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  • t
    I’m not going to bash this stock, as it would be akin to pounding sand. I will say that after I sold and took my loss, I accepted that it might double (far from it), but I could no longer stay in a company being run so poorly. This brings me to my point. When I evaluated my steps for selecting this stock, I realized I made one critical mistake. I rationalized away the CEO and management team. The warning signs were there folks. I thought great product, big market, easy enough operation. Pretty straight forward right? Well, Covid hit and most of us thought it impacted the operation. Of course it did, but face then truth no matter how painful. The CEO/management are yokels, straight D level at best. Only looking to keep those late-in-life paychecks coming in at any cost. They know they stink. But where else would they get such a deal. It’s rhetorical, but I’ll answer for effect, no where. The only positive from this is evaluated my portfolio and sold two other stocks that had “great” products but dim management teams. It saved me lots of money. The market is down now, but those stocks led the dive. For the old timers here, I hope you get something out of it. I doubt you will, but it won’t be because this management team. For those considering picking up these “discounted” share. Be warned, they are discounted because they deserve to be. Buyer beware.
  • T
    Got to wonder how many shares Gerri promised Glass Lewis for their support,
  • w
    "The Annual Meeting will resume with respect to Proposal 3 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time on May 6, 2021". Well Gerri?? What's the results for the vote to increase the number of shares from 100 million to 190 million? Delaying the results again hoping to get more votes? Is that legal???
  • J
    The fun begins.
  • s
    I have not been here for a while. Is this company dead?
  • R
    They have not updated their product portfolio since August 2010, no news nothing a positive news about phase 1/2 of other pipeline drugs can give a boost to SP. but nothing is being said why? anyone here has leaked information?
  • T
    Lot's of questions here, this is new territory for me:

    1. What is cutoff for share purchase to vote, is this a rolling lot or the original date set remain?
    2. Should we trust that original votes count?
    3. Do they expect people to change vote without an explanation?
    4. Most companies that have stock holder issues provide interim briefs, this seems like my way or highway.
    5. I'm certainly not changing my votes without legitimate reasons to do so, but until the board ceases the ridiculous salaries, I'm not even willing to listen. Most other CEO's in similar roles take minimum salary and get paid in stock.
  • p
    we can forget this stock and company. with product sales of 200k in one quarter only... this will not make money. they should sell the product and close the doors!!! Gerri's salary tops 5 times this quarter's sales...
  • J
    I expect this to be $25 to $40 in 18 months.
    I expect this to be $4000 to $20,000 in 19 years.
  • G
    Guy Who Trades
    Sell, take the loss, then vote “no” and watch it burn. Gerri needs to be held accountable for this dumpster fire, not rewarded with more salary.
  • D
    Jail time Is 1000% deserved. Zero accountability from this group and definitely misled investors.. they've been saying for over 8 months "clinician interest is strong".. if it's strong, why can't you sell the product??
  • E
    What the aph! I'm just going around checking up on all the companies I once had. I am stunned by how horrible this company turned out. In Q1 the company spent $16 million to make $200K? What!? How is this? And, now the good candidate for the biggest incompetent CEO in the stock market wants to raise more tens of millions selling shares, for who knows what reason, so those millions can go "poof" too and all current shareholders lose whatever little they have left in the company. This company is nothing more than an excercise of how to abuse public shareholders, and pocket all their money, while doing nothing. This company is an embarrassment to the public markets, and the CEO is 100% at fault.
  • G
    Guy Who Trades
    Product costs many multiples of competing products without any significant advantages. Give then a Tylenol IV for a few bucks in the OR, one post-op and send them off with pills.
  • S
    Any word on the outcome of today's shareholders meeting?

    "The Annual Meeting will resume with respect to Proposal 3 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time on May 6, 2021."
  • O
    I predict over $1 by next week
  • R
    product isn't selling like at all, don't get it
  • S
    Here we are 24 hours later and still no word from management on what happened at yesterday's shareholders meeting. Geez, it's no wonder why this stock is in the toilet. GLTA.
  • H
    As of December 31, 2020, Baudax had cash and cash equivalents of $30.3 million.

    As of March 31, 2021, Baudax Bio had cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments of $38.2 million.

    In January, Announced Exercise of Warrants for Gross Proceeds of $13.4 Million.

    In February, Announced $17.6 Million Offering Priced At-the-Market under Nasdaq Rules.

    Quarterly cash burn: 30.3 + 13.4 + 17.6 - 38.3 = $23.1 Million

    Any questions? :(
  • G
    Surprised it lost the gains on positive TKA data. Shorts are in control thats for sure. Hopefully Wall St needs time to digest. Only hope is a buyout or PR from medical community that elective surgeries are picking up. I know they already have but we need serious PR to move this IMO. Gerri needs to go.
  • H
    Let's see quarterly revenue $0.2M, quarterly cash burn $20M+, cash in the bank $38.3 (3/31/2021).
    What am I missing?