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The Blackstone Group L.P. (BX)

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  • Today is ex dividend... With a .54 payout coming on August 7th... The appropriate down position today would be 1.56%... The drop today will not because of Simples prediction and assertations that thousands of traders are playing games.

    Future dividends for q3 and q4 look to be in the .54 range and .90 range for q4. The acceleration in q4 is a logicor good guy and an improving set of diversity for Blackstone.

    2018 dividend is projected to be close to $3

    1st Qtr 2018 will have a huge increase due to new fund raising in the second half of 17.. And the $40b infrastructure fund will be added at that time.
  • I see that Morgan Stanley raised their price target again yesterday to $40 and believe $60 is not out of the question. Their thesis is that they are creating a broad based business. Citing the recent infrastructure fund, the investment solution business, which now has an AUM of $17b, the recent logicor sale, which was created from scratch to take advantage of the need for the last mile delivery, the core plus real estate fund, the excellence of management. They believe this year's earning will be 2.80, bear in mind they usually are lower than actual.

    Remarkably, the stock trades lower than the SP 500 multiple, while consistently paying a dividend 3-4 times the SP 500 average. Even if we assume a historical average of 15x. This would indicate a $42 stock this year. Next year's EPS is projected to be $3.20, which means $48.

    With all this positive news we still have the doubters!
  • My unscientific study has shown that staring at the ticker all day everyday does not move the stock price in either direction.
  • Okay, Seeing no reply from simple, he owns 0 shares... Further comments are meaningless! Let's all mute him... Plus after the guarantee of 2:30 and they all kill the stock at closing he stands at 3 for 28 in his predictions in the last four days... Only the jets have a worse record
  • Where's big mouth
  • Boy, didn't the sell in May theorists blow it this year! Major markets are hitting new ATHs and earnings reports are backing up the advancement.

    I quote from a market insider article from Monday ... ,"Only about a third of companies on the S&P 500 have reported earnings, and they are outpacing Wall Street's expectations so far. "Overall, 68% of companies beat on EPS, 75% beat on sales and 53% beat on both — the highest proportion of top and bottom-line beats at this point during earnings season in over five years,"
  • and bingo, there you are, told you the 10.30 crowd would take it down. Look, the traders know this POS never holds its gains and their programs are set accordingly, these are the sort of aaa-holes that would run over their grandmother for a quick buck, disgusting.
  • Old John - You need to get a unique ID. Then you can blow the whistle when someone impersonates you (A yahoo TOS violation).
  • Susan! Or is it John!! To answer your question. This is the only stock site where I am invested that has crazies like u and Simple! So I am protecting my investment
  • 7/26/17
    Morgan Stanley Reiterates The Blackstone Group L.P. (BX) Overweight $37.00 -> $40.00
  • Ladies and Gentlemen......Simple has left the building
  • what the traders (traitors) count on is that from the high of the day this POS will always drop between .25-.30 and for them and their programs that's good enough for a trade
  • Susan, how many aliases, how many hate comments, how many TOS violations, how many times do you, simple and crazy Norman ruin a great board.... Come out of the woods dawg!!!!
  • Amazingly Simple and Susan berate the stock as a traders stock, when most of the stock is owned by institutions and employees. If this was truly a traders stock with whirring algorithms, why would fidelity, FMR, Janus fund and Morgan Stanley own such large stakes? Why would two very negative people who own 0 stock care? Why would they post over 100 times this week in a negative fashion? Is it just narcissistic behavior or they are getting paid by the shorts who have lost so much money on this stock the last few months? Isn't ironic that simple complains about trump, when is lack of facts and bombastic comments exhibit the same traits as trump? Amazing
  • From the last ex dividend date to now the stock has risen 15%... a good qtr and glad to have the money flowing in August 7th...

    As a reminder, all of Steve's pay comes from dividends and this makes him aligned with shareholders... Plus read morningstars recent update. They consider BX as an overweight with exemplary stewardship for the shareholder.

    Onward and upward
  • Great article by Forbes attached to this site. Most revealing is the expansion of BX into every major industry. The information they now receive is broader than the traditionals. They continue to gain market share. When articles start appearing in Barron's and Forbes, it is a fore runner to the awareness of how strong BX is becoming. Just a matter of time before this story gets bigger!
  • So we enter the ex dividend period, which by the physics of finance indicate a natural and normal drop of .54c. Simple will claim IRS a major sell off that he predicted and try to alarm people. All day long we will have to read his and whoever she is today railing about what a bad stock it is! Tedious!!! I know it won't work, but could we try posting the truth today and not some misguided and illegal impressions that you are passing on "in the know observations. Yes this is directed at Simple and whoever she turns out to be today!
  • Simple, FYI BX is up 60% since you started as a paid basher of BX... Nice work moving the stock from 22 to 34! Oh that's right you were getting paid to destroy it!
  • so what will it be, 33.50, 33.60 before the next wave of selling hits at 2.30?
  • This message board is sick. Bye.