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  • Bitcoin Rally Cools as Fed's Powell Warns of 'Significant' Risks
    Investing.com3 hours ago

    Bitcoin Rally Cools as Fed's Powell Warns of 'Significant' Risks – Bitcoin reversed course Wednesday, as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned of "significant" investor risks of owning the popular crypto.

  • Coindesk5 hours ago

    Bitcoin Trading Volume Is Up 100% From Its Recent Low

    Bulls are back with a vengeance as shown by a 100 percent increase in trading volume from just four days ago.

  • Barry Silbert says bitcoin put in its 2018 low, but 99% of cryptos are worthless
    MarketWatch5 hours ago

    Barry Silbert says bitcoin put in its 2018 low, but 99% of cryptos are worthless

    Barry Silbert, the chief executive officer of the Digital Currency Group, on Wednesday said that while he was extremely optimistic about the long-term prospects of bitcoin, as well as the broader cryptocurrency industry, a huge amount of new entrants seemed headed for zero.

  • Hedge-fund manager Marc Lasry says $40,000 bitcoin is achievable
    MarketWatch5 hours ago

    Hedge-fund manager Marc Lasry says $40,000 bitcoin is achievable

    Bitcoin is in rally mode, apparently. After months in the doldrums, the No. 1 digital currency extends its gains on Wednesday after following a sharp run-up in the previous session.

  • Investopedia7 hours ago

    BlackRock Bitcoin Interest Could Set Off Bull Run

    Earlier this week, international asset management firm BlackRock Inc. indicated a shift in their stance on digital currencies and bitcoin (BTC) futures. THe U.S.-based firm, which houses the 10th-largest hedge fund in the world, highlighted a change in the views of CEO Larry Fink, according to Crypto Daily. Fink, who previously believed that digital currencies like BTC were simply speculative and best left as an asset for criminals and those interest in money laundering, has since appeared to have left the door open to the possibility that his company might get involved in the space.

  • Investopedia7 hours ago

    Could Amazon Be Gearing Up to Accept Bitcoin?

    Of all of the mainstream companies, Inc. ( AMZN) has perhaps seen the most speculation about its potential foray into the cryptocurrency space. It's possible that the reason for all of the hype is that, given Amazon's size, growth and influence over businesses across many different sectors, it could quickly and powerfully sway the digital currency game should it ever get involved. Now, yet another rumor has begun to circulate: Will Amazon accept bitcoin payments in the near future?

  • Market Exclusive8 hours ago

    Cryptocurrency News Roundup July 18

    The price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have in the last 24 hours risen by between 5% to 10% with bitcoin surpassing the $7400 mark. This positive change follows the recent wave of good news regarding the digital industry. Bitcoin in particular (BTC-USD) has had a massive move up, gaining about $600 in just one hour. […] The post Cryptocurrency News Roundup July 18 appeared first on Market Exclusive.

  • Investopedia8 hours ago

    Bitcoin Blockchain Stopped Producing Blocks for Hour, Price Climbed 4%

    Unsurprisingly, with the production of blocks slowed down, the mempool--the "memory pool" of bitcoin transactions that have been verified by nodes on the network but which are waiting to be picked up and included in subsequent blocks--grew substantially. The mempools of the BTC blockchain were reportedly blocked up with close to 18,000 transactions around the time of the blockage. The backlog of transactions to be added to blocks happened to coincide with a sharp increase in the price of BTC.

  • Investopedia8 hours ago

    CFA Institute To Add Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain To Its Curriculum

    The CFA Institute, which offers a certification of expertise in finance, is adding blockchain and cryptocurrencies to its curriculum next year. According to a Bloomberg report, the Institute plans to release material for the new topics in August this year. Reading about blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be included in a topic called Fintech in Investment Management.

  • Investopedia8 hours ago

    Mastercard to Speed up Crypto Payments

    Cryptocurrencies have long been at a disadvantage to traditional fiat currencies when it comes to payment processing times. Indeed, some analysts believe that it is the discrepancy in payment processing which has so far prevented digital currencies from truly breaking into the mainstream. Now, Mastercard ( MA) has won a patent in the U.S. for a new method of speeding up digital currency payments.

  • MarketWatch10 hours ago

    Fed's Powell says cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value

    MARKET PULSE Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that digital currencies, like bitcoin, have "no intrinsic value" and are only good if you are trying to hide or launder money. Speaking in front of the House Financial Services Committee, Powell said that oversight of the digital currency market was not the role of the Fed but more a "consumer protection issue.

  • Bitcoin Surges; Mastercard Tries to Speed Up Crypto Payments
    Investing.com11 hours ago

    Bitcoin Surges; Mastercard Tries to Speed Up Crypto Payments

    Bitcoin was trading at $7,459.70, rising 10.16% on the Bitfinex exchange, as of 8:55 AM ET (12:55 GMT).

  • Coindesk15 hours ago

    Bitcoin Exchange Paxful Reveals Plan to Reach Venezuela's Unbanked

    Paxful says business is surging in developing nations, where mobile phones are abundant and cheap, but access to exchange platforms remains scarce.

  • Brutal bear market for bitcoin doesn’t stop record inflows to this digital asset firm
    MarketWatch15 hours ago

    Brutal bear market for bitcoin doesn’t stop record inflows to this digital asset firm

    Despite an ugly first half of the year for digital currencies, which saw the value of all cryptocurrencies fall by more than $300 billion, investors looking for exposure to the nascent technology has not waned, according to one digital asset management firm.

  • Coindesk16 hours ago

    Bitcoin Price Risks Pullback Before Testing $8K Again

    Bitcoin could witness a minor technical correction before rising to the $8,000 mark.

  • Bitcoin surges 10%, blows through $7,000 level
    MarketWatch15 hours ago

    Bitcoin surges 10%, blows through $7,000 level

    Bitcoin prices surged higher Tuesday afternoon as the virtual unit extended the previous session’s sharp rally.

  • Investopedia17 hours ago

    Governance: Blockchain Tech's Greatest Problem

    On paper, blockchain technology seems to be ironclad. This aspect of blockchain, whose responsibility lies with the founders and developers of any particular project or network, is perhaps the greatest predictor of a particular chain's success or failure. One of the first projects to bring the idea of blockchain governance to light was dash, according to a report by

  • Investopedia17 hours ago

    Could a Crypto 'Purge' Strengthen the Industry?

    Despite countless "expert" opinions suggesting that bitcoin (BTYC), ethereum or any of a number of other prominent digital currencies will shoot up into unexplored price territory in the near future, as of yet the signs do not point to those predictions being realized. Bitcoin continues to hover in the $6,000 to $7,000 range, with analysts expressing optimism or shock in turn when it moves up or down. Clem Chambers, the CEO of investment website and author of multiple investment books, believes that bitcoin is a logarithmic asset.

  • Investopedia17 hours ago

    CFA Exam to Get a Crypto Section in 2019

    The CFA Institute, which conducts the three-level exam, is about to add topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain as examinable material in August 2019, reports Bloomberg. Known as one of the toughest exams, where less than 50% of the applicants qualify the (easiest) first level, the cryptocurrencies- and blockchain-related topics will be added to its first- and second-level curriculums starting next year. The necessary study material will be released by August this year and will be a part of the segment called “Fintech in Investment Management.” Other topics in the module include coverage of machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and automated trading. Additional cryptocurrency topics such as the intersection of virtual tokens and the real-world economics, may get added to the curriculum in due course of time.

  • Crypto Prices Continue to Rise; Bitcoin Pushes Past $7,000 Level
    Investing.com20 hours ago

    Crypto Prices Continue to Rise; Bitcoin Pushes Past $7,000 Level – Cryptocurrencies prices extended their gains on Wednesday, with Bitcoin pushed past the $7,000 price level for the first time since June.

  • Coindeskyesterday

    3 Signs Bitcoin's Move Above $7K Might Just Hold

    Bitcoin is on the rebound entering Wednesday, and three trading indicators suggest the charts are changing in the crypto asset's favor.

  • Investing.comyesterday

    Bitcoin Bulls Return to Trigger Rally Above $7,000 – Bitcoin surged Tuesday, rising above $7,000 for the first time in more than a month amid renewed demand for cryptos.