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  • J
    Exciting times. Progress on all fronts.
    Minerals deal progressing, AEC progressing- partner with university of Tennessee, GC joint product progressing $3-4 million early revenue expected (could go up to $25 in future), AOS negotiations Europe, Cupridyne consumer -massive media push coming, Blest booked $1,2 in contracts in 10 DAYs. Etc etc. listen to the interview - exceptionally undervalued.

    BioLargo Discusses PFAS Commercialization, Garratt-Callahan Partnership, and $1.2 Million in New Engineering Contracts with The Stock Day Podcast

    Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - July 27, 2021) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) ("the Company"), a company that invents, develops, and commercializes innovative platform technologies to solve challenging environmental problems like PFAS contamination, advanced water and wastewater treatment, industrial odor and VOC control, air quality control, and infection control. President and CEO of BioLargo Dennis P. Calvert joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly for an interview.
    Jolly began the interview by asking Calvert about the Company's background and current projects. "BioLargo is a science and engineering company helping solve some of the biggest problems that face Earth and our lives, like clean air, clean water." said Calvert. "We're a full-service solution provider to industry," he continued.
    "Could you give us an update on BioLargo's PFAS solution and when we're going to see that come to the market?" asked Jolly. "[PFAS] has become the contaminant of the decade," explained Calvert as he elaborated on the widespread dangers of PFAS. "Some people say that it is a multi-billion-dollar problem per year, and it's getting so much attention," said Calvert. "There is even a bill before Congress called the 'PFAS Action Act'," he shared.
    "We've come up with a solution that we call the AEC, and that unit is now heading into the commercial phase," said Calvert, explaining that BioLargo is receiving contaminated water samples from potential customers for the Company to treat with its technology in initial in-house piloting. "The University of Tennessee has agreed to participate in all of this work, so they will be doing the third-party testing of all of these samples."
    Calvert explained that once the Company's PFAS solution has completed commercial trials, they will begin taking on client projects. "These projects will range from $250,000 to $30 million," said Calvert. "We present a value proposition to the industry that as far as we can tell is unmatched."
    The conversation then turned to the Company's additional projects. "In our shareholder's meeting just a few weeks ago, we talked about a very large magnesium project where we've taken a waste stream from a mining operation and have shown our client [that we can] convert that to well over a billion in revenue," said Calvert. "It's heading into serious negotiations and we're hoping to bring that to closure in the near future," he added. "We invented the technology that makes it work."

    Mr. Calvert then discussed the company's partnership with water industry veteran company Garratt-Callahan. "In the next few weeks, we will be delivering test units [to Garratt-Callahan] for the design we have created for solid separation, waste, and waste treatment," he said. "They believe they can sell something like 25 to 35 units in the first year," he added. "This is a great situation where our expertise is being [used in] an existing relationship with existing distribution filling a niche in the market where our special talents can be showcased, combined with their special talent of serving customers all over the country."

    "[BioLargo] is a dynamic technology and solution driven company that really has itself in a prime position to explode with revenues, drive shareholder value, and we have never been at such an exciting time in the history of the company," said Calvert.
    "What does success for BioLargo look like for 2022 and 2023?", asked Jolly. "Our engineering group just announced a couple of weeks ago that they have landed $1.2 million in new contracts," Calvert shared. "It really means we are going to grow."
    To hear Dennis Calvert's entire interview, follow the link to the podcast here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7912239-biolargo-discusses-pfas-commercialization-garratt-callahan-partnership-and-1-2-million-in-new.
    An episode by Stock Day Media
    An episode by Stock Day Media
  • M
    I can remember the days, 2017, 2018, when our big hope rested on FDA approval of the Clyra gel submission. Huge silence gap, and still not sure what happened. Then we said we’d submit a wound rinse, which finally was approved. But what happened? Where is IT? And the podcast language sounds like we have really lost interest in Clyra Medical, to me. My opinion is that this is an entirely consistent occurrence with the company — generate excitement and fail to create a market favorite or even a market minority. Just my view and why I got out.
  • J
    As House Passes PFAS Action Act, BioLargo Takes Next Step in Commercializing Its PFAS Treatment System
    [another step forward] Parts of PR:

    BioLargo begins testing source waters from prospective clients with its PFAS treatment technology
    WESTMINSTER, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 26, 2021 / BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO), a developer of sustainable technologies and full-service environmental engineering company, announced that two potential clients (a major municipality in Southern California and a federal government agency) are sending it PFAS-contaminated water samples to be treated by BioLargo's AEC water treatment system. This is the first step of BioLargo's multi-phased commercial approach: (1) off-site treatment of client supplied water, (2) on-site pilot treatment at client location, and (3) full-scale operation. In this first step, BioLargo receives contaminated water from the client, evaluates it for operational optimization, treats the water removing the PFAS chemicals, and then has an independent laboratory analyze the treated water to confirm the PFAS has been removed to client specifications. In essence, it is a "proof of concept" phase to give the client confidence in moving to the next phase. Assuming a successful first phase, these agencies have asked for proposals for on-site piloting to confirm treatment success at a larger scale at the client location. Once piloting is complete, BioLargo would offer customized commercial-scale systems to each client.
    Randall Moore, President of BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies said, "By treating client water through our in-house AEC system, we can optimize it for the unique characteristics of the water from each source and confirm for the client that our system removes PFAS to the levels that meet their particular regulatory requirements."
    The AEC (Aqueous Electrostatic Concentrator) is BioLargo's proprietary water treatment technology specifically designed to remove PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a group of man-made "forever" chemicals of great emerging regulatory concern

    On July 21, 2021, the House of Representatives passed the "PFAS Action Act of 2021". Introduced by a bipartisan coalition in March 2021, the proposed legislation would establish a national drinking water standard for select PFAS chemicals under the Safe Drinking Water Act, designate them as hazardous chemicals (allowing the EPA to clean up contaminated sites and creating stricter rules for handling them under CERCLA), limit industrial discharges under the Clean Water Act, and provide $200 million annually to assist water utilities and treatment facilities to remove PFAS chemicals from their water. The bill would also restrict incineration of PFAS-containing wastes under the Clean Air Act, which could significantly limit the use of the most common treatment strategy: carbon filtration followed by carbon incineration.
    BioLargo's AEC technology has been proven to remove more than 99% of PFAS from contaminated water, and, compared with carbon filtration systems, generates about one tenth the PFAS-laden waste and costs less to operate. Decreased waste minimizes the environmental and regulatory burdens associated with water treatment.
    Tonya Chandler, Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at BioLargo, said "With the passing of the PFAS Action Act of 2021 by the House of Representatives, PFAS regulations are just around the corner. BioLargo is in a perfect position to launch its revolutionary PFAS removal system into the market. The AEC produces significantly less waste than traditional systems making it a superior solution in this regulatory environment."
  • E
    Eli B
    The world is facing critical water shortages, a situation that is likely to get worse with a booming global population and climate change.
    The goal of providing safe, clean water for people and agriculture is critical to the planet—and one that many companies are working on.
    Water treatment, smart infrastructure, and efficient delivery are key areas where companies are working to provide solutions.

    The water on the planet now is the same water that dinosaurs were drinking—and it's the only water that will ever be here.

  • W
    Ok, I can't believe I wasted 20 minutes of my time on this investor presentation. Here's some points of note to consider:
    - Notice how in this presentation Calvert has slides showing major companies to legitimize BIolargo. They have about $2.4 million in revenue but use names of other companies to make it seem like they are more than they are.
    - Notice how Calvert always talks about billion dollar industries. They always talk about the problems but don't ever create any revenue with their solutions. No one wants their products. They are always in commercial testing or last phases of development. Notice how they are never ready to sell in massive quantities.
    - Calvert talks about advancing significantly in the next 6-12 months when the "wind is in our sales". Effectively, it's time to put up or shut up, and I guarantee you nothing significant that adds to major sales or profitability will happen.
    - He talks about one of the largest customers in the world is doing a commercial trial with them. Why are they always doing trials? Why can't they actually sell anything? Why can't they say exactly who it is and how much revenue it will create. Notice, there's always talk of big activity but no revenues.
    - Calvert mentions partnering with major engineering firms on massive projects. Who are they, and when will the partnerships that lead to major revenues come to fruition. Notice no timelines or details. Just talk.
    BioLargo | Investor Presentation | Benzinga Global Small Cap Conference
  • D
    Being a project manager, small partner, engineer, and building out the pilot facility of a $1 billion+ project sounds pretty lucrative to me. And by what DC said, it seems this one will come to fruition sooner than the AEC and AOS. I had my sights on early 2022 but this might do something for valuation in the Fall.
  • J
    Will - you never answer my questions.
    Why and how is it possible that they reduced 7.6 Millions in Debt in the past couple of years.

    Why is the progress accelerating? why the new partnerships? / why California engineering office opened?/

    why record growth/ why record revenues/ why amazing study results/ why team ups/

    why do they sign the biggest contracts yet/ Why finally have gotten municipalities/ Why another Airforce base contracted/ why is the AOS commercial units built/ why are promising acquisition happened/

    why was AEC improved/ why new patents filed/ why trials at municipalities scheduled/ why debt free / why Asia joint venture showing First adaptions/ why will Cupridyne consumer get a launch/

    why is Cannabusters starting to take over Cannabis Odor Control space/ why big minerals contract expected next Q/ why new studies released/ why more studies coming/

    why 2000 new shareholders in past months/Why did the BLGO CFO decide to solely get paid in options for the next years that have an exercise price of .174- just above today’s levels/ Why Did Garratt Callahan approach us to build a project together / Why did one of the leading water companies in Korea BKT test Cupridyne for 9 months and came to a different conclusion than you and they wanted to form a joint venture/
    Why Is Cupridyne replacing a competing product at 200 facilities through a sub-distributor/
    Why Did Odin get the "GO" from Korean EPA - (is that foreshadowing what the US EPA will do?)
    why is cash flow positive on the horizon / why 1.2 Millions in contracts signed within weeks / why working on Lithium extraction/ why 10 Billion Dollars for PFAS solutions from administration announced etc. etc..?!?

    All the above are resons why I belive we are on track to become a clean tech giant. At $45 Millions there is really no risk to the downside - but also no limit to the upside.

    You obviously don't like the company and that is fine as well.
    BTW - will you start to have at least skin in the game - either long or short when we will be a NASDAQ traded company?!?
    Or will you remain a pathological message board basher hobbyist that is just spreading his wisdom in the intraweb ;) ?!?
    Thanks for answering!
  • W
    Julian seems to know so much about Biolargo. I'd ask him a simple question. Please detail revenue and net income projections for Biolargo over the next 5 years for everyone on the board. Pretty simple question.
  • j
    The absolute best thing any BioLargo share holder can do right now? HOLD.

    Hold for one year. If you have a fat profit sell half. HOLDING means a few less shares available. Buyers must pay more. Notoriety brings more buyers. Sellers provide less support for stk price. Sooner, or later, BLGO explodes in value. That's what it looks like to me. Thus, I added shares today. Is this a guarantee? YES, just as it is that the sun will come up tomorrow morning ... unless there are clouds.
  • j
    What am I doing here? I mean being a sizable share holder in BioLargo. I'm looking at a very small company that is doing two interesting things. 1) They are constantly improving their financial position while constantly improving their products/systems. 2) The Products/Systems (4 or 5) they are constantly improving are actually already proved out. They are in final "trial" work which usually ends before long and sales/partnerships begin. Generally, the sales/partnerships are just waiting for the final ok. The stock price does not fully reflect what I just said. That does happen. But it can change almost over night. My opinion is that these several products are finalizing in a very timely manner. Add these comments up and we may be looking at a real 10 bagger. Maybe/probably much higher. And, I think it will all become very noticeable this year, and thru out next year. For most of you reading this ... this situation will not come around often. I suggest ... Take your shot now. Buy and HOLD.
  • D
    So when will BLGO get on the NASDQ exchange?
  • n
    Looks like Joe and several other posters have figured out that BLGO is really very close to breaking out and becoming a new star performer that will soon be another Cinderella story. All the elements are there: toxic selling is all done, debt is shrinking fast, sales are turning up fast and about to explode on multiple profit center fronts. Indeed Calvert's persistence and leadership has paid off big and shareholders are about to become very wealthy. The timing is perfect and the price will soon reflect this.
  • J
    Will, why do you generate new IDs almost on a daily basis. What is your obsession with this purposeful company?
    The Environment and Society will benefit from BioLargo's success and us shareholders as well.
    what are you not gettimg here?!
    It is just a question of time (and Good News) until a big wave of new investors and money will come to join this Clean Water, Clean Air, Cleaner Earth (and wound care) investing opportunity.

    The share price is very low as BioLargo paid off almost $7.6 Million in debt in the last years and some of the projects were delayed - but it is all happening now = we are already deep into the BLGO paradigm shift.

    The progress is accelerating: the partnerships/ California engineering office opened/

    record growth/ record revenues/ amazing study results/ team ups/

    biggest contracts yet/ AOS commercial units built/ promising acquisition happened/

    AEC improved/ new patents filed/ trials at municipalities scheduled/ almost debt free / Asia joint venture showing First adaptions/ Cupridyne/

    Cannabusters starting to take over Cannabis Odor Control space/ big minerals contract expected next Q/ new studies released/ more studies coming/

    2000 new shareholders in past months/

    cash flow positive on the horizon / 1.2 Millions in contracts signed within weeks/ working on Lithium extraction/ 10 Billion Dollars for PFAS solutions from administration announced etc. etc..

    This clean tech / Cannabis/ wound care / minerals / water play seems to be the perfect place to be invested in.

    Some might have bought in early But that does not change the fact that NOW, at around $45 Million Market cap this makes for an incredible investing opportunity!
    Good luck all - and it is not too late to get in Will!
  • J
    So, this afternoon i tuned into Larry Kudlow on Fox Business. He had a discussion with an analyst regarding infrastructure and the impact on water treatment. The analyst stated that water was a significant objective. He went on to say that the $$ spigot wouldn't flow immediately but that companies involved would certainly be beneficiaries..This was an overview conversation and NO specific companies were mentioned or touted. Hmm, that's why I've been slowly accumulating BLGO
  • B

    look, its like this; If you want to stay in little leagues and remain an over the counter stock perhaps increasing from $018 to your perceptive huge jump to $0.24 then great your strategy at BLGO is right on track. On the other hand, if you really want to get out of the little leagues, join the Nasdaq or NYSE and become a true big league player in the water world then you gotta put together a real aggressive marketing and sales strategy and strongly promote your products and capabilities and you actually have to generate some very significant revenue increases Q to Q. Now quit giving us the blah blah and get busy.
  • M
    Julian, let's fully pretend I'm Will/Monski/You/etc. Now, what is the current efficiency and cost saving percentage for the AOS? How many gallons per hour of muni waste water?
  • J
    From BioLargo Facebook:
    The PFAS Action Act of 2021 passed in the House of Representatives yesterday. This is big news for the water treatment industry. The bill would require the EPA to regulate PFAS under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and as hazardous substances under CERCLA.

    One key effect of the bill is that it will make it more difficult to handle and dispose of PFAS-contaminated waste such as the carbon used to treat PFAS-contaminated water. Our solution, the BioLargo AEC, creates way less PFAS-laden waste than existing treatment technologies. I.e., the BioLargo AEC will become an even more attractive option for PFAS treatment.

    The House on Wednesday approved a bill that would require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish national drinking water standards for “forever chemicals” — a group of toxic compounds linked to kidney and liver issues, among o
    The House on Wednesday approved a bill that would require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish national drinking water standards for “forever chemicals” — a group of toxic compounds linked to kidney and liver issues, among o
  • E
    Eli B
    TAKE A LOOK AT WATER GLOBAL - ETF - up 145% in 5 yrs - and going up YTD
    PHO CGW FIW - we are next !!!!!
  • C
    It is concerning when this company and others keep saying that Biolargo have the best and most cost efficient technology for removing PFAS,that alone should be a concern,because when have you ever known the Government to do anything or put money toward something this is the most cost efficient.
  • P
    Still no sales wins of any substance for the Korean JV or from the GC sales group that we'd be able to issue a press release on?
    Kind of surprising. Julian has done a great..great.. job spreading the word through Reddit and Stockwits etc. But I'd question why a shareholder needs to do that legwork.... BLGO has no in house person driving that or an outside firm that does that type of promotional work? I thought we did.

    We have what appears to be an exciting story here on multiple fronts. We may be on the verge on some big wins . But to me doesn't explain why we're not seeing announcements and sales on the existing products in advance of what we hope are grand slams.
    For instance ..Cupridyne... best product we're told, we added the misting capability..... as well as the power of the GC salesforce and we have the overseas JV too. Shouldn't w be hearing a lot of noise from these areas ?? If for nothing else to support the effort of getting our name out there and generate interest for the water purification products?
    and where has Clyraguard gone off to?