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    Third try to post this.. Gratomic & LG speculation. Video is about Gratomic even though that doesn't show up on the preview header https://youtu.be/-b0HpM-7iPQ
    LG Chemicals (or LG Chem) has publicly stated that they are developing a joint venture with an unnamed mining company... and I believe that company might jus...
    LG Chemicals (or LG Chem) has publicly stated that they are developing a joint venture with an unnamed mining company... and I believe that company might jus...
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    Mercedes-Benz announced recently....all vehicles will be battery powered by 2030. They expect to invest $47b. All new launched vehicles will be battery powered by 2025. Just to add more great news for Gratomics future.
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    It's pretty funny to see some bashers saying there are delays and pretending this company to be a scam. In the last couple weeks, Grat closed the Aukam acquisition deal, they were confirmed on TM2 metal exchange and they also secured additional Properties in Namibia. All that while working on several other catalysts. I don't know of any other mining company that is developing so fast atm. And let's not forget that it's not a mining company with some random ressources, they will be supplying a market with the biggest forecast shortage in the coming years.
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    The neews reports around this industry are so very positive and I know I share the strong belief that this stock has no where to go but up.
    I would love to know if anyone can summarize how the commissioning is going. When is the ETA for beginning of production?
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    It would be nice to have a update
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    Arno reiterates a few key points:

    1) He drops a casual reference to a half billion dollar contract which can be used as collateral. This implies interest in our products, both steady revenues and cash flows and also reduces the possibility & scale of any potential private placements.

    2) Shareholders generally under appreciate the complexity & logistics associated with milestones (vertical integration, acquiring the remaining 37% of Aukam, etc.) with multiple references to 10,000 hours of work needed for certain feats. I liked this part because its a nod to the traditional threshold for mastery as well as an insight into how extraordinary tasks are accomplished through many smaller, more achievable steps.

    3) GRAT's refusal to cut corners now is an investment in creating material long term shareholder value. Examples of this are perhaps waiting to sign the right contract / find the right medium to sell our products, making sure the products we sell are as high up the value chain as possible, telling institutional investors to buy on the open market etc.

    4) And perhaps the most important of all, GRAT's market cap will not rise as fast many shareholders are expecting but will exceed the price of those expectations... both of which are due to the drivers above.
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    Can anyone tell me the purpose of putting 40,000 on the ask at 1.39 and then pull it off 20 minutes before the market opens?
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    I like your money
    As a shareholder for over 6 months , I can finally say I am tired of the facebook posts about grat .
    We got the same 5 ppl “ buying in on this dip today “
    Or “ its the money maker controlling the stock”
    AND $50 stock price with 2% dividend

    Not to mention all the old movie meme with Clint Eastwood
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    Joe Dragon
    Its going to be on fire, too hot to handle. This is not a MeMe Stock . it will perform to reach for the sky
    Buyin more and keep average cost low - do not sell out now - good things are coming
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    Good morning folks.

    I’m going to take a quick minute to explain how most of M97 is going to be produced by Gratomic.

    When you look at any graphite under a microscope it looks like a corn flake (cereal). When the graphite goes through the spheronizing phase and is gently rolled into a potato shape, which removes all the little sharp edges. That part of the graphite is still graphite too.

    Then as the graphite leaves the spherinizing machine, it goes through the micronizing process. Which is basically a sizing machine.

    Graphite required for battery anodes needs to meet a certain “minimum” micron size, so that when current is applied to it the graphite can hold the required milliampes required by that OEM specification.

    So anything that may be to small for that OEM specification, may or may not work for other OEM specs.

    So then that graphite would be placed into the M97 grade category as opposed to the SG16 grade spec.

    At the same time any graphite that may be to large after the micronizing process. May get processed through a rolling ball mill and reduced in size again, then sent back through the micronizing unit to ensure the size for the OEM specifications. Then put back through the spheronzing equipment. Opposite of the first stage of process.

    But any graphite material that is removed again from the spheronzing equipment. Is then categorized into M97 as well.

    So at the end of the day.

    GRATOMIC’s main target is SG16 grade graphite for the specifics of the anode battery market.

    As it’s the highest revenue potential.

    But at the same time, produce M97 that will also be a superior graphite grade, as it’s OPEX costs will still remain extremely low to our peers and have higher crystallinity advantage over flake graphite.

    Then we can go into the other grades that Gratomic will produce, but those will come mostly from the disseminated graphite that is away from the original concentration of all the veins at Aukam.

    Hope this gives a better understanding of the the grades that Gratomic will be producing, for the best and highest revenue potentials possible.

    Have a great day all. Cheers
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    New Blog from the company, along with a pretty cool car in the video. Cheers all


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    From March 2nd, when COO Armando Farhate was at the mine site at Aukam.

    This vein runs for approximately 300 meters in length as well. Drilled in spring of 2017. Cheers


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    MSG FROM CEO DOT CA: This is huge news. I’ve been wondering what the plan would be when forge nano news was announced. Now picture is clearer.

    New property is for the spheronizing and micronozing. Other Luderitz property for ALD coating.

    Grat is positioning itself as a monster in SPG.

    You don’t take these steps without a plan. And knowing Arno, this is likely a very well laid out plan. Those SPG estimates in my google doc are looking more and more realistic. Now the real question is how much and how fast they are going to produce.

    To me it sounds like things are on fast track and not just for using our 20,000 tpa of the current setup. Given everything, I gotta imagine they are upgrading the processing plant soon to the 55,000 (or whatever) it can be upgraded to in short order. I know we heard Arno allude to this in the last few month
    Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - July 2, 2021) - Gratomic Inc. (TSXV: GRAT) (OTCQX: CBULF) (FSE: CB82) ("Gratomic", "GRAT" or "The Company") is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a share purchase agreement for facilities i
    Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - July 2, 2021) - Gratomic Inc. (TSXV: GRAT) (OTCQX: CBULF) (FSE: CB82) ("Gratomic", "GRAT" or "The Company") is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a share purchase agreement for facilities i
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    This has been a long time coming, with tough negotiation on both sides culminating in a deal that allowed Gratomic to acquire the remaining 37% of the Aukam graphite project while maintaining maximum value for our shareholders, ultimately saving $3 Million and demonstrating that the arduous process of this deal has been worth the wait.

    Gratomic officially holds 100% controlling interest in the Aukam property.


    #GRAT #CBULF #Aukam #GotGraphite #Veingraphite #Cleanenergy #CriticalMinerals #BatteryMinerals #BatteryGraphite
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    Gratomic has made a groundbreaking move in listing our Aukam vein graphite to trade on TM2’s new technology metals platform.

    TM2 is the first metals exchange of its kind and is partnered with NASDAQ. This insightful and strategic step is another aspect underlying our Company's competitive advantage. Gratomic graphite will be the main supply of graphite on this exciting new platform.

    #TeamGRAT, focused on creating shareholder value


    TM2 website link below

    #GRAT #CBULF #TM2 #TechnologyMetals #BatteryMinerals #BatteryGraphite #VeinGraphite #Graphite #Criticalminerals
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    Feel free to go follow Candyman on CEO dot CA $Grat alias is @Candyman you’ll find more “FACTUAL DD” about a mining company, than any other Junior mining company transitioning into an actual production mining company.

    Gratomic is the “only” graphite mining company out of 323 graphite companies that started since 2012 that is actually building a real mine, with an on-site processing facility and going into production in the very near future. Cheers

    Here’s the BTV interview from February with CEO Arno Brand

    Here’s the recent commercial that aired for several weeks as well on BNN and BizTV in the USA.

    Here’s the latest interview with CEO Arno Brand on supercharged Stocks from a couple weeks.
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    This is just a warmup . Wait till after 1 month of commissioning and beancounters start to analyze future revenue with ever increasing demand for high quality graphite. Today is nothing.
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    We need some positive news
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    I am sure that big news is coming soon. Did I say big...I mean really BIG!!!