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    Hey guys. You all remember when 10k was psychological resistance as 12k is now. Not saying this is the time finally. But just a reminder. Apparently it wasn't ever supposed to pass 10k... Nor was it supposed to pass a grand.. Can it pass 12?
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    Chime in here... If the US fed creates a digital dollar, is that good or bad for bitcoin? On 1 hand it certainly would legitimize the value of crypto, but on the other hand, seems like that would be an end to the whole bitcoin as a viable currency dream. Clearly a new fed digital currency would be far superior to bitcoin's antiquated technology but centralized. Interesting development.
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    Troll Destroyer
    A centralized global monetary system hasn't worked in the past, isn't working presently and won't work in the future. Bitcoin may be the answer to keep governments and central banks from stealing your wealth by injecting massive amounts of fiat currency into the system.
  • a
    Global Bitcoin shortage currently underway. Massive buying pressure while coins continue being drained from exchanges. $20,000 BTC coming sooner than most people realize.
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    Scot Kinder
    how can you buy bitcoin
  • K
    You really think that governments will allow bitcoins😂

    This is such a scam. Never fight the fed.

    One click and your bitcoins will be vaporised or made illegal.

    If a depression or war hit, good luck getting online to the www.

    Yes, the future will be crypto.....
    Fed coin. Not bitcoin.
    Perhaps backed by precious metals, perhaps not.

    Fact is, that this is a big scam regime and you will find out soon.

    The elite will soon meet and discuss a new monetary system and rumors has it, that they plan on making bitcoin and other non government coins, very very impractical and worthless.
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    New crypto investor here. From what I gather, at this point, bitcoin is too heavily correlated with DJI to be a real hedge if another stock market crash happens in 3-6 months. When that crash happens (because it’s coming) will bitcoin crash with it throwing out the window all the pseudo-logic of much of the crypto world? Will a crash be the catalyst needed for businesses to pour capital into the asset to escape the sinking ship of the fiat economy? Thoughts welcome, not looking to be lambasted. Thanks.
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    Troll Destroyer
    Over 6.7 billion USD worth of bitcoin is held by PUBLICLY traded companies. This is just the beginning, the domino effect has commenced. 2021 will be a historic year for bitcoin and crypto, the flood gates have opened.
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    Thinking out loud again: why would Square want $50 million in bitcoin? As an investment is plausible, but I think not the true answer.

    Square does a lot of card processing in multiple countries, using the local currency. So they must move a lot of money around. The average retail rate for currency exchange is around 1%, so I assume they pay something, at least in a portion of the countries they do business in. And at some point it would be cheaper to move money from one currency to another using a cryptocurrency. These money movements don't require speed so the slower processing speed for bitcoin is not an issue.

    In addition to lower fees, there is another benefit to using bitcoin: fluctuation. An old rule in business is collect early, pay late. The point of that rule is to be able to take advantage of the money while you are holding it to eek out another fraction of a percent to help the bottom line. Taking that one step further with bitcoin, it's possible that Square has identified the data points needed for a computer model to predict short term movements with a better than 50% accuracy rate. So they could use the fluctuation to eek out another fraction of a percentage point at the cost of the recipient (retailer) in settling transactions.
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    Yahoo deleted its own Fed looking at digital dollar link... hahha.
  • M
    In 2020, Public companies purchased almost 600,000 BTC (+$ 6 billion) 🚀🚀🚀

  • r
    whats the obsession with bashing an investment?? sounds like a lonely life
  • O
    12k inevitable, 20k inevitable, 100k inevitable, 1,000,000 inevitable......MATH doesn’t lie.
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    Satoshi - Me rike the rovery price.
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    Divergent path from the market today, good sign, it's going to have to split with the market to move up.
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    Yahoo had to contract out the ticker repairs.. he's heading in right now.
  • D
    BTC is going to $15K soon...MARA & RIOT are the two stocks to own for the ride!
  • s
    The numbers they don't want you to see. $20,000 to $11,400..........ouch
    50% decline
    Real Estate and Stock Markets near ALL TIME HIGHS.
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    Lisa for Trump
    why purchase a stock if we don't even know who the founder is?