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Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS)

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  • reiterated news again how often they will print this who knows LOL

    As you read this, He admits the public is not interested in paper books so go private escape the public. Who does he think buy books? BN Sells to the public you can't escape that no one is buying now, no one will buy if it's private. No one is interested This doesnt have to turn in to rocket science manuvers. With untested reasons. Can't trick people into buying books or gift wrap.

    ""Tuesday, after an activist shareholder urged the company to go private and escape a punishing public market for retailers."
  • Joe, same can be said about any company before it is acquired...
  • Huge customer weekly of Barnes & Noble in Southern California, grab a coffee often, buy books, magazines, great gift items...
  • So funny BN has always been up for sale no one approached with an offer. Someone could have when it was 6.25 no one interested no offers or even a spec of interest. Just because some one on losing end of an investment, Sandell, ask BN to sell doesn't change a thing other than manipulate the people on this board.
  • BN doesnt own these retail spaces they rent.
    (news of recent past)

    "landlords are fretting the closure of BN because of leaving an empty space no one wants

    News last week that giant book retailer Barnes & Noble is putting itself up for sale sent tremors through a commercial real estate industry that's already struggling with record-high vacancy rates.

    As a "bricks-and-mortar" business in a bookselling world that's rapidly adopting digital downloads, fears are creeping in that a new Barnes & Noble owner would seek to shed or downsize the leases of many of its 700-plus stores nationwide. And some pundits are speculating B&N and other mall-based bookselling chains ultimately could go the way of video rental and record stores decimated by digital downloading..."
  • let's put it t his way anyone interested would have made an offer at 6.25 cents. share but you wait till the after bankrupt at fire sale no one will buy at twice this price. Now this is nothing but desperation to sell his positions in an instant. He said Books in his opinion are not over yet. What happen to audiobooks at Barnes and Noble ? He convenenly leaves this out. More and more people buy audible books now than ever before. It not just Amazon, it's bookbub etc free books, very low sales books best sellers all books at penny on dollar sales. It's free pdf download sites it's Audible.
    If no one wanted to buy at 6 bucks a share who will want it at twice that. Just because he's mainly only one buying the shares or incouraging others to give appereance of raising value is a joke He's just gonna be left with more worthless shares. Can't manipulate investors like the old days we're getting smarter.
  • Barnes & Noble Refuses to Stock 'DANGEROUS' in Stores number 2 best seller. Barnes and Noble is in the censorship business now.
  • Hey Joe...have you ever read a book???
  • Gee, Bashers really working it hard...
  • Gee, some actually do enjoy going to the mall, Barnes & Noble to read a magazine, grab a coffee, perhaps buy a book, maybe pick up a gift... Sad day when and if Barnes and Noble stores are no longer around, IMO
  • Given the news of a 60% upside on going private, why wouldn't everyone buy it now, then vote to take it private, thus virtually guaranteeing a 60% payday. What am I missing?
  • my prediction. BN will not never sell and no one will want it either.
  • This past week we had 2 larger institutions dispose of their shares maybe at lost Sandell did not want to take his massive lost from his bad decision/investment so instead of closing his position today he feels it's better to manipulate novice investors after all it's better you get left holding the bag then him millionaires and billionaires don't get there by having feelings for you or environment just the way it is, my opinion.
  • BN has had 5 new CEOs 9 new Director's maybe they need a new owner. OMG! Like who? God! (sorry if I'm not exactly accurate with the numbers)
  • made a killing in SIRI- Sirus XM radio today.
  • Sandell made a mistake buying into a failing company now trying to manipulate stock. good money after bad money
  • this isn't like the thought wasn't thought of before. by BN themselves. This is not a new idea and it's only a wish no different than many of you on this board have already said.
  • Joe, sounds you made a Short bet, and are losing...
  • look up Sandells History it looks like he tried this before, didn't work.