for rest of the year.if it destroys estimates I see BBRY hitting $20 cdn by end of the year.
  • crazy that everything good was ignored. fedex is now a customer of blackberry rader. and the company remains optimistic that it will earn a profit for the year, and a big stock buyback also showed confidence. . . lol yet down 12%. what a bunch of greedy pos losers expecting too much too fast. I bought $40,000 more today
  • If BBRY pops tomorrow, I might have my first ever 10k week
  • Like Michael said. Anyone who can't see what's going on is the idiot. BBRY longs will laugh so hard next earnings call. FedEx was a big name I was looking for heading into earnings. The buy back is a positive. Why would it want to drive up the price prior to purchasing $300 million dollars worth of shares? Technology is strong, but distribution is weak. Sales miss is a short term negative. They are going to keep the shares under $10 to take out the convertible. All the major players have a long term view.
  • For those that missed John Chen on CNBC today. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/23/blackberry-ceo-john-chen-discusses-bbry-q1-earnings-stock.html

    As stock drops, BlackBerry CEO says he has a big 'breakout' plan to buy up companies
    "We've got to expand our footprint in reaching much more globally," BlackBerry CEO John Chen told CNBC.
  • Good Luck people. I've been a BBRY like no for 7 years. I averaged down to about 11 and sold all today at 10:17. Small loss total but I'm happy with the gains I've made in the past 3 months. I really wish BBRY all the best. I may buy some back soon, but for now I'll forego the stress. See you guys soon. I hope you make it to 20 and beyond.
  • missed on top line. better hope conference call is positive.