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BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. (BRTX)

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  • Y
    All share holders: Don’t agree to reverse split. It will make us to lose shares and money.
  • j
    jay berwanger
    I received that correspondence from E Trade as well. Every time there has been a reverse stock split it turns about to be horrible. I don't know what to do.
  • C
    How are you guys and gals voting on the reverse split? The one positive would be to reduce the number of common stock shares. Any input is appreciate.
  • k
    This pumped because of a news leak about funding. I expect .10-.20 by Oct 1. Great time to buy.
  • A
    Don’t agree to reverse split we will lose shares and money
  • C
    Chris David N
    There is no pump here. You cannot call this action a pump when any ticker has fallen to rock bottom. it is simply beginning to return to its true value. DPLS is a PUMP, BRTX is not a pump at all.
  • l
    With the events of the Proxy 14A filing that dropped AH on Friday, On Twitter @MichiganTrader2 made (1) 4 part post and another (1) 3 part post explaining the reasoning and he is someone that is fully in tune how business works and had shed a lot of light on the subject matter.

    1/4 $BRTX Shocker, I know, right? Micro cap biotech company might need or want to do R/M in the future. Sorry, this is NOT news, common sense tells you that for higher exchange listing they may need to do this. It is NOT imminent, and is NOT done to wash out current holders.

    2/4 $BRTX OTC tickers wash out current holders so they won't sell into PR driven rallies thus killing off dilution attempts. BRTX has made it clear they already have additional financing lined up, so this is not to raise capitol but is rather strategic.

    3/4 $BRTX CEO
    Is not your typical OTC CEO interested in P&D. W/ 20 years in healthcare investment banking and experience with ortho/spine disorder sector he saw an opportunity in BRTX, liking in part that their technology was feasible w/good Phase I results.

    4/4 $BRTX So while there is still significant risk in any OTC biotech play, the issues holders are being asked to vote on are immaterial to risk other than saving 250K/yr in expenses, thus reducing the "bleed rate" any biotech is vulnerable to. And good strategy. I rest my case.


    1/3 $BRTX Another "need to chill" tweet ... CEO is doing is giving S/H a choice here. Delaware has a crazy tax based on the spread of O/S to A/S which costs them 200G+ year. He's saying "let me kill this by reincorporating in NV" OR I might have to R/S to reduce this cost.

    2/3 $BRTX So given I know prolly people that own 1/8th to 1/4 the OS, all long-term patient people, AND there is no sane choice but vote YES on reincorporating. it will pass easily. Which takes any immediate concern about R/S off the table 100%.

    3/3 $BRTX Finally, as to the future,
    has ALWAYS made it clear that he would R/S to uplist to attract the whales to take shares off your hands, after further developing the company and pipeline. So don't let anyone trash talk here. Much more to come down the pike.


    $BRTX Last one ... so the calculation as a S/H is "do I keep my shares given CEO wants to save $200G+/year?" OR "sell when NOTHING has changed other than having a say in this decision?" Literally nothing has changed other than saving money for the company ....
  • d
    Finally reached a bottom. Keep accumulating and averaging down.
  • b
    Oh they're moving to save 200k a year.... As they unload billions of shares up until the reverse split , then a rinse and repeat. boom we have funding for phase 2. Congrats to all you longs that held through. LOL
  • S
    I suppose the alternative to a reverse split is the company going belly up. Can a knowledgable person weigh in on the way to vote that benefits both the company and shareholders?
  • b
    He has been saying the same thing for almost a year now and we're still under .02 LMAO
    You can be optimistic but flat out lying to people day in and day out. When are people gonna learn not to listen to pumpers like david/redman/judy/wolfofotc/jagged and many more on twitter.
    "david14 hours ago
    Agree- we are going over 2 cents easily on no news. The bash down was all false and the oversell here manipulated on top of now worn out creditors. The 3 day chart is accumulation of very focused investing. Get in now. BRTX LONG"
  • C
    C Nickell
    Lance flipped his shares to warrants. Something huge is coming. BRTX and CELZ are going to resolve chronic back issues without pharm. I follow both very closely, great CEO’s, great lead scientists, both are going to be big money makers very soon.
  • D
    .. why the 32% spike ??
  • d
    Not expecting BRTX to be under one penny much longer. Truly do not.
  • Z
    Where's David?!?!?!?!
  • j
    I see David Redman007 is back spamming and pumping
  • T
    Video released, $BRTX. Must see...
    BRTX Official Video
  • d
    Phase 2 coming. Boom 💥
  • j
    Let’s just say the guys that were pumping this stock ( David etc)
    Karma has a long memory
  • d
    Let’s do it Lance. Phase 2 financing deal before July 4th fireworks.
    That will be so 🇺🇸righteous.