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    BXRX is still fundamentally sound from a substantive analysis standpoint. ANJESO is a strong product that will actually generate revenue. They posted their first revenue ever just last quarter and that was reported during the commercial rollout of ANJESO. Give it time. The revenue from will grow. The news wasn’t even bad, it just caused people to panic and then the rest sold out because they don’t have the stomach to hold stocks in a falling market. If you’re not emotionally prepared to see your investment lose a lot of value before it gains value, long term investing is not the move for you. This is something you have to hold on to and stop looking at. Give it 6 months, a year or even 2. They need to post some revenue to get this thing moving.
    I bought 170 shares at $3.48. No plans on selling. I won’t be buying more until the next earnings report either. Just hold.
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    This was posted to BXRX:

    Mr. Alfred F Altomari

    This e-mail is to intended to serve as my request as a shareholder in BXRX to replace the current CEO with one who understands how to operate a pharmaceutical business and especially a start-up, ie a company with a new product on the market. I currently own stock in 3 other start-up pharma companies and follow 6 others. BXRX is uniquely different in the following two major ways:
    1. CEO compensation is way out of line with regard to the financial status of the company and is more comparative with the compensation of a well established and highly profitable large corporation.

    2. CEO continues to make poor business decisions with regard to generating and spending corporate funds.
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    Occam's Razor
    I just called Baudax Bio's corporate number. 1-484-395-2440. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad actually, but I was able to get Gerri's voice mail. Follow the prompts and do likewise. I left a message asking if the company was planning to formally release something to address this situation and provide shareholders with any assurance. By the way, if that was her voice, it sounds just like I imagined it would.
  • S
    From $10 to $1.50 the management made BIG MISTAKES!!!
  • C
    The real head scratcher for me here, is why do this now? What possible benefit does this provide to the company. I am not even talking about investors...just the company. The series B warrants were going to expire in April. They go away or get cashed in for a needed cash infusion. The $4.59's were going to sit for a while and now get pulled ahead to April? Free shares to the tutes, little to no cash infusion to the company.

    Someone help me out here with what the long play is here? Absolutely desperate for cash and need to raise capital immediately or pending buyout(Why?)...This move just does not pencil as a win for anyone...except the warrant holders....perplexed...
  • A
    Honestly what makes me angriest is that they dropped this PR 2.5hrs before market open, giving tutes, funds, and whales a chance to get out before the little guys. What’s a retail investor to do when the stock is already down 40% when the market opens?
  • S
    WAVE of Downgrades and Lawsuits Coming...Really sad what management did to this company!!
  • H
    For anyone who are not clear about how many shares they are giving away to warrant holder. Here is directly from SEC filing on 10-20-2020:

    As a result of the Exchange, pursuant to certain price adjustment provisions in the Warrants, the exercise price of each of the Series A Warrants or Series B Warrants (including Warrants held by Holders not participating in the Exchange) that were not exchanged shall be adjusted to par value, or $0.01, for each share of Common Stock underlying such Warrant.

    The Company expects to issue 1,186,774 shares of Common Stock to the participating Holders as a result of the Exchange. Series A Warrants and Series B Warrants to purchase 8,646,154 shares of Common Stock will be outstanding immediately after the Exchange.

    After issue 1,186,774 shares immediately, there are still 8,646,154 warrants with exercises price $0.01 expiring 4/26/2021.

    So total 1,186,774 + 8,646,154 shares will be issued. BXRX will get $86,461.54 cash in return (exercise price $0.01 for 8,646,154 shares).
  • J
    Baudax Bio Inc : Oppenheimer cuts target price to $7 from $11 $7 still sounds GREAT to me.
  • J
    I am not clear why 9 million shares dilution? 15 million warrants (A & B) * 0.2 is 3 million shares?
  • O
    too late to sell mow. I already loss 60% , so just let the rest ride.
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    Please correct me if necessary. Anjeso works. Sales are growing. Profitability will take longer than expected.
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    Gerri doesn't make it easy to get info about this company. Update on sales would be kinda nice
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    “Overall, the ANJESO launch is progressing well and we are pleased with the early commercial uptake and feedback from physicians. Although we are seeing more customers placing orders and the order size is increasing, the commercial rollout continues to be impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and we believe the revenue ramp will likely take more time than originally anticipated.”

    So, according management they are pleased with the adoption and sales, but believe the revenue ramp will take more time...sounds a little like double talk to me.
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    Cory have you sold? I know you always provide comfort to longs with your thoughtful analysis.
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    Not to dog pile, but facts are facts. In the past year CEO, Gerri, has led not one, but two companies' stocks to 52 week lows:

    BXRX from $10 to under $2
    REPH from $19 to under $2
  • c
    Management got to gooooo
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    Still puzzled - agree with Cory on this? Why was it rushed for BXRX for the press release yesterday and also why not just let Warrants B expire early next year, rather than payout 0.2 shares.
  • d
    @Jas I really feel with you. My best advice is: Keep the stock as long as you can. I think it still might turn into a winner in a long-term. But in short to mid-term be prepared for some more dilution. It is just two possibilities imho: Buy out oder another offering. I suppose more likely offering. So be prepared for another 50% loss. In the long term its different. Product is good, and hopefully in 2022 Corona will be passed mostly.
  • V
    Vladimir Trump
    With a C code Sales will not be spectacular......now we have a J code....the BOO Birds are after us