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    9 years ago from Biolargo 10K. We are still waiting for anything to sell on AOS side. Sure, Rome wasn't built in a day. Just push out goal posts indefinitely.

    Water Treatment

    We have developed and are further refining a technology for water treatment called the Advanced Oxidation System (“AOS”). AOS directly allows for the removal and in-sitú destruction of many dangerous, yet common waterborne contaminants. It has all of the hallmarks of being broadly cost efficient and scalable. We recently received technical proof of claims that validates its most critical claim of efficacy.

    We have developed a prototype design of a water filtration system featuring AOS, filed for patents and gathered our first proof of claim. It will now be fully engineered, tested and positioned for commercial trials. We believe our AOS system can enhance any water treatment system already in use by industry and that it will prove valuable first in certain industrial applications, such as oil refining and extraction, fracking, oil sands, or food and beverage. As we develop commercial proof of claims, fully engineer and refine the device, and establish scalable production, it may also prove valuable in creating potable water for local municipalities and even for use in villages in third world countries. We believe our system will offer significant cost and sustainable environmental advantages over competing technologies.

    We are currently evaluating the most practical way and appropriate market to exploit our new AOS inventions. We intend to form a subsidiary to dedicate the proper resources to maximize this business. As part of that process, we intend to find further industry resources to assist in the endeavor. Revenue opportunities present themselves in many forms: licensing, sale, manufacturing, servicing, joint venture, leasing, tolling, etc. However, we have not yet identified the specific industry segment or revenue opportunity for our first commercial trials.
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    Re listened to the meeting.
    It seems like the perfect time to average down or add more.
    New press release for AOS efficacy study is on the way.
    The testing for the install of the AOS for commercial trial is completed and it will now continuously run for 6-9 months!! They have a plan of communication to keep us informed along the way.
    They are starting partnerships in Europe for eligibility of millions in grant access.
    Minerals deal (in hard negotiations- hopefully closing next Q) will get a ton of attention and $$$ for years to come.
    Blest has nee technologies with patents pending that could each be worth multiples of our market cap alone- Minerals extraction and AEC
    Also winning contracts left, Right and center.
    ONM winning biggest new clients and starting significant wins in cannabis world.
    Also serving first municipalities. And getting more accounts awarded from leading companies.
    Don’t forget about Clyra - ttge first batch of product is produced and ready- they are working on financing deal for big launch- but a comparable company (with only $4 million in revenue) is valued 6 times entire BLGO and our science/product is superior.
    It seems like the entirety of BLGO is becoming that well oiled machine where one subsidiary of the company is perfectly supplementing the other Ones with their specific field of expertise.
    It is impressive what Dennis has built in the past years and it seems like the next 6-24 months could make this bigger than even the biggest bulls have been projectioned.
    I mentioned many other bullish takeaways already.
    Dennis won’t be surprised by $10million in early revenue from the GC collaboration (early ‘22)
    Put Odin- making wins in paper, textile, furnishing industry, already above $2 Million Blest backlog, ONM environmental (that is winning biggest projects and will have Cupridyne replace competitor in 200 (!) cannabis grow facilities through new sub distributor), AOS, AEC on top-
    and it becomes obvious that we are following the early commercialization of a massive future clean tech company.
    Many contracts/partnerships are in the making - Cupridyne science about to reenter the retail space again.

    Pretty obvious that every share is going to be a winner and it is up to you to take advantage of our advance in knowledge - or Not.
    When we will get to the thirties everybody should be in green.

    Patience remains key but it seems very obvious that more and more people will want to invest into this in the near future. $BLGO is a Clean Water, Clean Air, Cleaner Earth, Wound Care, Cannabis, Magnesium and even a Lithium Play!!
    We doubled out investor base in the past months and for the next In stream of investors there won’t be many new shares available - as our debt reduction is done= so price will go up big time. That supply/demand thing that someone here is not getting ;)
    if they just keep on doing what they are doing - we will do great. If we just capture tiny fractions of the new markets we will do incredibly well, If it is going well we will become a multi billion dollar company. So with the eliminated debt and growing revenue there is not even a downside risk anymore.
    “Making life better" with a very realistic possibility to get above 20X returns - what is not to like ?!? ;)
    Do your DD and invest accordingly!
    Exciting times!!
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    Any finite information on ODIN joint venture outlook or performance from the investors meeting?
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    With all the new shareholders coming in after this mind blowing meeting...... We are seeing a nice bump, nearly parabolic! Can't wait for everything to have been unfolded. NOT!!!!!!! CHEERS. In another 2 DECADES we may double in price. CHEERS. SARC
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    It sounds too good to be true but it is actually not.
    $BLGO is a Clean Water, Clean Air, Cleaner Earth, Wound Care, Cannabis, Magnesium and even a Lithium play (as we learned yesterday)!!! All fantastic fields to be invested in. That paired with a market cap of laughable $43 million dollar company makes for the potentially best investment opportunity of our lifetime (and I am up 2143% with my Exas core)

    Just As a reminder as some here are stuck in the past and are spreading their frustration. The CFO is and will SOLELY get Paid in OPTIONS only, which are exercisable at .174. The CEO opted to get paid more In stock at these levels.
    We doubled the number of investors this year already and no matter what you and I are thinking it is just a question of when this will get discovered.
    Very excited about the future with BioLargo!!
    Screaming strong buy!!!
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    There are plenty of competitors in every field that BLGO is targeting BUT it appears - even though we are a tiny company - that we have the better solutions 😉
    It is certainly the case for Cupridyne Clean. Odor elimination. Cheaper and better. For example - Soon a Cannabis field sub distributor will swap out their normal product to ours to deliver to their 200 client base.
    Regarding Pfas- read this Five Top Contenders Competing For “Multi-Billion-Dollar PFAS Removal Race - One Appears To Have Formidable Competitive Advantages” and the one is .. BIOLARGO

    Just a tiny fraction of that trillion dollar opportunity would make us all rich. And for now there is no better solution- and Randy (Blest president and lead engineer) said yesterday (talking about the pending patent) that nothing performs better AND there is really nothing even close to it out there..

    Randy is the man. He is 100% a no BS guy. If he is excited about something (like he is with the AEC) he is on to something ;)

    I liked the „move the needle“ slide as well. if just a single of the opportunities succeeds we will do very well - more than one and we will be Stock picking Rockstars - but it is actually looking good that most if not all will be successes = Jackpot 😉
    Very hard not to get excited about this opportunity. Most of my family/friends are already invested but it seems that they should join me in the all in ;)
    W.B. “Opportunities come infrequently - when it rains gold use the bucket and not the thimble”.

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    Great to see that BioLargo is getting the wird out. A like minded investor strongly believes In a bright future of BLGO. I like his post “WHY BLGO MAY NOT REMAIN UNDERVALUED AND UNDISCOVERED MUCH LONGER”. Also great to hear that investors close to the company invested hundreds of thousands of dollars more, directly into the company. because the time is right. Don’t forget that the BLGO CFO decided to solely get paid in options that have a exercise price around today’s levels (.174)
    “BioLargo shares may only trade at $.18 and support a very small market cap of about $43 million, but their products that are unrivaled in both cost and effectiveness are very close to starting what could be game-changing pilot studies for several large industries. The needs for BioLargo’s products like the AOS and the AEC are so enormous that if the pilots are as successful as prior testing has demonstrated, the company revenues could surprise even the most optimistic forecasts.”

    Very excited to continuously follow this great success story unfold…
    Do your own DD and invest accordingly.

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    I'm looking forward to tuning into tomorrow's investor day call. I truly think these guys are on the cusp of landing some significant contracts that could propel SP significantly higher over the next 2 yrs. I've been able to accumulate a nice position between 12c-28c..IF things work out BLGO could potentially soar, no R/S and get up listed. I just experienced this recently with MNMD from 81c to $3.70 BUT I'm a gambler...
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    Who is selling, Julian?
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    It is happening on all fronts. Great presentation.
    It makes for one of the best investing opportunities out there.
    Dennis won’t be surprised by $10million in early revenue from the GC collaboration (early ‘22)
    Put Odin, already $2 Million Blest backlog, ONM environmental (that is winning biggest projects and will have Cupridyne implemented in 200 (!) cannabis grow facilities through new sub distributor), AOS, AEC on top-
    and it becomes obvious that we are following the early commercialization of a massive future clean tech company. Many contracts/partnerships are in the making.
    Patience remains key but it seems very obvious that more and more people will want to invest in this. A purposeful company that is an almost certain multibagger.
    "Making life better" with a very realistic possibility to get 20X returns.
    I highly recommend listening to the replay of the meeting.
    I am a proud shareholder and I am looking forward to continuously follow the story unfold.
    Strong "screaming out the window" Buy!
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    Fairly quiet before the meeting. I'm hoping to hear very 'positive noise' starting shortly. And, continuing thru out 2021. It's time, I'm sure most agree.
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    I am looking forward to BioLargo’s 2021 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, online via a live webcast.
    Also looking forward to have years and years of in person meetings ahead of us were we will reminiscence about the times now, when it seemed very obvious but not that many were actually realizing what a massive investment opportunity BLGO was..
    Long and strong!
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    Where is the price bump, Julie? Ooops.
    And, hey, try answering my question about where the new shareholders get their shares.
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    Have you read this:
    Has anyone noticed the insider buying since January 1. It is several million shares bought by directors and officers of the company. A lot of it was at a higher price than the stock is now. Go to this link and look at all the Form Type 4 documents that have been filed.

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    Event: BioLargo Presentation at the LD Micro Invitational XI
    Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2021
    Time: 5:00 PM eastern

    Mr. Calvert will be discussing the company's soon-to-launch sustainable water treatment technologies including its innovative solution for treating water contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Used in fire retardants and industrial facilities, PFAS contaminate municipal drinking water supplies across the country and the world, and represent a serious threat to human health.

    As of now we do not know of any greener/ cheaper /more effective targeted PFAS removal technology than the AEC from BioLargo (commercial trials coming soon)
    Just a tiny fraction of this Trillion dollar market will make this purposeful $45 Million dollar Clean tech company skyrocket..
    IMHO it's the perfect time to discover this.
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    When will we see revenue? Real revenue? According to Dennis, AEC Q42021/Q12022, Clyra 100 days, AOS Q12021.

    You have dates from the CEO. Now act accordingly.
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    Hey, what’s all the worry? BLGO up 13.7% yoy: Close:6/16/20–$.150, Close 6/12/21:$.1705
    O.T...but in the meantime, plenty of winners that have out performed and imo will continue: Himx, Imos, Bmy, Pei, Wdc, Ntp, Nio to name a few.