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Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRKA.VI)

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  • H
    More trading mistakes. Left a lot of money on the table with Wells Fargo. What are they doing with MRK? Sold off 4.5 million shares? They are trading too much.
  • R
    Berkshire has been selling more than buying. What do you guys think about these moves? Are we preparing for a bigger dip or whats the deal with the huge cash pile?
  • 1
    I don’t understand the short-term churn that has been going on in the portfolio. I get buying into AON. Higher interest rates and inflation are good for insurance companies as it increases margins and devalues the insurance underwritten.
  • J
    JAD Reality Check
    Jad: What happened with the divvy?
  • o
    I just went through the numbers on first quarter. I use operating of $7 B X 4 qtr to get $28 B. Look through earnings of $5 B to give $33 B. Divided by shares I get around $14.50 earnings run rate X whatever PE you want to pay. About 15 is my max so around $220. With low rates you could pay PE of $20 and that gives you about $290. I guess current book value = about 1.46. I think long term average is just over 1.3 So to me it's a little extended here.
  • N
    Berkshire is loading up on ONE stock: Berkshire. It’s a new Elephant every quarter. It’s a massive new, ongoing stock buy, it’s better than much of what it owns.
  • n
    New position in AON.
  • W
    It is soothing being a $BRK shareholder. On days where the price drops, we’re increasing our long term value due to steady buybacks. Win-win
  • A
    As a previous longtime holder of BRK.B since 2010, it is good to get back into this great value stock again.
  • M
    With those 150 bll, BRK could buy a small country in Africa, and with bolt on acquisitions of other nations, in 10-15 years they could own a good piece of the continent....
  • M
    "Earnings that are paid out to the shareholders are called dividends, earnings that are not paid out are retained and are at risk"
  • S
    Scott Leonhard
    Is this Stock really trading at 6 times earnings? Seems like a very cheap price to pay!
  • K
    BRK-A since IPO 19.45% Performance every year.

    Thank you very much to Warrant Buffet and Charlie Munger and his team.
  • e
    I own VIAC so I realized I am biased. Feel that is the perfect BRKA stock. 2.5 percent dividend, 8.9 PE. Undervalued in an expensive market because Archegos fiasco. Anyone has other ideas of undervalued stocks with a good dividend? Liking the buy backs but getting concerned about the price at these levels. We have a ton of cash (nice problem) to deploy.
  • C
    Nasdaq outperform BRK in the long run for sure, just avoid something like Tesla
  • J
    Can someone please explain the disparity in reported EPS numbers to me? The recent 10-Q lists EPS of 5.09 while yahoo shows 3.05. I have searched and found press releases touting the higher number while most finance sites like zack's, cnbc, etc. list the lower. Please enlighten me if you know. Thanks!
  • K
    Brk.A, B … Uncle Buffet said that he authorized to spend $70 -$80 billion on share repurchases. I think he foresee the market price will drop substantially which greatly help him buy more shares with same amount of spend. EXCELLENT CAPITAL ALLOCATION IN THIS INEFFICIENT, MOMENTUM MARKET. Added more shares
  • V
    Voice of HC
    Berkshire BOOMED during the tech and market collapse of 2000. It rocketed!
  • J
    Nasir’s thought was right but his math was off. BRK/b was close to $4,000a share in 2009, not $50. I bought 3 at around $4,300 in 2008 and another 2 in 2010 for around $3,600. These 5 became 250 with the reverse split in 2010 at an average of around $80 per share. I still have them. Buy and hold usually works when you buy a good company in a good country like ours.
  • J
    I don't think they have stopped buying back shares here. When money is pouring in so fast, and the option is adding to 150B bank account at zero interest, it still works to keep buying shares.