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Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS)

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7.875+0.775 (+10.915%)
As of 9:38AM EDT. Market open.
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  • BN has had 5 new CEOs 9 new Director's maybe they need a new owner. OMG! Like who? God! (sorry if I'm not exactly accurate with the numbers)
  • unused gift cards why less losses than expected. OMG! Can't even give paper books, magazine or BN merchandise away. Why? Too many people care about the future of the trees rainforest earth and children.
  • so many ocillators and graphs not one of them takes into affect gift cards and lack of interest in them and paper books.
  • from 8 k-----
    omg! they are racking it in laughing all the way to the bank with ... your money.

    "Under the Consulting Agreement, Mr. Deason will be paid a monthly fee of $35,000, which will be pro-rated for partial months.  Such monthly fee is guaranteed to be paid in all events through December 31, 2017.  In addition, Mr. Deason will be eligible to continue his medical coverage pursuant to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, as amended, until December 31, 2017 at the subsidized employee premium rate.  Mr. Deason will also be reimbursed for reasonable business expenses."
  • once this stock gets manipulated enough to scare shorts into covering this stock will melt like a snowball in helll.
  • OPNT--- buy it today went to site Kerry was alegelly quoting from and this popped up first immediately actually only stock that popped up must be a great stock. Hurry buy today. BKS investors your all smart buy this OPNT up today hurry hurry.
  • I agree with Joe's comments on zacks and BN's relationship
  • Did anyone else see $BKS report from http://jcharlesassets.com/opiant-pharmaceuticals/?s=BKS ? It had some interesting information. "rht" Investing day trading.

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  • their a bought and paid for blogger. and Zacks is paid by BKS to put out their propaganda and to make reports smell nice. Don't be so malleable, so gullible.
  • maybe they should move the nook out back
  • Who says BKS isn't poised for potentially massive upward movement? google Awe.Some.Stocks - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • why do they include Amazon news on BKS quote page. No relationship at all Amazon beat BKS to a pulp no longer related in any shape or form. BKS is done. Amazon has moved on.
  • I heard books come from trees the poor owls.
  • so far BN lost 30% this year this year is only 1/2 over BN is in line to lose 60% this year.
    Save the earth save the trees and rain forest save a tree house and the joys of children to build a tree house in a tree. buy digital books keep on your Kindle, iPad or Android tablet. A world without a tree is very said for the children... and squirrels.
  • democrats who support bn have no excuse to argue cimate change or care for children future w/o trees we have no oxygen for the children or earth. Do BN supporters recycle Why? 1 book is 1 year of recycling.
  • BKS spun off barnes and knoble.com many years ago and sold stock. BUT THEY DIDN'T SUPPORT IT! it was like they didn't want it to succeed. all they wanted was the new stockholder suckers (like me) to foot the start up costs, and then set back and see what happened. they could have been a contender, but they blew it. and they still are. book croooks.
  • Should go down after Ex-dividend yesterday. Maybe recent rise was all a dividend play. growth is still negative.
  • My guess is that BKS is due for a pullback in the short-run. Not sure how awe.some.stock_s finds all these incredible trade ideas but im happy.
  • The Premarket action looks good, but this stock is easily good for rising a dollar today. Get ready, spike is coming!
  • joe the short is really worried. Hope you take a beating today joe you b'stard. Go BKS!