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Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP)

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    Raymond James initiated coverage of Ballard Power Systems with a rating of Strong-Buy and set a new price target of $40.00
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    Some ask why Richard is posting non related BLDP news. Actually they are hydrogen related news that i consider valuable. Be it political decisions, initiatives, or new business developments like the Cummins or Oshkosh contract by USPS are important for the hydrogen industry as a whole. And BLDP beeing a part of it we as investors should be informed as much as possible in order to make sound financial decisions. Thank you Richard
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    Fuel cell vehicle 2021 strong "run" less than 2 months tender volume has reached last year's production of 57.55 percent
    2021-02-22 07:45:42 Source: Shanghai Securities News Author: Prince
    After a brief slump in 2020, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are off to a strong start in 2021. According to statistics from The Shanghai Securities News, just over a month after 2021, the number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles purchased through public tenders has reached 690, accounting for 57.55 percent of the total fuel cell vehicle production (1,199 vehicles, THEA caliber) in 2020.

    As market demand potential is further released, the number of cities and regions operating hydrogen fuel cell buses is increasing. According to statistics, this year has been Maanshan City, Wuhai City, Qingdao City, Changshu City and Foshan City Gaoming District and other places to add hydrogen fuel cell bus delivery applications. It is worth mentioning that Sinopec has also announced the goal of building 1,000 hydrogenation stations or oil-hydrogen combined stations over the next five years.

    Under the tide of "carbon peak" and "carbon-to-carbon", with the increasingly mature technical level, the continuous optimization of performance parameters and the gradual reduction of production costs, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry can be widely used in transportation, construction, industry and other fields in the future.

    The business climate has picked up

    A total of 690 vehicles were tendered in less than two months

    According to incomplete statistics, so far in 2021, the number of new tenders and winning hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has reached 690, accounting for 78.59 percent of the total number of public tenders in 2020 (the hydrogen cloud chain industry database statistics, the number of tenders in 2020 is 878). In addition, the number of tenders in less than two months this year has reached 57.55 per cent of the total production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (1,199 vehicles, THEA calibre) for the whole of 2020.

    Up to now, the largest single tender procurement in 2021 from Science City (Guangzhou) Environmental Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. 500 fuel cell dump trucks. Reporters from Guangzhou Qunsheng TenderIng Agent Co. , Ltd. official website was informed that the 500 31-ton fuel cell dump truck (fuel cell dump truck) purchase unit price limit (including tax) for 900,000 yuan / vehicle, a total of 450 million yuan.

    According to the delivery schedule in the tender documents, the first delivery time is 200 vehicles within 90 calendar days of the issuance of the tenderer's order. Reporters noted that the purchaser of Science City (Guangzhou) Environmental Protection Industry Investment Group Co. , Ltd. for the real control of the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee.

    This year's other big single order for Qingdao Rhida Shuntai New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. 80 fuel cell refrigerated vehicles, procurement budget of 112 million yuan. Public information shows that the actual controller of the tender unit is the State-owned Asset Management Office of Li Wei District, Qingdao.

    According to the procurement information announced by the Chinese government procurement network in February 2021, the proposed supplier of the 18-ton F-class fuel cell refrigerated vehicle is SAIC Chase Nanjing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. It is understood that the batch of fuel cell refrigeration vehicles will use Qingdao enterprise Haizhu Technology supporting the 90kW power system, at present, the model vehicle entered the 2020 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 338 batch of new energy vehicles recommended catalog.

    In addition, the results of the tianjin hydrogen fuel cell vehicle promotion and operation project were announced on February 2, Tianjin New Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd. became the winning bid for 100 3.5-ton hydrogen fuel cell forklifts, with a total winning bid of 36.7 million yuan. The public tender for the purchase of hydrogen fuel cell buses by Yancheng National Transportation Co., Ltd. opened in early February with a total purchase value of 10 vehicles and a total budget of 26 million yuan.

    Investors are in demand

    Listed companies have disclosed the progress

    Reporters noted that since 2021, including U.S. stock companies Plug Energy, Fuel Cell Energy, Ballard Power Systems, Science and Technology Board Company, such as 100 million Huatong and other domestic and foreign fuel cell vehicle-related companies have hit record highs.

    On February 19th, in the interactive yi, the company will launch 100 logistics vehicles in Shanghai from 2019 to the end of 2020, 135 fuel cell buses in Wuhan, Jingshan, Datong, Guangzhou and Foshan, and 5 heavy trucks in Yangquan. In addition, the company in Datong construction of the hydrogen energy industrial park project part of the production line has been put into use, the company also actively cooperate with the relevant
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    Highlights, press releases and speeches
    Highlights, press releases and speeches
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    I find it hard to believe that underwriters at TD Securities and National Bank would be so uninformed that they would buy $350M BLDP shares at $37/share. From what I understand of typical bought deals, underwriters purchase shares at a large discount in order to resell them for a profit at a later date.
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    Ballard Power Systems has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company's average rating score is 2.58, and is based on 5 buy ratings, 6 hold ratings, and no sell ratings.
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    Shakedown Street
    Ballard is performing the best among fuel cell companies during this decline. I think its because of the strategic partnerships they currently have as well as a broad product base.
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    The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient...
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    Plug should merge with Ballard would be huge gains going forward and be unstoppable
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    Plug Power Inc.
    Been a rough week for H2. I just wanted to congratulate those who believed and didn't cry and complain. $plug $fcel $bldp $be. Gonna be a rocky road as h2 is gaining popularity but let's all hang in there and stay positive! good luck longs!
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    $PLUG conversation
    Relax and let it ride. The whole sector is down, just take a quick look at $BE, $FCEL, $BLDP message boards. We used to have these but swings all the time in the past. They used to play with $AMD like this all the time a few years ago. Wait for a few months. PLUG has a wonderful customer base with great plans and that worth GOLD
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    Uh, no nick name pal
    Soon Ballard will have a large follow on order from China, and will be making an acquisition. maybe DCRB.
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    Ballard Power with new "Bought Deal"
    12 February 2021 by Hydrogeit
    Ballard was able to draw attention once again and land a "bought deal". Banks have offered the company more than USD 600 million via share issue. The issue price: 37 U.S. dollars. The fact that there was a drop in the share price from more than 40 to less than 37 US dollars is due to the fact that the market can be assumed to sell the stock empty, since one gets the shares back more cheaply via the Bought Deal. This is a form of arbitrage, so the price decline should be considered temporary. For me, this has two positive aspects: firstly, a further USD 600 million in the bank, and thus a very healthy financial cushion of more than USD 1.4 billion, and secondly, the positive assessment of the market, the stock exchange and investors that even with the sharply increased share price in December to more than USD 40, such a capital measure can be very well placed. This shows great confidence in Ballard as well as, of course, in the industry. Acquisitions, despite the previous sharp increase, make sense.

    So far, Ballard management has been very calm, as it is planning to raise its own technologically leading electrolysis technology and its potential. This can be the creation of a new business unit, a licensing agreement, a joint venture or the acquisition of a suitable candidate/company. In my opinion, it makes the most sense to set up a joint venture with a large established player, which is well positioned worldwide and has great sales potential. After all, the ratings of companies in this BZ industry are now – felt – very high, if I only look at ITM Power as an example. In a joint venture, one could not only raise the know-how, but would then have to make more targeted use of capital on the part of Ballard. In any case, it is the right step for the company to expand this area of electrolysis as a useful addition to the product portfolio. In the specific case of implementation, this will further boost Ballard's share price, I believe.

    Today, Ballard has a valuation of more than USD 10 billion, as much as in 2001, when the stock rose from 5 to over USD 130. Today, however, the prospects are real and Ballard is a clear market leader.
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    great news with 550 mio; so the underwriter for 37 a share will work for much higher quotes...that is a perfect scenario....
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    CNN and Anderson Cooper spent an hour with Bill Gates on climate change and neither said the word "hydrogen." Why??
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    That great deal selling millions of shares at $37 when the stock was at $42 is really working out great for the common shareholders isn't it ??
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    Nothing has changed fundamentally here. Ballard still a world leader in fuel cells and making deals with many companies to produce transportation solutions for countries around the world. This will rebound this week !! Go longs !!