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  • H
    Ho ho ho
    this preferred should be about 25.40 now. called at 25, two months of divy will get you 25.40. why 26?
  • M
    Traded over $56 today. Any news on whether the Bid will be raised?
  • b
    So after buyouts do they always stay still???? Someone lmk I’m uneducated on this, if it were possible for the stock to have a move up or down options would go nuts. Let me know please sorry for being a dummy((:
  • H
    $TGH conversation
    Love the upside and safe-bet TGH & this sector presents. Big infrastructure investments & the rising tide of post-covid economic re-opening bode especially well for $TGH $TRTN $CAI $WSC $MGRC

    Very basic and unsexy, but rock solid thru foreseeable.
  • M
    Metal Ox
    New to container leasing, long trtn. Why would newbie want to buy $tgh or $cai when $trtn offers lower PE valuation AND pays 4% dividend? Which of the three stocks have delivered best total return for investors over the last 1, 3, 5 years, and which of the three are expected to deliver the best total return going fwd? Is best strategy own $trtn long term, swing trade $tgh and $cai?
  • o
    Bought more shares. Too juicy.
    That shows the average price to rent a 40 ft container (40ft = 2 TEU).
    This will take a while to impact CAI (they only get these new prices as old contracts roll off).
    But if these prices last for a year (and I expect them to last for two years) then CAI is raking in cash for a long time forward.

    A public index for freight rates.
  • o
    4 month old article, but still useful. Says we are probably going to get an earnings beat for Q4 (and Q1). TRTN sells well above NAV, so CAI will also do so eventually.
  • h
    honest abe
    Thoughts on 28.32 as entry point????? Seems like the stock is undervalued at this point given the likelihood of a STRONG q4 earnings number and the very real potential the company is acquired in 2018? I am in and plan on accumulating
  • A
    leases are for 10 years... if they can maintain $7-$8 profit for the next 10 years... what is the share price?
  • j
    Took a sizable position at 23
  • C
    If someone could answer would be very helpful… does this price freeze or will it move?
  • o
    I think $32 is fair value. PE = 8 and equal to the book value.
    I suspect the company will continue buying back shares until that price.
  • T
    @optional Would be interested on your take for a fair value for CAI. My Online broker has a fair value estimate of $38.50.
  • X
    What will happen after mitsubishi buy over at $56? The current shareholder?
  • o
    TRTN sells for book value.
    CAI sells for 40% of book value.
    They do exactly the same thing.
    CAI should pay a dividend or sell itself to TRTN at 90% of its book value ($32).
  • b
    This message board has no life in it. Hopefully today’s earning report is capable of some CPR.
  • J
    Wow our p/e should be 15-18...” locked in at very low rates for multiple years. As a result of these favorable factors, we expect to continue to deliver exceptional high teen or greater ROE’s for our shareholders."
  • G
    it makes little sense maybe a connection to the tariff being impossed on solar but it has little impact sector wide as container-shipping as a whole is concerned
  • A
    A H
    Sale of 2,146 railcars for around $200 million was announced today (Feb 26, 2019). About $50 million of equity capital will be made available to invest in other assets and to buy back shares. This Company has the best capital allocation performance in its industry.
  • n
    so, everybody. barron's had a bullisch peace on $trtn and i think $cai is ready to deliver strong results tomorrow. i just bought more today. CEO is buying shares in the second quarter and so do i. it trades well below tangible book, has a great cash flow and all operations are running well. container is doing great, logistics is running hot in the US at the moment, railcar leasing is doing great with oil prices back at 70 again. what can possibly go wrong?