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BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust (BPT)

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  • When does trust end?
  • I also received an alert for $BPT from http://jcharlesassets.com/opiant-pharmaceuticals/?s=BPT , any ideas? Investing day trading. "hhse"

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  • People are buying for one reason only. They hate Guy and want to prevent him from making any $$ on his puts. I can think of no other reason. I suppose manipulation is possible, as mentioned by Rod.
  • They all hate me? Sounds like nothing has changed since high school! Except then, most folks ignored me instead of hating me. Oh well. My life is quite tragic.
    So far, puts on BPT have overall been profitable for me, although not not immensely. It's hard for me to see manipulation on BPT one way or the other--there is just a major difference of opinion on its future which will get sorted one way or another over the next 18 months. Most of the time, I have no position on BPT because the time costs of both options and shorting are high. If the market there were more like other stocks, I would own LEAP puts to March 2018 or so.
  • BPT is a contrarians' bet (gamble) on higher, much higher WTI. These are the majority of the current buyers and holders. In minority are those such as me who have bought long ago bellow $10 and have for many, many years reaped the benefits of a generous yield and are in essence playing with the house money by casino talk. They are complimented by div chasers and clueless "investors". That's how I see it and again: NOBODY can predict the price of WTI a year from now; the bears are ruling at the moment but for how long?
  • The next few days are interesting times. BPT goes ex-dividend on July 12, at 83 cents (4 cents less than I predicted, since I always give BPT the benefit of the doubt and assume 90,000 barrels / day production). The stock rose today. Will it rise tomorrow and Wednesday as dividend chasers swarm in, chasing that 15% annualized yield? and what after? Will folks head for exits en masse after getting on the payout list and cause the share price to tank? Or will they show faith in BPT long term and hold steadfastly to their shares? Belief in BPT's future is a belief that there will be a major rise in the WTI and soon. Consider: at tonight's WTI of 44.57, the October 2017 and January 2018 dividend will be a much lower 64 cents. Total dividends for 2018 will be $1.22, for a TOTAL future payout of $2.50 on a $21 stock. I do not know how BPT shareholders will react to the current situation and analyze the future. But full disclosure: I have a few in the money puts.
  • Hard to Borrow fee on BPT validates the virtual longterm worthlessness of the Trust...while, on the other hand, demonstrating the "stacked deck" by banks/lenders against legitimate short selling (current HTB: over 200% !??)
  • To all of those who ask why should one buy BPT: it is a listed stock on NYSE and a market for it exists daily of buyers and sellers of opposite views based upon existing available info, and of course wishful thinking, period.
  • 15.8% annualized dividend @ $0.8329 2nd quarter. Better than expected.
  • $0.8329/unit or 15% annualized, not too bad?
  • when's the dividend being announced?
  • There is less interest in this stock now than before the last distribution. I still think that the dividend chasers, or sophisticated opportunists will show up right before the distribution.
  • If 70 cent distribution = 13% on $21.50 price
  • Oil up sharply on 7/3/17
  • going up
  • For each of the last 4 distributions, there has been a strong run up in price, starting no later than the last week of the quarter. It will be very interesting to see if this trend continues. It may have started Friday, but...need a few more days like that.
  • If I knew that the price was going down, how come the superconglomerates didn't, unless they wanted it.
  • Someone has been borrowing my BPT stock for the last two months under the Charles Schwab stock borrowing program. The prorated interest got up to as high as 47% and two weeks ago it was dropped to 43%. Someone is desperate to get borrowed stock at this very high rate so the borrower can short the BPT and cash in on a lower price. To get the price down there will be a negative announcement that will cause the stock to make a significant drop, whether it is true or not. I think my borrowed stock will be returned after a big drop in price. I have held BPT for many years and we have been through this before. Does anyone have any idea who is borrowing the stock and what they will do to drive the price down? I would appreciate an educated answer to this problem.
  • The hf HITE announced conf call for BPT

    Conference call details: Monday, June 12, at 11:00 am EDT. Dial in: 1 857-444-0744 Password: 182550.
  • I don't get why when OPEC and Russia say that the oil inventory is rebalancing the market reacts. It makes as much sense, as BPT dropping when an article comes out with last year's 10 k quoted. At least BPT investors have caught on to this. I just don't get the creditabilty that anyone gives to those two.