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SPDR Bloomberg 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF (BIL)

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    ALF Tanner
    My guess as to why the yield is lower than expected is that it takes a while for it to catch up to the current rate. The bonds have an average maturity of 1.3 months. Then it probably takes some time to actually pay out the dividend, so the dividend you get today could actually represent the yield from 2 months ago.

    In my opinion, this fund is the best way to get some yield on unused cash. My broker pays .15%, so there is no sense in keeping cash in the account. If you think you are going to stay in cash for 2 weeks or more, it is probably worth paying the $.01 spread and holding this fund.
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    1 month treasury is treading at 2.5%. Expense ratio for this fund is .14%. Last dividend.139 equates to 1.8% yield. Where does missing .56% go ?
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    $RVPH conversation
    5.2 mil shares traded already with about 1 hr 6 min until reg opening. This is really high volume for this peach. This could be an extremely interesting day. Hard to say what will happen, but this market is gigantic and the drugs results to-date have been stellar. The only amazing this about this stock is that it took them so many years to get to the phase 3 portion as they are now. THIS COULD GO BALLISTIC TODAY. I'm in this for the long-haul, but who knows what surprises we could get today.

    $42 mil market cap????? Please. CERE rose and kept over 1 $bil in additional market cap on a phase 1 for Schizo that had similar results!

    RVPH: $3.48a
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    MM water boy: christ boss, we can’t get any retailers to sell.
    MM boss: just keep churning our shares via our dark pool shell company…eventually 2 or 3 will sell and offset a tiny bit of our huge $Bil loss from 2020…..and the SEC will never know since they just eat bananas all day.
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    BIL - Why the drop yesterday - Jay
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    $SU conversation
    Warren Buffet has invest $bil in SU. This company is so under Value, it's not even funny.
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    Does anyone have a guess as to when BIL might restart its monthly payout? The yield on short term treasuries has far exceeded the fees charged for over two months. Is there a fee deficit that needs to be overcome first? Thanks.
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    $S conversation
    Take it from me, don't be a peon with those dumping 35 mil shares today, as now is the time to be buying. Right where peon would be selling now, is the time to be buying. 6 bucks is like a 40% gap ... that's HUGE!!! If you can risk going all the way, as this October swoon I felt was coming long ago (confirmed by hefty rise in shorting), and wait for the final word is the only way. Will look as ugly as possible, and boom it's back. Something about the month (fiscal year ends/tax selling, etc. - which also justifies the higher volume), the options, the shorts, whatever peon never knows, other then trial is still on for December, so who cares about that price in October? The merger is 1 Judge's ruling away, simple as that, and the real cash cow will moo.

    But hey, this is brutal. If no other company had an unjust lifeline account, while Sprint had like a million of them, someone has to pay (claure/combes/gracia/davies). Down to 6 bucks a share now all thanks to those dirty execs. while shorts soared and price tanked, it to me isn't real. What it really is, what it always really is, is an illusion. Things are not (never) as they seem, and they tend to either seem to be too good, or too bad. And, tends to be the opposite of what the peon brain is thinking, which is sprint is looking bad and sell. So sorry, TM confirmed is still booming and merging, with bullish thoughts, December trial date now only like 1 month away, and appears to be the easiest slam dunk case. No couple of $bil here or $bil there after all achieved to date, cannot be amicably resolved by these guys who have the most at stake. Buy/Hold S with TMUS over $80 & S under $6.50. $81.5 to $6.1 right now, is a buy peon ... buy these shares now peon, so that you may 1 day next year escape peonville.
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    $INCY conversation
    Ken is new at this, and ALSO seems to share Tom's odd perspective that a blockbuster drug still showing 16% YoY increase in prescription numbers SIX YEARS post-introduction is failing.

    Incyte's stock price is down because of some actual problems the company has had, and also because of a vicious bearish public relations campaign. None of which is going to do his beloved imetelstat a bit of good.

    The present market valuation of Incyte concedes that Jakafi sales will eventually top $2.4 bln, with comparable Jakavi sales, and also that Olumiant sales will hit $1bln. But it anticipates far-below-average returns from Incyte's R&D program Assume industry average returns on R&D investment and you get back above the old high on an investment time scale. Assume that Lilly can defend the international label for Olumiant, and get modest improvement of the US label, and that $bil looks awfully conservative.

    Two near-ish term events have a lot of potential. There aren't THAT many dollars at stake in capmatinib approval, but having developed a lung cancer drug could boost the company's [Wall] street cred substantially. And again, while the market is kind of niche (actually, not a whole lot smaller than higher-risk MF), getting high tolerability lasting 2 years or more out of the delta drug would generate both street cred and lots of usage opportunities.
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    $BYND conversation
    I will not rest till this stock is under a 1 $bil market cap.
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    $EXEL conversation
    Grossly undervalued
    1 $bil sales 2019
    Good earnings over 650 $mil cash
    HCC approved EU
    $40 mil payment from Ipsen
    HCC liver FDA 1/19
    It’s a Steal
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    One - 3 month treasury yields down to < .05%. BIL's div will dry up by April or May. Stock will be OK, but yield will be almost zip...........Kel.........a holder
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    $AAL conversation
    just in, trump will levy another 267 $bil tariffs on china. thats a shocker just before the g20 friday.
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    $MXIM conversation
    desperate move by maxim...not much growth for the last 10yrs...acquired mediocre low quality companies...has over $bil in debt...
    the current inexperienced CEO destroyed it...
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    Don't you all wish you had your money here right now.
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    So, no more dividends now? may be better off with a FDIC insured savings account at a bank.
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    Shorts need your shares! Any partnership or sale of just one of their potentially multi $bil drugs and Arena becomes a $100+ stock! Hold and buy when you can