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Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (BW)

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    I like the future of this company, and the setup is perfect. I'm going long here
  • M
    A long term gem 💎 for the Roth IRA
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    Happily invested in this stock when it was under $6. Great long term investment.
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    Ken Young BW president make 3m with Briley. They are all one BW and RILEY.
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    Good conference call. Looks like they are ready to make an acquisition or two. Ken Young very positive on the call. Cash flow is the new B&W
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    Why down today?
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    Hi guys this is from seeking Alpha right now,

    Babcock & Wilcox - Turning Around And Repositioning As Provider Of Clean Energy Solutions - Buy With Both Hands
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    Kinda feels like they have an target to buy in their sights for some increased cash flow. Riley sitting with the bank and we are in a good position. Nice release today. Turn around in the making plus the group in favor.
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    15 by December?
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    What are they going to do with all of the money they are raising? I would think they have a target in mind and Riley knows what they are doing. We shall see soon enough.
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    How many public offerings they gonna do? 🤣 This stocks still a beast.
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    This news reduces are intrest payments and BRily digs in deeper.
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    They entered into a credit agreement with a March 25th deadline.

    On March 15, 2019, Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (“we”, “our” or the "Company") entered into a limited waiver (the “Limited Waiver”) to our
    existing credit agreement (as amended, the “Credit Agreement”) with Bank of America, N.A., as administrative agent and lender, and the other lenders party
    thereto. The Limited Waiver waives our compliance with covenants in the Credit Agreement (1) requiring that we maintain a minimum liquidity amount of $40.0
    million as a condition to borrowing both at the time of any credit extension request and on the proposed date of the credit extension (as defined in the Credit
    Agreement), provided that we must maintain a minimum liquidity amount of $35.0 million as a condition to borrowing both at the time of any credit extension
    request and on the proposed date of the credit extension, (2) requiring that we maintain the specified consolidated interest coverage and senior leverage coverage
    ratios contained in the Credit Agreement, (3) specifying certain contract completion milestones that we are required to meet in connection with one renewable
    energy project, (4) limiting the amount of certain net losses permitted in connection with renewable energy projects, (5) requiring our independent registered
    public accounting firm certify our consolidated financial statements without a going concern qualification and (6) requiring the delivery of certain compliance
    certificates. The Limited Waiver also waives certain events of default related to development projects in our Renewables segment. The Limited Waiver will
    terminate at 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on March 25, 2019 unless earlier terminated upon the occurrence of, among other things, an event of default under
    the Credit Agreement, our payment of certain fees in connection with one renewable energy project or our failure to maintain a minimum liquidity amount of
    $35.0 million as a condition to borrowing both at the time of any credit extension request and on the proposed date of the credit extension.
    Certain of the lenders, as well as certain of their respective affiliates, have performed and may in the future perform for the Company and its
    subsidiaries, various commercial banking, investment banking, lending, underwriting, trust services, financial advisory and other financial services, for which
    they have received and may in the future receive customary fees and expenses.
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    BW looking much better with completing 3 of 4 troubled European projects and now being on the revenue phase with 15 yr operations contracts. And new management has projected $100 Million EBITDA - stock hanging low on small volume will not linger too long while the projected EBITDA (cash flow) looks like supporting price over $3. When new management reports progress on their capital restructure and cost reduction this should pop. Waiting until then to buy will miss best profit opportunity. No bad reports on project completions now for several months - looking good.
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    B&W Announces New Financing Agreement; Settlements Reached on Remaining European Vølund Loss Contracts

    April 05, 2019

    Back to Press Releases

    Company now positioned to return to profitability by unlocking the value of its core businesses

    Agreement provides a $150 million term loan and additional $15 million incremental facility

    Settlements significantly reduce and limit risks and obligations on European Vølund loss contracts

    Investor call and webcast set for April 8, 2019
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    Last time BW had a profitable year was 2016 when the share price was around $200 adjusted a all splits. Now they had 2019 year as profitable. I think we see a strong comeback to the levels of 2016.
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    The new CEO original announcement was $100 million target EBITDA. The 8K report on compensation target is only one-third $33 million. The CEO and CFO already awarded big bonus $2 million for CEO. There is no explanation related to the prior incentive target of $2.25 EPS base on then-current shares (BEFORE the reverse split dilution coming soon). That $2.25 EPS target appears to disappeared in favor of a low EBIDTA $33 million. Not sure what this means other than BRiley is set to make big $ if BW does well. That is a reason to consider the rights with or without that being a conflict of interest with BRiley managing the company and the incentive awards. Time will tell if that incentive is enough to also help other shareholders.
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    About $90M to get our from Volund contracts 2 and 5. I highlighted this issue before, where will that money come from? It's quite a bit more money than I expected. That money is due in two days. That's not enough time to put together a rights offering. It's more debt that will likely be coming from B Riley.
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    Average volume is under a million, now the volume is up to 2 million today, the company brings in over half a billion per year, clean energy play, they just got 2 different government contracts that will add almost 20 million more to their crazy good revenue, and a low market cap of around 300 million. I don’t care if this thing drops to $6.00, I will hold like a boss. This will be a runner real soon...

    Best undiscovered undervalued clean energy play on the market right now. Even PLUG at over $70 per share can’t compete with their revenues...

    BW gonna go crazy soon...