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  • Just out of curiosity, if your yahoo name is offensive, but you report other people for offensive language(when there is none) is that a conflicted argument?
  • If we can hold onto the .54 dividend date of record issue and stay flat next week, that will be a good week. I know the trolls will go wild with the normal drop that occurs after the dividend date of record. So let's do an over/under on the amount of posts about whirring algorithms on that day. I set it 565 obnoxious posts. Any takers?
  • ALL posts about "Susan" will be reported to Yahoo ... it will only be a matter of time before your "bad boy" bucket gets filled.
  • 40 useless posts self deleted by WONG WAY just like that ... RUN FOREST RUN!
  • For all new visitors to the BX board, I would like to ask you to be careful what you read. Each investor has to make up there own minds, of which I whole heartedly agree. With that said, you will notice one of our trolls, who we call "simple" for short, posts a number of erroneous statements. He does for his employer and is a paid basher. As the stock has moved up from a price of 22 to 34 over the last few months he has continued to spread fear with a variety of scare tactics. What we notice is on the many good days he never posts. On the smaller off days he raises his head and bashes away. You should know that he doesn't own any stock in BX, if he did with the amount of nonsense he spreads he certainly would have sold by now. He claims that all the shorts gather up at some point in the day and target BX. Some days he says its 10:30, others days at 12:30, 2:30, 3:30 or always at closing. Stunningly he gave all four predictions yesterday and whiffed on all four! He acts like he is the know, but be very careful.

    We also have another Troll named Suzie, who morphs into new names every few days, today she has the horribly offensive moniker of "Won Hung Lo" ... Her predictions commonly fail and in fact we tracked them and if we had followed her advice would have lost a significant amount of money.

    Be aware... We keep letting Yahoo know and they do what they can, but these trolls are very clever.
  • Here is how it is done Won ...

    Shaggy 9 days ago
    "Wow ... the AAOI shares I added yesterday afternoon are only up 5.3% so far. Do your own DD this one is high risk high reward unlike my #1 holding FB. Fishy says, tech is the place to be."

    Shaggy 7 days ago
    "AAOI up 9.94% ... TODAY (@ 2:46) ... SGMS??? Who cares!!!"

    Shaggy 7 days ago
    "AAOI shares added Tuesday are up 24% ... I am one lucky rookie!"

    Shaggy 3 days ago
    "I bought AAOI and posted that fact here last Tuesday ... up another 7.13% today ... now I have to move my stop up again. Shares bought last Tuesday are up 30% and shares bought Friday July 7th are up 34% ... CHA-CHA-CHA CHING"

    Shaggy 3 days ago
    "AAOI up another 7.13% today. Who did some DD like fishy suggested and jumped on the wave?"

    Shaggy 2 days ago
    "AAOI stop moved up to $88.90. The short squeeze hasn't let up. Short covering is out doing trader profit taking. Up ~ 4% today (1:30)"

    Shaggy 22 hours ago
    "Stopped out of AAOI today @ $88.70
    Shares purchased 7/7/17 gained 32%
    Shares purchased 7/11/17 gained 28%

    I'll let everyone know if I see another excellent risk reward setup on this one."
  • Question of the Day...What will tomorrow's distribution be? My guess 65 cents
  • I haven't seen an update lately, so I thought I'd publish it myself ...
    In the past 12 days, SGMS is up +11.4%, while BS is up +4.7%
    That's about 1% increase per day ... or +20% per month ~
  • Just finished a thorough review of the Call and supplemental data... A couple of interesting facts to be aware of. 1) The AUM does not include the $40b infrastructure fund, which will hit q4 and add 13% to the AUM. 2) It sounds like Logicor hits in Q4 and adds .35 to the dividend, which should result in a .85c dividend. My model for q3 is a dividend of .54, if this all happens the the total year dividend is $2.80. 3) Hidden away in the numbers was an impressive EBITDA of $909m or almost double Q2 '16! 4) The return in all their funds is now at 14% on an annual basis! So they continue to outperform a "moderate balanced portfolio." All this with a very weak oil market. If oil gets back to $50 watch out!

    It looks like Q3 will produce similar numbers as Q2. But, as stated before, Q4 is the knockout Qtr.

    I will be completing my model over the next few days.
  • This NOT how it is done ...

    Won Hung Lo 3 days ago
    "Did you buy DGZ like I did?"
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  • Along with the div. id love to see continued growth in the share price. I have no idea what the future holds just wish to get some sustainable growth in this name. If investers bought this name when it IPOed than their hasnt been sustainible growth since then. Ive been a long time holder of this stock. Have enjoyed the div. ride! But would like to see more growth going forward (Share Price). I do realize theyve grown Aum and the rest but no Share price growth or eps sustainable growth. 2015/16 eps took a bad hit hopefully 2017 and beyond can gain strength.
  • Shaggy 21 hours ago (repost)

    Won Hung Lo inquired who Susan was a couple days ago (that post is now deleted). I think WHL has her answer ...

    Won Hung Lo 3 days ago
    "BRUCE -
    I'm waiting for the apology you owe to SUSAN for what you have been saying about her today."

    Won Hung Lo 2 days ago
    "Another day will pass ... will there be an apology to SUSAN?"

    Won Hung Lo 2 hours ago
    "I want to save your post so I can report it to Yahoo! before you delete your cowardly post. NO ONE should have to read your VOMIT ... I did not say anything that would warrant your response. I believe that what you said below describes you perfectly ... Susan ..."
  • It sure looks like it's crashing... when you hold the chart upside down.
  • Let's see, Simple is acting like a birthday boy or something... The had great performance versus ly.. Hit the real analyst estimates from professionals like Morgan Stanley and not Susie's favorite capital cube... great forward guidance as well... but one note Simple always sees the negative! I am happy that the stock is over 34.. I am getting a .50 dividend and this year up well over 35% here
  • Checking in this morning and of course, simplicius is posting his negative BS. Some things never change. What a turd... :)
  • Ummm.. simple wrong again on 10:30, 12:30 and 3:30... that's 0 for 7
  • so what did Schwartzman say in the call?
  • Actually, hit the dividend number I thought... Logicor doesn't hit until Q4, that will be a big distro Qtr.. .80+... All results much better than LY.. I know early indications are down... But the numbers aren't bad!
  • Take Away from Conference Call.....2017 will be one of the best year ever for DISTRIBUTIONS
  • I think Im the only long term holder of BX, which in fact means anyone who has held this stock for more than 10 minutes