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CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in CAD
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76,905.79+1,260.23 (+1.67%)
As of 1:35PM BST. Market open.
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  • C
    If you’re new to Bitcoin, heed this warning:

    - Bitcoin going up is fun
    - There will be price crashes
    - There can be nasty crashes
    - Sometimes 30% in days
    - Buy what you’re ok losing
    - Hold through the volatility
    - Don’t try day trading
    - Be patient & breathe
  • A
    Good morning Bitcoin nation. As many of us knew, the day has come, Bitcoin ETF futures are here and just the start for new and brighter opportunities ahead. Be thankful for your early decision to invest in Bitcoin. The SEC appears to be on a path to regulating Bitcoin which will lead to ETFs that are tied to owning Bitcoin. This is a most remarkable day. Since 2013 when Bitcoin achieved its $100 milestone to today, we are seeing something that is unlike any investment opportunity in the history of the planet. And best of all, for any new investor with a modest expectation on ROI, it is still very early when anyone considers there is a strong likely hood of Bitcoin achieving almost 20x growth from where it was just one month ago. .
  • V
    This is wild stuff. I think at 65K I will cash in my original investment dollars and let the profit ride.
  • l
    Bitcoin is not planning to add more coins. 21 million is the limit. Deal with it.
  • T
    November and December tend to be when alts really start moving. Right now we are seeing positive Bitcoin price action while alts are neutral or in the red. But we can have both. Last year Bitcoin did a 3x in Q4 2020 while Eth 'only' did a 2x. That will probably be the case soon as alts are beginning to recover and then outpacing BTC starting end of November.
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    BITO pre market open set at $40. Let's see how the futures roll at the open. GLTA! This is an exciting time to be in Bitcoin.
  • F
    Bitcoin ETF Opens for Business in the U.S. Today. ProShares says its ETF will be known by the ticker BITO, and will make its debut on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • R
    Baggies say that these imaginary software numbers are limited to 21 million and can never under any circumstance increase. Does anyone have the number to the Investor Relations department so I can confirm this?
  • D
    Bitcoin trends see ‘no signs of slowing down’: Grayscale CEO
  • D
    * XLM the MACD weekly passes in the + (0.00) now after 5 months will explode.
  • P
    My goodness it feels good to be right about bitcoin again today. Every day the bitcoin hodlers are right! Right as rain
  • M
    Isn’t the etf bad for Bitcoin? The idea of “investing in” Bitcoin without doing it will make some holders to divert to the etf
  • j
    Tim said at $31,000 the whales will not let Bit coin breakout because of geopolitical tension in the world that could reduce internet access
    Good night from Southampton NY
  • j
    The same Bashers were bashing my TSLA at $300, 3 years ago. Now TSLA is $4400 (5:1 split) My TSLA broke $3 million today
  • A
    Too many people don't understand currency .. which Cryptos ARE NOT

    Currencies are not printed out of thin air, they are borrowed into existence from governments AT interest and has to someday be paid back. SO all the USD out their, the Fed can make them disappeared by increasing rates or changing M2. Unlike Bitcoin, it has tangible value (the debt that one day has to be paid).

    Bitcoin on the other hand is only worth what someone is willing to pay for. It has no tangible value. Its true value is zero and no one needs Bitcoin or any other cryptos.

    Bitcoin is not a currency or a coin ... its a Ponzi Scheme...

    Let that sink in!
  • l
    Bitcoin is open on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • G
    Jim creamer said today would be the last day Bitcoin goes up
  • E
    The ETF is for futures only, it will not effect the Price of the Worthless Virtual Dust. In order for the Scam Coin to go up you have to actually buy The Scam Coins.
  • J
    Wow it seems that if I buy this I will make unlimited gains forever, there’s no risk at all folks- everyone gets free money forever and ever and ever
  • B
    No Large Company would ever accept virtual dust as a payment for goods and services.