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BYD Company Limited (BYDDF)

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26.38+2.61 (+11.00%)
At close: 3:59PM EST
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    Bought in today, honestly very happy to get in at this price after seeing financial forecast...sold Xpeng hope I was right.
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    EV Long
    BYDDF and NIO longgggg. Have held BYD for 10yrs and added a decent stake in NIO about 3 months ago. The EV sector is and will continue to be

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    This is fantastic, all he talks about is Tesla Nio and Xpev guaranteed this expert has never heard of BYD. We are in before 95 % of the USA population knows BYD exists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8dDnI9JpU8
    The EV Stock Bubble | Big Crash or Big Opportunity?
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    Please...leave this stock alone for 2-4 years. It’s not a Zoom or Facebook with zero purpose. It’s a real company. Real people. Real brainstorming.
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    U.K. ambassador to China in talks with BYD about the race to zero emissions. Looking like BYD will be outfitting the U.K. with electric buses https://www.byd.com/en/news/2020-11-13/BYD-begins-COP26-‘Race-to-Zero’-at--Green-Transport-Partnership-event-
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    BYD price to sales 4.832
    Tesla price to sales 17.50
    Nio price to sales 36.84
    (mic drop)
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    I took a small position in BYDDF a couple of months ago, and TDAmeritrade charged a $15.00 foreign transaction fee in addition to the regular OTC trading fee. Does anyone know if there is a foreign transaction fee when purchasing BYDDY? I would only be purchasing about $1,200.00 in shares at this time. Thanks in advance.
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    I’m guessing once Nio traders realise it’s overvalued they’ll look for a long term EV play that’s actually competing with Tesla on the world stage. BYDDY 17 billion revenue 1,300% earnings increase. 47,000 cars sold in October of which 23,000 were EV. 50 million masks a day production and the new partnership with DHL supplying EV tractor trailers. And probably the biggest of all the blade revolutionary EV battery that Ford are buying and Toyota are BYD partners in that
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    The best EV play of all didn’t participate today, it’s still unknown to most. It’s looking like institutional investors have brought the stock up over the past 6 months. I’m not worried at all I have every confidence in BYD. You’ll see the day when people are climbing over each other to buy this stock I’m sure of it
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    Didi Chuxing, a ride-hailing company based in China, has partnered with one of the biggest automakers in the country, BYD, to build a new electric vehicle which will be used exclusively as a cab.
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    Recently purchased BYDDF. I'm a newbie to buying ADR stocks. Trying to understand how the stock price of BYDDF corelates to the underlying stock (1211.HK) that’s traded on the Hong Kong Exchange and at different times? For example, 1211.HK closed up +5.92% last night on the Hong Kong Exchange. BYDDF is currently up +4.59% at ~10:45am EST US time. Any help/insights greatly appreciated!
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    Very green day tomorrow
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    Lovely it finished up 9% in Hong Kong 🚀
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    Here’s the numbers if anyone is interested

    Revenue up 40.72%
    Net income up 1,362%
    Diluted eps up 1,450%
    Net profit margin up 934%
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    Another big contract ongoing for BYDDF "DHL Gets Electric BYD Trucks In Los Angeles" CleanTechnica: DHL Gets Electric BYD Trucks In Los Angeles.
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    What are the honest best guess opinions of what the share price of BYDDY should be compared to tsla,NIO,Xpev and Li, this is considering the kind of niche BYDDY is in and the fact that it’s still an otc stock.
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    BYD: The King Of Electric Vehicles
    Nov. 12, 2020 6:54 PM ET|11 comments | About: BYD Company Limited (BYDDF), Includes: BYDDY, NIO, TSLA, XPEV
    Taylor Ogan
    Taylor Ogan
    Hedge Fund Manager
    A company like BYD comes once in a blue moon, and its stock is already up 398% YTD.

    BYD's recent Q3 earnings were strong; and a Biden America and China's latest Five-Year Plan will only benefit EVs.

    BYD, NIO, and Xpeng are looking to break into the European market after finding success in China.

    U.S. consumers may soon be begging for BYD cars, as well as EVs from NIO and Xpeng; all three Chinese EV stocks are only in the second inning.

    Only BYD has the ability to produce beyond passenger electric vehicles, and also the batteries to do so.

    Since my Seeking Alpha article “BYD: Step Aside, Tesla” last month, a lot has changed that will only add to BYD’s bright future ahead. BYD (OTCPK:BYDDF, OTCPK:BYDDY) released its third quarter earnings, where net income was up 781% Y/Y and EPS up 3,000% Y/Y. Joe Biden has since been elected President, which could benefit Chinese EV companies as well as make the U.S. an attractive market for Chinese EV OEMs. Most importantly, though, was the outline of China’s ambitious Five-Year Plan released last week, in which domestic production of NEVs and technology is central to China’s economic plans over the next five and 15 years.

    BYDDF is up 398% YTD, and 37% since my article last month.

    Electric vehicles are here to stay; no longer is that disputed. China and Europe collectively account for 84% of global EV sales; ignore the U.S. for a moment. Stop thinking ‘Tesla Tesla Tesla’, which makes fantastic electric cars, and shift your focus to the companies making EVs for the masses in the big EV markets.

    2 month EV returns XPEV, BYDDF, BYDDY, BYD, TSLA, NIO
    NIO (NIO) and Xiaopeng (Xpeng) Motors (XPEV) are two publicly traded companies whose electric cars are selling well in China, and both are expected to enter the European market soon. Still, though, they only make cars. People tend to use ‘electric vehicles’ to mean ‘electric cars’, which they certainly are, but passenger vehicles are only a portion of electric vehicles.

    BYD is the only company that makes EVs of all classes. BYD has electric commercial vehicles in ten market segments: buses, coaches, and taxis; logistics, construction, and sanitation vehicles; and vehicles for warehousing, port, airport, and mining operations. This is in addition to its 14 variants of electric passenger vehicles. When you take a step back, though, the most important part of the company is that BYD makes the batteries for all of its vehicles, which no other automaker does. This has been, still is, and certainly will continue to be what differentiates BYD the most. BYD has the cheapest EV battery in the industry, and it plans to sell its newest battery–Blade Battery–to other automakers.

    BYD Fleet
    BYD Commercial Fleet
    Source: BYD

    I stressed the importance of BYD’s Blade Battery in my Seeking Alpha article last month, but I should stress it even further. And if you are looking for a BYD vs. Tesla (TSLA) comparison, read that article first.

    First and foremost, BYD makes the two most expensive components of an electric vehicle itself–the battery and IGBT–and again, BYD is the only automaker to produce either component.

    IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors) are considered the “CPU of an EV”, as they switch power supplies to reduce power loss and improve reliability. Only a few EVs currently use IGBTs, which is a cross between the bipolar and MOSFET transistors that typically older EV platforms like Tesla still use. IGBTs are expensive, and not many companies produce them, though the global market for IGBTs is currently ~$1.5B, and is expected to quadruple in the next five years.

    BYD Semiconductor is the only Chinese company (not just EV manufacturer) that can produce IGBTs independently, and is 72.3% owned by its parent company, BYD Co. Ltd. BYD Semiconductor is expected to go public, though no timeframe has been given.

    Collectively, the two components (the battery cost at the pack level) account for 38-42% of the total manufacturing cost of an EV, by our estimates. For BYD's newest model, Han (performance of a Tesla Model S for the price of a Model 3), we estimate the IGBT and battery at the pack level combined cost to be only 25.4% of the total manufacturing cost, despite the car’s narrower gross margins. That is a 33% cost reduction from battery and IGBT costs alone for BYD compared to the best-selling EV model in the world.
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    just bought
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    BYD just partnering with DHL.


    Wonder why the SP went down. Am I missing something?
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    How much cash they have?