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The Blackstone Group L.P. (BX)

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  • I am now destitute and have to move in with a good friend. I lost everything! I took Yahoo Spreader's advice and put everything into the 10:30 drop that was predicted... Now everything is gone and I am left to living in a basement in Park city Utah! All I have left is my skiis and mountain bike... Whoa is me... Yahoo Spreader seemed so sure that the 10:30 shorts would hit, I shorted then. 😀
  • I convinced my friend that Yahoo Shredder was right about 12:30 and he played a short with all his money, now we are both destitute and forced to live in the back room of a brewery in Part City Utah with our mountain bikes and our skiis... Woe is us😀
  • Basic math and rabbit talk ...

    SGMS ... not in World class portfolio in December
    SGMS up 181% over the last year = 9% monthly return
    SGMS up 22.27% over the last 3 months = 7% monthly return
    Compounding is VERY VERY powerful ... more powerful then some may realize.
  • KEEP you eye on SGMS ... it will move up nicely in the next three weeks!
    This is ONE of the stocks in the Professional Trader's World Class Portfolio that has been returning +20% per month, on average.
  • Anybody have a call for 2:30. Dump or no dump. What's the call SPREADER?
  • Danny, Thank you the enjoyable post... The past never enters my mind... Look at q1, the Saudi deal, the ferry sale, the logicor sale, the sp500 overachieve, best management in PE, the largest landlord, The highest AUM which matches the next three competitors combined!! I have to stop, I am tired of writing all the reasons... Danny, our pet troll, I will return later when I rest up😀
  • Just like every other day..the longs buy at 1... same story everyday..... true enough Danny?
  • Ok... So some one posted that the trend is down for BX... It's up 1% this week.. 15% over the last five!!! What the heck and why the negative propaganda? Did I miss the class that said green was bad?!
  • Professional Scorecard

    Short BX @ $30.90 => -7% Return
    Short BX @ $33.25 => .005% Return
    Long SGMS @ $26.58 => -.003% Return
  • It's 10:34 am ... the pros will be slamming BX any minute now!
  • Anybody seen the YAHOO SPREADER today? Is the $30.05 gap getting any closer?
  • Ummmm... yahoo shredded... the stock was up for the third day in a row... r u okay... should I call 911
  • BX is like a CD ... it pays a paltry distribution with a wide variance.
    However, unlike a CD, you can lose your equity.
  • CEO appears on CNBC's Squawk Box. Reiterates BX stock is undervalued.
  • just traders and shorts here doing their thing
  • " Comeback Simple, Comeback Simple, best dog gone dog in the west"
  • Danny and Simple, please show up next week! I need the comedy
  • These nickel and dime traders are delirious. In BX for the ling haul collecting a 3 buck divvy. Next earnings will be a blow out and CEO is he'll bent to pump this to 100. 50 by rot.
    If you believe in our economy and private equity, buy more BX and hold for years. I was a fool for not loading up Blackrock years ago. ago.
  • I love how positive, Danny, Susan or the other twelve names used, is... "She/he is never in doubt and never right"
  • How professional traders make a minimum of +20% per month ~
    Pick a commodity that is in a strong trend, like oil (down).
    Develop trading rules, technical indicators, and trading plans.
    Execute your plan, with discipline and no emotions!

    For example: Crude Oil $2,000 margin / $0.01 = $10.00 / $1.00 = $1,000.0
    Crude oil has gone from $51.51 on 05/24 to $42.22 on 06/22
    Trade 5 contracts: Margin $10,000
    GAIN $46,450

    Good Luck ~ You are not in my league!