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    BioNTech told Bloomberg that it plans to manufacture other mRNA vaccines it is developing at the Marburg site, such as malaria, tuberculosis, and herpes, as well as ones it is working on with Pfizer, such as for the flu and shingles.
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    Can't stand folks celebrating more lock downs and mutation to raise the price of the stock. BioNtech is a great firm and has the expertise, Ideas and budget to come up with awesome products in the near future. I'm down in my Depot quite a bit but not worried at all. Let the pandemic be over and start seeing BioNtech raise and shine in new ways short sided people can't imagine today.
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    Green light for Paxlovid: Ema recommends approval for Pfizer's first Covid tablet.

    People haven't learned. The Corona pill does not replace vaccination.
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    Big big earing coming... Back to 400
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    Rallies across the board will be sold ahead of Fed rate hikes. Uphill climb between now and then for stocks with real profits.
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    BNTX is more than COVID, but needs results
    As an early investor of BNTX in 2020, I had a good run and then sold and stayed away from all COVID related stocks. I missed the big run from $200 to $400 plus. Congratulations to everyone who stayed. But, this sell off last few weeks is strange and unjustified IMHO. But everything is related to overall market conditions.

    If BNTX was only about COVID-19 vaccines my interest now is limited. But, with mRNA success This bio tech is intriguing. They have many other drugs in trial, especially for cancer. That is where my interest is. It however needs to prove in trials that mRNA and it’s other drugs work for cancer and other diseases. But, I am more focused on tech these days. But, in current market conditions, mostly sitting on cash. Watching today the fed and then TSLA Q4 results.

    Watching BNTX closely. Watching MRNA closely. CVAC messed up a great opportunity. VALN intriguing. NVAX never got anything right. BNTX and PFE along with MRNA are true winners.
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    I am curious: how much 10 year treasury interest is annually if I buy 150$ US treasury? Isn’t it 150* (1.79%)=2.68$ annually. So my return is 2.68$ annually on my 150$ investment in US treasury bonds, this is way below inflation rates which runs around 6% currently. Ok, how about if I store my cash, again I will lose 6% annually, give or take…. Now how much I will earn if I buy BNTx at 150$? I will earn anything between 30$ to 40$ in 2022 (say the average is 35$). This is much safer than cash and USA bond.
    What is expected earning for BnTX in 2023? Let’s say covid is endemic, but still at minimum we need some booster right? The worst case scenario is earning per 150$ investment will drop from 35$ to 3.5$ (this number is extremely low bit I like to make point here). Isn’t this still much better than cash and USA treasury investment? What is going on with investors? Sometimes it is too hard to see the obvious? ( I remember when BNtx vaccine was approved for emergency use back in early Nov in 2020 and the BNTx price was around 80$ And investors were not jumping on buying bntx. I was telling myself what the hell is wrong with investors. I was asking the same question I am asking today. What the hell is wrong with investors.
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    It's amazing how many people have zero understanding of valuation principles. Earnings and revenues are great and are the basis for valuations but equally important is the forward look - if the prospects for ongoing earnings and revenues are poor, then the valuation drops. That's what you've experienced in this stock for months now, and will continue to experience as the pandemic goes away.

    It's a COVID stock. They have no other products to sell at present.
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    Bailey Schulz, USA TODAY
    Thu, January 27, 2022, 7:58 AM
    If you're traveling outside mainland U.S. in 2022, you may want to consider a booster shot.

    A growing number of destinations are putting a cap on how long travelers can get by with a one- or two-dose vaccination series. Without the booster, vacationers could find themselves facing additional entry requirements, unable to access certain venues or denied entry entirely.

    Booster requirements are likely just picking up steam, with health experts expecting them to become more widespread as countries mull new ways to crack down on the spread of COVID-19.
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    In a day with a big market catalyst and bntx is up 5-6% pre market its always a good idea to lock in the profit and reduce the exposure risk.
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    UK makes the case for Boosters showing real world efficacy data against the variants -

    LONDON (Reuters) -COVID-19 boosters increase protection against death from the Omicron variant to 95% in people aged 50 or over, the UK Health Security Agency said on Thursday.

    The UKHSA said that around six months after a second dose of any of the COVID-19 vaccines, protection against death with Omicron was around 60% in those aged 50 and over. However, this increased to around 95% two weeks after receiving a booster vaccine dose.

    UKHSA added that data continued to show high levels of protection against hospitalisation from the booster. Effectiveness against hospitalisation was around 90% for the Pfizer-BioNTech shot, dropping to 75% 10-14 weeks after the booster.

    For Moderna, effectiveness against hospitalisation was 90-95% up to 9 weeks after the booster.

    "The evidence is clear – the vaccine helps to protect us all against the effects of COVID-19 and the booster is offering high levels of protection from hospitalisation and death in the most vulnerable members of our society," said Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at UKHSA.

    The UKHSA also issued an initial analysis of vaccine effectiveness against the Omicron sublineage called BA.2, which is growing in Britain and Denmark, finding a similar level of protection against symptomatic disease.

    "After two doses effectiveness was 9% and 13% respectively for BA.1 and BA.2, after 25+ weeks," the UKHSA said. "This increased to 63% for BA.1 and 70% for BA.2 from two weeks following a booster vaccine."
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    all indices are in red. It's not about our stocks or tablet phizer. it is only an excuse to spread fear
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    Now, covid will be endemic. Most will not miss an annual or what is required booster. The platform will expand to other vacs for other conditions. Cancer is the core for management and will become more of a revenue source. A new major drug company has hit the scene, in time there will be dividends.
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    Glad to be in Biontech rather than Nvax now.Half the volatility for one.
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    It is now confirmed. Omicron BA.2 will replace omicron BA.1 because it is 50% more contagious. The peak level of hospitalization that was initially estimated to occur in Mid February due to omicron BA.1 in USA now will be delayed into perhaps Mid March or later due to omicron.
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    The card deck is stacked in our favour unfortunately Covid-19 is mutations are accelerating at a rate that has never been seen in human history!
    BioNTechs revenue for the next 20 years is guaranteed as Covid-19 is Forever!
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    Are you more comfortable in investing in bntx now or may of 2021?
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    BioNTech and Google invest in AI biotech company's $100M round.
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    BioNTech to increase staff by 50% at German manufacturing plant - Bloomberg
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    Biontech doubles the workforce at the Marburg plant adding another 375 medical staff to that location .
    I believe they know something that we don’t know ….
    I go with my guts and say …. Buy it . Don’t trade it .