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  • BTI/RAI have had decent corrections this week. In the low 70's, it's time to start nibbling.
  • Too late to get in? Or does this have more upside? Thanks
  • BTI is up over $1 premarket. Does anybody know why?
  • Hi all !! Can anyone advise whether BTI dividends are qualified or unqualified. I own RAI and will benefit from the merger. But need to know for obvious tax purposes. My google search was unsuccessful. Can anyone advise or help ? Many thanks in advance.
  • Will BTI increase the cash offer?
  • Jack...Stupid question by a stupid moron! Think little buddy before you post.
  • Will the real Jim please stand up.....The non professional one knows Jack &&Sh&&IT.....lol
  • Jim,

    Give the board an overview on your equity strategy going forward.
    In addition based on your perceived negative view of RAI/BTI merger do you intend to cover your short positions prior to the new post merged BAT in Q2'17.
  • IMBBY sees large gains from FX in H1/17. Expect BTI to see similar gains.

    @@@The maker of Winston, Gauloises and other cigarette brands said revenue and earnings per share were expected to be up strongly for the six months ending March 31, driven by a 13 to 14 percentage point benefit from currency translation.


    Imperial Brands sticks to full-year guidance, forex gains help | 4-Traders
    Imperial Brands , the world's fourth-biggest tobacco company, repeated its full-year forecast on Thursday, saying first-half performance was on track to meet expectations, helped by foreign... | mars 30, 2017
  • Jon....Are you a buyer at this price. I'm concerned as I will receive a number of shares at the buyout. BTI will also be carrying considerable debt..Jim
  • I believe that their are two Jim's commenting on this board. I am a professional investor. I prefer to talk real stock info and opinions not this other non-sense. So let's know who we r talking about and to who we are addressing. Thank you.
  • Jon boy,
    I am not negative on the RAI/BTI merger. I very pleased with the buyout. However I would like you to look at the debt that BTI will be carrying going forward.
  • OK. Jon you douch bag. I'm trying to hold real conversations here not personal attacks all the time. I guess there's a reason your name is Jon, cause your full of SH$&. Right little buddy.
  • Ex dividend on Wednesday new rate: $1.477 USD.
  • Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll meet them http://dataunion.tistory.com/13551

    British American Tobacco plc LONDON $LON_BATS Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks 1,000 Day Parameter 3,214 LONDON Stocks Price Correlation Histogram Type Description 1. Zero Correlation Histogram - The stock pair is concentrated in the correlation coefficie
  • now that BTI has split to 63dollars a share, how do the number look at the buy out?
  • If i have 25 shares in BTI will I have 50 now? School Project)
  • Is BTI undervalued? Certainly looks that way given the eps growth this year of 38.20%. This sort of setup means potential upside... check out awesome-STOCKS, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • Is the stock splitted 2:1?
  • Did I miss the stock split?