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Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd. (BHVN)

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    No problem. It’s expected as we know that IOX will evolve into something big either by M&A or IPO. They have been working on ‘future strategy’ with Hill Dickinson for 18 months now. Looks like they could be set for IPO. One to watch!! Be great to have another $BHVN only much bigger this time…and that has now 10 bagged or so for those lucky Portage holders!
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    Just to update…we have our interview with Chuck FINALLY scheduled so I should be able to post a condensed version here in a day or two. There are two groups of people here…investors…who have been here years waiting for the next $BHVN and traders. If you are an investor then nothing has changed. The portfolio is fine and the value is still there. If you are a trader….then short term you either sell at a loss or become an investor! It’s a binary play. GLA…but I would class this as an unexpected chance to buy at levels we never expected to see again.
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    Numbers check plz:

    35 mm americans suffer on average 1.5 migraines per month = 630 mm migraines/yr
    Average price of prescription is $266 as calculated from press release ($200 mm net revenue from 750,000 prescriptions)
    Number of pills per prescription: 8? (from google search)
    Potential annual sales: 630mm migraines/8 pills * $266/prescription = $21 B
    Market penetration of 30% (my guess) = $6.3 B
    Gross profit margin: 66% (from q1 financials) = $4.2 B
    Annualized q1 costs(r&d, selling & admin): $1 B
    Profit before tax: $3.2 B
    After tax profit: $2.4 B

    Current market cap: $7.3 B

    P/e multiple: 6 - 8

    Projected mc: $14.4 B - $19.2 B

    => double/triple in price in 1 or 2 years


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    Thank you Jim
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    Links to interesting commentary on competitors.
    The more traction Nurtec acquires in the early stages the more entrenched and harder to depose BHVN is by other oral upstarts .
    Increased $intake goes a long way to self funding and strengthening the franchise by broadening its pipeline.

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    We're sitting on a gold mine People. We're at the very start of an epic run.
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    Interesting thing, I have a lot of friends and family who suffer migraines and most still haven’t seen their doctor to ask about Biohaven. This is one of my favorite reopen plays and the long term looks even brighter.
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    Outstanding endorsement by head of the American Migraine foundation spokesman.
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    Finally…consider this…

    Portage 6 bagged before the $BHVN spin off.

    Now we have 1 potential near term spin off and 2 more waiting in the wings.

    This time we have companies worth BILLIONS. IMM60 alone is valued at $5bn for ONE treatment for ONE cancer type. IoX has another 5 treatments for multiple cancer types! Stimunity is off the radar with what they are planning…not only a cure for cancer there but also every other genetic disease.

    We have barely 4 bagged since uplist to a MUCH bigger market (OTC:PINKS/CSE to NASDAQ)

    Just imagine what is going to happen when Portage first announce an Intensity spin off…and then the markets realise that shortly after are two even bigger potential spin off waiting…possibly 3.

    No-one will be able to buy in here under $100 on I tenacity announcement and that’s VERY conservative when you consider we reached an equivalent (pre RS) of $60 before Biohaven alone!

    Do the math…buy and sit back. These are ‘best in class’ cancer-immunology companies chosen from hundreds using world class AI and developed by one of the worlds leading oncology teams. The risk has been removed for us…which is what makes this play so special and potentially life changing for so many investors.
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    This stock BHVN is totally manipulated by MMs.
    All pharmaceutical stocks are up bigand BHVN is down 2 straight days.
    Don't let them to steal your shares.
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    Totally agree on the awakening. Eyes open for early ‘Invincible’ data in the near term. This may open the door to the registration of INT230-6. We could spin off Intensity anytime then…or even franchise PORT-1 ourselves to Merck and BMY. Both scenarios sees us receive a significant dividend (cash or stock) so another big, $BHVN like payday on its way! The beauty this time is that we don’t then have much of a delay for the next one as IoX are in trials and Stimunity and Saugatuck will join them Q1 2022…it’s simply a revenue train for those that buy and hold and not long to wait either. The markets are waking up to this.
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    I'm late to the party with an average share price of $95.26 but I'm happy and will hold LONG TERM. The party is just beginning for LONG TERM holders of BHVN. Cheers to all!
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    As a follow-up to comments a week ago, see attached.
    Welcome a takeover to mitigate risk, but would be very rewarding if BHVN continues to forge ahead on its own and nails a few on its other platforms.
    Great strides in Juvenescence: portfolio, $250M pipe and 2021coming out party, Prtg beginning to break out on upcoming data, and this! Good times.
    Biohaven Pharmaceutical (BHVN)gained after adding a portfolio manager from Suvretta Capital onto its board, an appointment that appears to be leading to takeover...
    Biohaven Pharmaceutical (BHVN)gained after adding a portfolio manager from Suvretta Capital onto its board, an appointment that appears to be leading to takeover...
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    Just buy 1/4 of your position right now
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    BPowers I completely agree and begs more discussion.
    A couple of the competitors are in patent squabbles. BHVN has a clear runway here due to novel approach (my understanding, an incontestable IP) which is very attractive.
    To note: V.C.'s escalation of the David and Goliath anecdote. We are much smaller, nimble, much lower cost base but sell more than those with much larger sales force and cost structures. Positioning?
    Coupled with their focus on social media out reach, the franchise could be a very interesting bolt on to an old, stodgy Pharma co.
    For a much higher SP appreciation, a home run in the Glutamate or Myeloperoxidase Platforms is required, taking BHVN out from a "one trick pony" status; ushering in a new phase for the co.
    If I were looking to acquire BHVN, I would do it before the upcoming readouts this year where if results of which are deemed statistically significant, will catapult the stock and command a much higher acquisition cost.
    Caveat: should the data miss, the adverse pressure could be great.
    Regardless, should be an interesting next couple of years. I too favor a world where BHVN continues to flourish as it goes at it alone, punching above its weight.
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    Cramer .. is bullish. Maybe Pfizer is listening
  • L
    profit takers are just prolonging the inevitable.
    this is a $300 stock, period.
    you shorts want to play with pennies, no problem. I can wait.
    I own over 8,000 shares and won't sell ONE until I get at least $300
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company is up 16.26% to 114.92
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    In this weekly Point and Figure chart of BHVN, below, we see that the software is projecting a $155 price target. 
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    Will not sell at 140. This is the gold I was looking for at the end of the rainbow. Wait for at least 8 quarters and you will see what I mean.