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    I just voted my proxy...against anything the board was ‘for’ and for anything the board was ‘against’. I suggest you do the same, if for nothing else to put this board and executive team on notice.
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    Real Immunotrader 10
    $SLS about to untap A couple few billion in Shareholder value with Gps+ Nivo Meso data "The average progression-free survival was 8.8 weeks. Median overall survival was 35.4 weeks, the time at which the data was taken. Stergiou expects the median overall survival to be considerably longer when the next report is delivered at the end of 2021" {lol expects.. It HAS TO BE LONGER all patients are currently alive!! - same situ w Gps+Keytruda $MRK for OC)
    "Preliminary evidence from the Phase I trial of GPS administered as a combination therapy with nivolumab (Opdivo® $BMY) as a treatment for mesothelioma showed improvement in median survival of about half a year." ttps://www.asbestos.com/news/2021/06/29/gps-vaccine-opdivo-mesothelioma/

    Nps VADIS results due and the $GLSI Sister trial with Herceptin $RHHBY
    All reporting in Q4 which begins next week already
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    So, where is the $100/share analysts were calling for with Celgene buy? We were supposed to be real wealthy by now.
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    $AGEN conversation
    I would like to mention the issue of buyouts again.
    How likely (%) is it that Garo has already made a buyout deal with $BMY ?
    Should $BMY have submitted a decent offer to agenus management, then Agenus should calculate it exactly whether it makes sense to independently rebuild all sales channels for your medication or to accept a buyout?
    A company has to enter into deals when they realize that going it alone in this pharmaceutical industry is a tough act or rather more relaxed in a sidecar with driving without having to provide all the requirements of the driver and the towing vehicle.
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    Last month plus wiped out 3 years: 9/24/2018 $61.59 close ($56.08 adjusted for dividends).
    12/31/2019 $64.19 ($60.85 adjusted)
    12/31/20 $62.03 ($61.10 adjusted)
    8/20/21 $69.20
    8/27/21 $66.60
    9/3/21 $65.61
    9/10/21 $63.13
    9/17/21 $61.31
    9/24/21 ?, currently $60.38.

    $60 has had some kind of gravitational force, eh?
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    BMY has the highest enterprise value to ebitda out of BMY, MRK, ABBV, JNJ and PFE. 21.3 roughly, whereas the others are at: PFE 13.2, ABBV 15.26, JNJ 15.86, MRK 16.86. But the lowest EV/revenue: BMY 3.84, MRK 4.03, PFE 4.81, ABBV 4.91, JNJ 4.96.

    The debt, and the acquisition accounting, seems to make BMY a bit more of a black box, plus the Revlimid patent overhang, plus Congress/pharma. Cash flow wise BMY seems to be doing fine. The real question will be growth post-Revlimid patent expiry.

    Also, payout ratio is low. JNJ's dividend is 2.56% but payout ratio is 41% next year's EPS estimate (of course dividends are ideally paid from free cash flow, really, but easy to use EPS estimates). ABBV yield is 4.88%, payout ratio is 37%. MRK 3.61% yield, 34% payout ratio. PFE 3.48% yield 43% payout ratio.

    BMY's yield at 3.12% (or was per Yahoo Finance earlier today). Lower than all but JNJ, which has an aspect of consumer staple stock. And the payout ratio is 24% based on next year's estimate.

    The payout ratio is much lower than most other pharma (excluding LLY from this, I didn't check and it's share price seems a bit like gilding the Lily, ha). They need to paydown debt yet still increase the payout ratio some. I don't think Wall Street sees them as great stewards of capital, as they have been buying growth, which may pay out in the long run, but the market is in Missouri mode with BMY. Show me the growth/or at least replacing some of Revlimid revs.
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    Down 16 of the last 18 trading days. Management needs to step up to the plate.
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    BMY price change from 1998 to date is zero. This seems to be a long term issue.
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    I don't think it is out of line for a company advocate to get on this message board and at least give us some reasoning as to why this significant drop in the last two weeks. Am I out of line for requesting such?
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    AZN gets one big cancer clinical trial result today and bolts 5%. BMY gets favorable clinical trial results or EU approvals almost every day and goes no where.
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    JOE D
    BMY is a frustrating stock to own. Its pretty range bound, and even after gobbling up CELG, the market love just isn't there. With Revlimid patent exp looming (March 2022), there is an overhang.

    Trades at P/E of around 8. It ain't expensive at all, which is rare in this market.

    It looks like BMY's overall earnings next year still are projected to show growth despite the patent expiration. Could BMY be a great value here?
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    I can see how BMY goes up now. If the market can go up 1k points a day for the next month we should be able to get back to 63
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    I will buy a full position once it gets in the $58 range. BMY is undervalued.
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    Moderna will have $20B sale in 2021, but with $178B market cap. BMY will have $44B sale in 2021, but with $135B market cap. In next one or two years, it is much reliable to count on BMY sale, rather than covid vaccine. BMY stock price should go to $80-$90 to be fair. The current downturn in big pharma is overdone.
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    On a positive note...I can no longer say BMY is my largest holding due to it's continued decrease in valuation.
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    Today was a tough for the entire market but boy does BMY have a horrible chart.
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    Why is this at a multi month low when earnings and revenues are rising?
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    Hard to understand why this has been down for a month nonstop.
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    Roughly a 15% pullback in BMY. This is part of the rolling correction. I don't believe there will be a major market correction but individual stocks and sectors are correcting before your eyes. Buy em as they pull back!