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    $NVAX conversation
    Quick question for Blue and others that have a better understanding of the science. Lets compare $NVAX vs. $BNTX and MRNA. Based on RA Capital scientific analysis, the first has higher efficacy, less side-effects, is easier to produce and at a much lower cost, is easier to transfer and store, can be combined with flu strain, RSV strain and many other COVID strains at the same time without a sacrifice at efficacy, cheaper to buy, especially compared to MRNA. What is the competitive advantage of MRNA and BNTX after June when NVAX will exceed them in production rate?
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    I went all in at 94. 500 shares. wait for 160 ...🤞
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    why why why
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    Researchers detect vaccine-induced SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in breast milk.

    The findings indicate that both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines produce a significant increase in IgA and IgG antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, beginning from the seventh-day post-prime.
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    The nasdaq correction will be between 10% and 25% (currently 8.29%) because there is no great general catalyst for a larger stock market crash. But that is the nasdaq, the average of stocks small and mid cap, they will lose between 25% and 60%. BNTX has already lost 18.75%. The really difficult thing to get right is when it will stop in that interval of 15% more descent that the nasdaq can potentially fall. 3%? 14% ?. Split purchases. The first fraction the smallest, the last the largest. It's time to buy, we are on sale. Bargains
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    Very good article in German magazine Wirtschaftswoche. For those German amongst you it may be worthwhile to get trial access to the article for 1 Euro (I did). 4 main points are

    1) Numbers for 2020 will not be all to great
    2) Analyst is quoted saying that a „cash position“ of 9 Billion Euro would be possible if sales amount to 2 Billion in 2021
    3) Company needs to make the transition from research laboratory to pharmaceutical company
    4) Most importantly: Long term perspective tied to success of mRNA platform in fighting cancer. As per experts interviewed the chances stand at 50/50 that the mRNA approach will generally be able to substantially tackle this highly complex disease.

    I myself am on the fence. Thinking of selling half my shares once the price picks up again (maybe if guidance for 2021 is given at the end of March) and keeping the rest indefinitely....
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    I really don't understand why you guys keep complaining about Biotech's supposedly bad management on this forum. I can't think of a more brilliant CEO than Ugur Sahin. Not only was he one of the first to recognize early on that we were facing a global pandemic due to the Corona virus.

    He also set the course early on so that Biontech, together with global players such as Pfizer, is in a position to produce more than 1.3 billion vaccines (not cough syrup!) within one year. Biontech now has cooperation agreements with 13 companies, including major pharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi, which are helping Biontech to expand its production capacity. In a period of a few months, Biontech has established its own plant in Marburg to produce over one billion vaccines annually.

    In a few months, the vaccine will likely be available in powder form so that it can be delivered to countries that lack the infrastructure to ensure vaccine refrigeration.

    This company makes vaccines, not smartphones or e-vehicles. It has set out to revolutionize cancer therapies and on the basis of its extensive experience to design, synthesize, manufacture and formulate therapeutic mRNA to become a fully integrated European pharmaceutical company over the next few years. With its patent portfolio in the field of mRNA Technology, Biontech is ideally positioned to do so. I therefore have no doubt at the moment that this will happen.

    This company does not need Elon Musk or a marketing man like Stéphane Bancel. I am very happy with a low-key, reserved and sincere CEO who does not see his task primarily in driving up the share price in the short term through loudmouthed announcements, but only goes public with news that are scientifically proven, and furthermore does not lose sight of the humanitarian aspects of his company.
    This type of management in no way stands in the way of the company's economic success and I have little doubt that the quarterly report to be published end of the month will also prove that it is a great investment.
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    Where do we go next:
    This is an extremely difficult question. I know this week is tough for everyone. But, stock market can be brutal. I have learnt to be very humble and respectful. Imagine this. I had 2000 of GME @13.3 and my goal was to get $20. Once sold it for $20 and later bought at $20 and sold again at $37 (which I thought was incredible) and within next.3 to 5 days saw it race even over $400 once. I know that was a huge Himalayan miss for me. But, I don’t cry over that. That is life. Every day is new day. I just feel blessed I didn’t lose money. I mean, in stock market the #1 rule is NOT to lose money, only then can one make money. It is okay to be slow and incremental. Also I also bought RKT at $28 and sold at $38 and earlier SAVA for $40 and sold at $58 and next day it went to $128 once. Recently bought ZM at $360 and sold at $340. This is a strange market. Lot of things happening, But the best stock I owned are TSLA and BNTX. Both are darlings. TSLA though is lot of fluff. BNTX is absolute jewel that did not get rewarded to its potential even though personally I did well.

    Now, sold everything and sitting quietly watching this very nervous market. Not sure what I will buy next. But, have to be incredibly respectful and study deep,

    Keep health and be safe. I wish you all great success🙏👌
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    Moderna, Inc.
    hi guys, nvax holder here just came to grab a drink since we're all down today. haha. $mrna $ino $bntx
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    Volume just gets worse every day, what does this stock need to get its deserved price? No amount of good news has changed it.
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    Today early morning on open I sold everything and sitting on cash. That is me. There is sea of red there in stock market, I am taking a break till it stabilizes. The sell off may bring opportunities as well. Watch CVAC closely. Phase 3 results expected this month anytime or next month. Also safe now in this market are stocks like PFE, GILD, and SFM.

    Next week watch IPO RBLX.

    I don’t have a position in BNTX now since I sold. I wish you all well. It is a difficult situation.

    I may visit this board just to meet friends.

    Now I sit just on cash and plan my next stocks to buy. Don’t want to be trading in this situation. That is just me. Stay safe and healthy everyone👌🙏
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    Holding 440 shares at $116 feeling Disappointed, droping thousands everyday
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    BNTX future in the EU could not be better - See Below- Highest take-up rate most trusted vaccine by far.
    Think of what the means particularly in the Non-EU, Non US markets as they see those numbers from EU.

    Think of what that means for 2022, 2023 and beyond - BNTX/PFE are the leading vaccine in the EU- On both a sales basis and on in-take basis
    Sales 600mln EU doses 2021. Now look at Intake Market share -

    PARIS, March 2 (Reuters) - The utilisation rate in France of COVID-19 vaccines made by AstraZeneca stood at 24% as of Feb. 28, an official with the French health ministry said on Tuesday, well below a target set at 80-85%

    This compares with 82% for vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech and 37% for those made by Moderna.
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    Very good news for Biontech; here in Germany the people don’t want the AZN vaccine, because of less effective than Pfizer/BTNX vaccine.
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    Biontech: New press release just now. Three Top news.

    "Booster Vaccination Study" "Administering a third dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine BNT162b2 will be part of the Phase 1/2/3 study"
    "six to twelve months after receiving the two-dose vaccine As part of the study, an additional third vaccination of 30 µg was administered. "

    This actually means that annual follow-up business with CoVid vaccine is planned.

    (2) "Use of an mRNA vaccine with a variable sequence; this would provide a flexible solution for the rapid adaptation of the vaccine in use against the B.1.351 line or other new strains"

    This means new mRNA-vaccines without full approval process.

    (3) "So far, in the in-vitro studies carried out and on the basis of data from practical application, the companies have not been able to observe any changes in the neutralizing antibody levels that indicate a significant reduction in protection with two doses of BNT162b2 "

    And this means that, in contrast to competitors (especially Astra and J&J), the vaccine of Biontech is still very effective for the currently known mutations.

    "...that future customized mRNA vaccines can be approved in a similar regulatory path as is currently the case for influenza vaccines. This procedure also complies with the updated FDA guidelines on the emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines and the recommendations contained therein for the evaluation of an adapted vaccine against variants. "

    “While we have no evidence that the circulating variants result in a loss of protection from our vaccine, we are taking various steps to take decisive action if a strain emerges that our vaccine does not adequately protect against. The booster vaccination study is essential to understand the safety of a third dose and immunity to strains currently in circulation, ”said Albert Bourla, chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer. "At the same time, we are making the right investments and holding the appropriate discussions with the regulatory authorities in order to be able to develop an adapted mRNA vaccine or booster if necessary and to apply for approval for it."

    “Our proactive clinical development strategy aims to lay the groundwork today to address tomorrow's challenges. We want to be prepared for different scenarios, ”said Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNTech. “That is why we are investigating an additional vaccination to boost it. We are also preparing to quickly adapt the vaccine to new variants that may not be adequately covered by the current mRNA-based vaccine. The flexibility of our proprietary mRNA vaccine technology enables us to technically develop booster vaccines within weeks if required. The regulatory procedure is already established for other infectious diseases such as the flu. We take these steps

    For me, Biontech leads the vaccine market and is a long position. With over 2 billion vaccine doses in 2021 and 3 billion vaccine doses in 2022, Biontech is already significantly undervalued. You also get the promising pipeline against flu, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, HIV and various cancer therapies as a "free gift". I particularly like the projects in the company presentation, the goals of which are not published. That means imagination for the future.

    (draft... details see press release...)
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    Folks.. any one knows when is the earnings for this one?
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    I see many retail owners here abandoning. Relative to its success and leading statistics in proven accomplishment BNTX share price has been puzzling. No 1 in actual proven data yet far from that in market recognition. With no scheduled tail winds until the Q4 report which the management is slow to confirm a date for, the share price drifts in the wind, influenced only by competitions PR. With every report of success the share price hangs unimpressed. I’m thinking it can drop further by month end. Still holding 3500 shares but wondering why the backward relationship between successful achievement and market recognition.
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    It looks like PFE/BNTX is now comfortable with its production target and the 15bln will be growing
    Brazil buying PFE/BNTX indicates that 1)it knows in needs vaccine and it know shere to go to get it
    2)It Gives PFE/BNTX instant market share where previously Brazil was relying on other low cost vaccines
    Note J&J looks like can only deliver 38mln - as it ramps up production.

    The Brazilian - government said it intended to buy 100 million doses from Pfizer and 38 million from Janssen, the pharmaceutical subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.
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    People who are selling BNTX at this price, making “BIG” mistake.