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    the sk deal is looking better and better. from the 8-k

    As previously reported in the Current Report on Form 8-K filed on October 25, 2021, Bloom Energy Corporation (the “Company”) entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”) with SK ecoplant Co., Ltd. (“SK ecoplant”) in connection with a strategic partnership. On December 29, 2021, the Company consummated the transactions related to the First Closing (as defined in the Purchase Agreement), including issuing and selling to SK ecoplant 10,000,000 shares of non-voting redeemable convertible Series A preferred stock, par value $0.0001 per share, of the Company (the “RCPS”), at a purchase price of $25.50 per share or an aggregate purchase price of approximately $255 million (the “Initial Investment”). A Certificate of Designation of Series A Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock (the “Certificate of Designation”) that sets forth the terms, rights and obligations of the RCPS as described in the Current Report on Form 8-K filed on October 25, 2021 was filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware. SK ecoplant must convert the RCPS to Class A Common Stock no later than December 29, 2022 at which time the RCPS will automatically convert into Class A Common Stock.
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    In the past,and for centuries,we had an history of local smogs,London,Los Angeles...etc.Now,it has become a problem of global smog,spreading all over the planet,and harming our pulmonary systems with therefore one of the worst pandemic in a century...Suddenly ,thanks to lockdownss,we had the opportunity to see how beautiful were our town before they were turned recklessly in something I would not say by respect to many victims of history,it was said clearly by the Archbishop of Canterbury,a great conscience.We have all the scientific evidence about it.
    From now on,no license should be given to build power stations or manufacture vehicles if they are not zero emission.We have the technologies,as demonstrated by Bloom Energy,Tesla Motors,Ballard Power,Renault Group,Ceres Power.
    But I disagree,JB and JK are probably the closest politicians to the Founding Fathers we had in decades.
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    Good to see Manufacturing coming back to the heartland. In the BOA presentation, bloom mentioned chip companies coming to them to power their new factories. 2022 should be a good year, but really looking forward to 2023.
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    Great news - Bloom Energy and Equinix join forces! Open hydrogen innovation center for data centers!
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    In fact, climate alarms are ringing louder and louder,we are now at the second strident ones,it was already the case in July
    There was later another report in October 15,2021,about considerable damages to cereals crops and prices skyrocketing,price of the bowl of porridge is going through the roof,and the other cereals are following...We are seeing regrettably the apparition of a parched growing region stretching into the central U.S. and Canada...

    And we continue to answer,everywhere in the world with the policy of the ostrich...
    But by burying one's head in the sand we are now at risk of ending all roasted,obviously it's not the right strategy to follow !
    BEST STRATEGY : Buy massively Zero Emission equipments,Bloom Energy power stations,Ballard Power buses,trucks,machines and and ships,Tesla cars,Ceres Power station...Plug Power equipments,Hyzon trucks.
  • L
    I wish they would engineer a residential bloom server for backup power. I'd rather have a Bloom unit for backup than a noisey generator. I am OK with a natural gas hookup; I don't think solar works to well when thee is a foot of snow covering the panels.
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    Preserving the territory and its inhabitants,a fundamental laws principle of the Founding Fathers, is what we can do with the exceptional technologies developed by zero emission companies like Bloom Energy,Ballard Power,Tesla Motors,Plug Power and a few other ones.Let's put it simply,the future of the country and of most countries in the world is at stake.

    If we do it right and start from now on,as required by the constitutional laws,to switch to zero emission,we can still avoid a climate disaster,even it's very late.We have to find compromises with fossil fuel companies,it would be better that,like Royal Dutch Shell,they participate in this transition by investing directly in these companies or zero emission technologies.This is how it was done from coal to oil,after long talks and worry about notably energy was a Churchillian moment...

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    The question is less if Zero Emission companies investors will be enough patient,as if Mother Earth will be enough patient.And we have seen already growing signs of impatience of her,monster wildfires,empty dams, desertification of whole areas,boiled fishes in our rivers, thousands years old sequoias immolated in a few hours,whole towns and suburbs burnt in Colorado, huge floods everywhere in the world,even some unprecedented ones in Europe...
    See what's happening in Kuwait,becoming unlivable.Here,they should switch immediately to Bloom Energy Hydrogen Power stations for their well-being,their health and their future as a country.Imagine that all their electricity production is coming from mostly fossil fuels power station adding more heat in the air in an already red-hot place,when they could have Zero Heat Emissions,zero toxic emissions,zero global warming emission Power stations from Bloom Energy,and Zero emission Buses from Ballard Power and Zero Emission cars from Tesla.This is really a country in an emergency situation and Saudi Arabia is going the same way and all the Middle-East and it's worsening.
    Thanks to climate change, temperatures in Kuwait could become too hot for people and wildlife in decades. How is this rich nation facing an uncomfortable future?
    Thanks to climate change, temperatures in Kuwait could become too hot for people and wildlife in decades. How is this rich nation facing an uncomfortable future?
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    Methane Cloud Spotted Near Oklahoma Natural Gas Pipelines
    State and federal regulators say they don’t know who is responsible for the powerful plume on Jan. 3.
    State and federal regulators say they don’t know who is responsible for the powerful plume on Jan. 3.
    State and federal regulators say they don’t know who is responsible for the powerful plume on Jan. 3.
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    The extent of the sell-off on growth stocks seems to be more or less directly proportional to the time left for companies to become profitable. Bloom will become profitable soon. At that moment it will BLAST up and finally be recognised as the value stock it is.
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    That could be the opportunity for BE, but they loose against PLUG, NEL etc. even if they have the better between the lines of the PLUG update..

    Fri, January 21, 2022, 12:05 AM
    In this article:


    The market did not seem very pleased with Plug Power’s (PLUG) latest business update. Shares took the down escalator after the company reiterated its 2022 revenue guidance of $900-925 million.

    While investors might have been showing their disappointment the company did not boost its forecast, Oppenheimer’s Colin Rusch sees plenty to back the bull case.

    “We believe PLUG's strategic update clearly signals the company's maturation,” the 5-star analyst said. “With a balance sheet that still boasts ~$4.5B in cash, a talented management team, a material advantage in hands-on experience, and leading technology, we believe PLUG is executing capably against a large opportunity.”

    Rusch is particularly pleased with the recent $30 million acquisition of natural gas conversion specialist Joule, which via the savings on the electricity costs for operating its hydrogen liquifiers, appears to pay for itself. It also presents the company with an opportunity to generate $250 million in incremental revenue over the long-term.

    In fact, by as early as 2023, PLUG expects the “pipeline for electrolyzer capacity” to overtake its traditional material handling business. With the company set on producing 70 tons/day of green hydrogen by the year’s end, in-sourcing H2 procurement is “expected to drive a step-change in fueling margins,” which the Joule acquisition further supports.

    Not that PLUG is resting on its laurels where the core material handling business is concerned. The company is continuing to grow its core business with the revenue guidance of $600 million for FY22 factoring in three new “pedestal” customers. The figure forms the basis for 2025’s outlook of $1 billion in material handling revenue, amounting to ~4.5% market share.
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    Some operational developments of the last two months:

    1) Cash inflow of 255 million US$ by SK ecoplant; partly used to cover the outstanding debt
    2) First contract in the UK, only one week after the expansion into the market. Teledata buys 1,2 MW back up BE server for one data center
    3) MSC starts to implement BE server at two of its newest cruise liners
    4) Best hydrogen techology, won S&P award
    5) New senior management

    Some market news:

    1) Green minister for climate and economy starts to support German hydrogen market with new hydrogen subsidies
    2) EU is going to excellerate hydrogen support for time until 2030 to 45 billion US$
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    One note from the plug business update-- they are expecting their electrolizer business to grow like crazy. Think it was 155MWs shipping in 2022 with a backlog build of 1 GW. When bloom has the manufacturing capacity, they should do well in the market.
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    Did anybody realized the huge contract of 32,5 MW, dated the 25th of June? Here is the SEC filling!

    Item 1.01 Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.
    On June 25, 2021, Bloom Energy Corporation (“Bloom”) entered into a transaction with RAD Bloom Project Holdco, LLC ("RAD HoldCo"), a partnership formed
    by RAD Energy Solutions, LLC and Bank of America Corporation (through its subsidiary Merrill Lynch Credit Products, LLC) (the “Investors”), to purchase five
    subsidiary project companies of Bloom (each a “Project” and collectively, the “Portfolio”) formed for the purpose of developing, constructing, installing,
    financing, owning, operating and maintaining a Portfolio of 32.85 megawatts of new Bloom Energy Servers (the “Transaction”). The 32.85 megawatts of Bloom
    Energy Servers are scheduled to be deployed commencing in June 2021 and continuing over the next 18 months. With the closing of this Transaction, the financing
    required for Bloom’s scheduled acceptances for the second quarter of 2021 was completed.
    As part of the Transaction, the parties entered into the following material agreements:
    a. a Purchase, Engineering, Procurement and Construction agreement (“EPC Agreement”) to acquire the Portfolio and purchase the Bloom Energy Servers.
    b. an Operations and Maintenance Agreement (“O&M Agreement”) in which Bloom agrees to provide all operations and maintenance services related to the
    Bloom Energy Servers.
    The EPC Agreement provides that Bloom has repurchase obligations as to any Project that does not reach mechanical completion (delivery to the site and
    completion of installation) by September 30, 2022. The EPC Agreement also provides that if Bloom fails to achieve full commissioning (“COO”) of any Project by
    December 31, 2022, then Bloom waives the COO payment due to it even if it is ultimately achieved, and Bloom owes delay liquidated damages for every day the
    Project is late, capped at $500/kw. Bloom has agreed to indemnify the Investors for certain environmental risks and tax recapture events, its failure to perform
    under the O&M Agreement, and Project delays. Other than with respect to third-party indemnification obligations, Bloom’s liability is capped at the purchase price
    of the applicable Project to which the breach applies.
    The O&M Agreement contains typical warranties and guaranties of Bloom related to output and efficiency of the Bloom Energy Servers with liquidated damages
    for breach of the output guarantee capped at 6% of the Portfolio purchase price, and an obligation to repair or replace in the event of a warranty breach.
    The O&M Agreement also provides that in the event that Bloom fails to maintain a Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio ("FCCR") of 1.15x in each 12 month period,
    assessed quarterly from December 31, 2022 and extending through the earlier of (a) the fifth (5 ) anniversary of the date the final project was placed in service or
    (b) the second consecutive testing period in which Bloom’s FCCR exceeds 2.0x, Bloom must establish a reserve account in favor of RAD HoldCo and fund such
    account in the amount of the Project service fees payable to Bloom under the O&M Agreement over the following 12 month period. Funds are partially released to
    Bloom on an on-going basis in connection with the performance of major maintenance activities to reflect costs for the replacement of certain components in such
    period, and fully released to Bloom if it is thereafter able to satisfy a 2.0x FCCR for two consecutive testing periods, and/or on the fifth (5 ) anniversary of the date
    the final Project was placed in service.
  • D
    we'll be back as soon as Nasdaq allows it, most stocks are already at annual lows ... it can't go down forever
  • E
    I’m trying to keep an open mind here but help me understand the appeal of BE. They are not that clean (still produce CO2 albeit not as bad as gas or coal fired) and their electricity is pretty expensive. If you want cheap and clean go wind or solar. If you want reliable and fairly cheap go conventional (gas, coal, nuclear, hydro). What does BE have to offer?

    Also hydrogen is exciting but BE doesn’t seem to be focused on it that much.
  • G
    just picked up 350 shares at 18.00
    this is a long term play
  • F
    Another sector threatened direly by climate change,the Wineyards $327 Billions industry.Damaged by severe droughts,by monster wild fires,how long are they going to stay alive and continue to deliver the fabulous Napa Valley wines or outstanding french wines and many others ? Each time we buy a Zero Emission power station from Bloom Energy,a Zero Emission bus or truck from Ballard, a Tesla from Elon Musk,An offshore wind turbines from GE we help to rescue and preserve industries we are never talking about but which are suffering enormously from the global warming and matters a lot economically.
    See Financial Times Can winemakers adapt to climate change ?
  • S
    publishedJanuary 18, 2022 at 11:00 am
    “The number of hydrogen filling stations will double in 2022”
    Batteries are currently in the lead in road traffic. However, the hydrogen filling station network that is emerging could change this. Hydrogen offers several advantages over batteries.
    Jan Graber
    On November 24, 2021, the ninth and youngest hydrogen filling station was opened in Müntschemier in the Bernese Seeland. It belongs to the large Swiss greengrocer Schwab-Guillod.
    On November 24, 2021, the ninth and youngest hydrogen filling station was opened in Müntschemier in the Bernese Seeland. It belongs to the large Swiss greengrocer Schwab-Guillod.

    That's what it's about
    Hydrogen has fallen behind batteries in electromobility.

    An association of large companies wants to change this and is promoting the construction of hydrogen filling stations.

    The companies also operate hydrogen trucks as buyers.

    In an interview, the president of the association explains why hydrogen is also an ideal storage medium for renewable energies.

    Hydrogen in mobility is like a chicken and an egg: Cars that run on hydrogen need filling stations. If these are missing, no hydrogen cars will be built. And without buyers, it makes no sense for filling station operators to invest in expensive hydrogen tank systems.


    In order to break out of the vicious circle, seven companies founded the H2 Mobility Switzerland association in 2018. It grew quickly, it currently consists of 21 members, including Coop, Migros, Galliker and Socar.

    The association wants to promote the construction of hydrogen filling stations. In order to make these attractive for the operators, the members provide buyers with their own hydrogen trucks. "Nine gas stations are in operation today, and the number will double in 2022," says Jörg Ackermann, President of the association.

    20 minutes: Jörg Ackermann, electric cars are booming. Hasn't battery technology long since surpassed hydrogen?

    Jörg Ackermann: We shouldn't play the technologies off against each other. The most important goal is to get CO2 off the road. The electric drive via hydrogen also brings many other advantages.


    Hydrogen cars can be refueled like fossil vehicles: their tank is full in three to five minutes. They have the same range, so driving behavior does not have to be adjusted. Hydrogen is also an ideal large-scale electricity storage system.

    What do you mean by that?

    Hydrogen is a perfect storage medium for electricity from wind, hydro and solar power plants. It can be transported and used at different times – for example for heating or emergency generators. Hydrogen is therefore an energy carrier that also drives cars, among other things.

    The current hydrogen filling station network in Switzerland.
    The current hydrogen filling station network in Switzerland.


    So back on the road. Why do you want to promote hydrogen in transport?

    Vehicle operators such as Coop or Galliker asked themselves: What will the fleet of the future look like? We realized that hydrogen offers great advantages because of the fast refueling times. On the other hand, petrol station operators can maintain their business model with hydrogen.

    What needs to be done for hydrogen to become established?

    We need even more hydrogen-based trucks. This enables us to set up an economically functioning gas station network. Once the network is in place, hydrogen will also become interesting for PWs. A mobile charging station called Kvyreen is currently under development. It can bring electricity to places without a connection - for example to an open air.


    Are car manufacturers still interested in hydrogen?

    Officially, we only have two Asian passenger cars available. But models are being worked on in the background. The way from electric cars with batteries to those with hydrogen is short. The drive itself is largely the same technology. In the light commercial vehicle segment, too, two strong players will soon be entering the market with vehicles.

    In the case of hydrogen, the assumption persists that it is unsafe.

    That's no longer an issue. The high pressure, the valve technology and the diffusion of hydrogen are under control. Gaseous substances are nothing new in mobility.

    This is how the hydrogen drive in cars works.

    Friends of the H2 mobility association
    The H2 Mobility Switzerland association was founded by seven founding members. Today the association consists of 21 members who make an active contribution to the development of the filling station network and the demand for H2 mobility. The association is only temporary and will be dissolved as soon as the goals have been achieved. Jörg Ackermann is in the management of Coop and president of the association.

    My 20 minutes
    As a member, you become part of the 20-minute community and benefit from great benefits and exclusive competitions every day!