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The Blackstone Group L.P. (BX)

NYSE - Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD
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33.52+0.57 (+1.73%)
As of 12:49PM EDT. Market open.
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  • So, here we go again! Another week of reading nonsense posts that are abusive and derogatory ... that are an attempt to silence opposing view points than their own.
    This is a TOS violation and an attack on 1st amendment rights of free speech. The stock market functions because there are bull and bear views ... both being equally valid positions.

    Violators know who they are!
  • It's not even 3:30 and BX is dropping ... WHAT?
  • Remember when fishy was posting bearish commentary about BX repeatedly receiving lowered EPS estimates stating in the late spring of 2015? Sure I got a few thumbs down here and there, but no disrespectful responses. There is a reason for that ... my bearish commentary was fact based and I provided reasonable analysis. I went on to describe what events would lead me to sell BX and when those conditions occurred, I sold 2/3 of my shares and posted that fact here. Again, I received no disrespectful replies, because my commentary was reasonable. Are there any questions?
  • I think BX looks good. It has traded basically in a 32.5-33.5 range lately. Last 3 months has seen a lot more green than red after the gap up. Earnings reports have been very good. The next earnings report should be very good and that will be the catalyst to get BX to 40.
  • People just can't stop playing with themselves. (and their BX stock) That was quite a dump this morning between 10 and 11, a drop of 2.7% in about an hour. Playas playin'. The bounce back was even more impressive, though. BX holding around 33 is the most impressive of all.
  • Shaggy, I think trying to negotiate with a terrorist is not a good strategy. When I look at the posts the last few days, I see a lot of bullying behavior by an individual . While reason is often the best course, I think it will forever doom this board to insanity. Not sure what the answer is, but a lot of smart people try to communicate here, but are drummed out by the lunacy of one individual.
  • Would love to see a breakout near term to over 40+. Chartest calling for a possible correction in the market in the middle to end of july. If it happens may take a little longer for a juicey 40+.
  • Here is what a writer for Forbes had to say recently: "Blackstone (BX) Is a Total Return Titan"
  • Lipstick on a pig does not make the pig look any better ...
    "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." Abraham Lincoln
  • Professional Scorecard - Midday update

    Short BX @ $30.90 => -6.6% Return
    Short BX @ $33.25 => 0.008% Return
    Long SGMS @ $26.56 => 1.6% Return
  • I must of jinxed BX this morning by my comments.
  • It seems that the Director of Lies and Chaos is more concerned about dead babies killed by chemicals than he is about Americans who die because of inadequate health care insurance. Go figure ~
  • I am now destitute and have to move in with a good friend. I lost everything! I took Yahoo Spreader's advice and put everything into the 10:30 drop that was predicted... Now everything is gone and I am left to living in a basement in Park city Utah! All I have left is my skiis and mountain bike... Whoa is me... Yahoo Spreader seemed so sure that the 10:30 shorts would hit, I shorted then. 😀
  • I am hearing of some bullish call buying at 11am near the low price of the day. Seeking alpha reports that over 27k BX Jan 37 calls were purchased in one transaction. This lends to the bull case. Looking for solid earnings on 7/20.
  • BX is like a CD ... it pays a paltry distribution with a wide variance.
    However, unlike a CD, you can lose your equity.
  • I convinced my friend that Yahoo Shredder was right about 12:30 and he played a short with all his money, now we are both destitute and forced to live in the back room of a brewery in Part City Utah with our mountain bikes and our skiis... Woe is us😀
  • Basic math and rabbit talk ...

    SGMS ... not in World class portfolio in December
    SGMS up 181% over the last year = 9% monthly return
    SGMS up 22.27% over the last 3 months = 7% monthly return
    Compounding is VERY VERY powerful ... more powerful then some may realize.
  • After this post, I am hitting the "Shaggy, Get Lost" button, never to be seen again.
    You'll need more aliases to get my attention !
  • So I see, we still have to defend our position against the nonsense that has infected this board for months! So here we go another week of posting facts to counter the slurs and misinformation...
  • The computers, market makers, and pros are clearing out the stops for this days trading. Look to make your trades after 10:30am