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Cameco Corporation (CCJ)

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    I just averaged down, bought 14,000 more shares. I now hold 30,000 (Seriously)...
    Average Price is 15.851/share.
    I'm a Believer in This One, Obviously..
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    Hard to believe the price of U cant hold above $30. With all of the mine closures and and Cigar Lake being shut of much of the last year, the spot market has to be getting under supplied. At some point soon the price should start to move up, one would think. It amazing how compelling the supply/ demand fundamentals are, in favor of the bulls. Especially as you move out in time! CCJ is in the best position to benefit. This company is way undervalued!
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    Rick Rule stated a few months back that he ranked CCJ a 4 out of 10 in his rankings. He spoke about how he rarely gives a 3 and has only had a couple of 2's in his 40+ year career. A 4 is a buy and a recommendation. He stated at the time that CCJ would become a 3 if and when they restarted Cigar Lake as that would indicate orders and demand. I've never owned a Rick Rule 3 company but have made a fortune on his 4 and 5 rated companies. Not sayin'...Just sayin' Needless to say I have been loading the boat in the last week! Very excited!!
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    China just approved the construction of five new nuclear power units
    China approved the construction of five nuclear power units, with total installed capacity of 4.9 GW, roughly 10% of the country’s total, two sources said, as Beijing strives for alternatives to fossil fuel to meet its climate goals.


    China decided to go from +-50GW nuclear power in 2020 to 70GW of nuclear power in 2025 in China!

    And now they are pushing through with new approvements and new reactor construction starts.

    Construction Officially Begins Of Two New Hualong One Reactors At Changjiang :The Independent Global Nuclear News Agency


    CGN and CNNC are going to buy more existing uranium projects abroad, like they did with Husab, Rossing (66%), Langer Heinrich (25%), Fission Uranium Corp, ...

    Who is next?
    Namibia is a mining country they like.

    Forsys Metals?


  • a
    Oh man, love me a bargain. I like the uranium space as it can't be manipulated. Either people need the lights on when it's dark or a/c when it's hot. There's no escaping the supply and demand. Buy, go on with your life, come back in 3 years, you'll beat inflation.
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    And it keeps going on...

    UEC, Encore Energy and Peninsula Energy just announced additional spotprice purchases.



    Note: There is a difference between UEC and EnCore Energy on the one hand and Peninsula Energy on the other hand.

    Peninsula Energy is actually a uranium company with LT contracts with utilities in place like Cameco and Kazatomprom buying uranium in the spot to fullfile long term commitments.

    UEC, EnCore Energy, Denison mines and Boss Resources (Honeymoon in care and maintenance) are developers that buy uranium as a guarantee for future LT contracts they yet need to get. They will hold that uranium much longer then Peninsula Energy.

    Peninsula Energy will sell those pounds in 2022


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    Denison mines, Uranium developer in the Athabasca Basin - An overview

    Wheeler River project (90% ownership), Phoenix deposit: all-in-cost: 11,57$/lb U3O8 (ISR method), average cash operation cost: 4,33$/lb U3O8 (estimated first production in 2024)

    Wheeler River project, Gryphon deposit: all-in-cost: 29,67$/lb U3O8 (ISR method), average cash operation cost: 15,21$/lb U3O8

    Waterbury Lake project (64,20% ownership), J Zone deposit: all-in-cost: 24,93$/lb U3O8 (ISR method), average cash operation cost: 12,23$/lb U3O8

    Today the spotprice of uranium is around 31$/lb!

    Phoenix ramp up planned in 2024, Gryphon ramp up planned in 2030

    They are making significant progress on their Phoenix project --> On 9 November 2020 they decided to resume the Environmental Assessment process for Wheeler River

    And now they have 2.5 M lb uranium in stock at 29,61$/lb that they even don’t have to mine anymore, that:
    - they will sell at a much higher price a view years from now or;
    - they can use as a guarantee for financing in 2023/2024.

    They have recurrent revenue from their 22,5% stake in the McClean Lake mill

    Phoenix project will be permitted under the CEAA 2012 which is a huge benefit tot he project. Other projects under this framwork, permitting averages under 2 years!!

    The timing is perfect if you look at the macro fundamentals from now till 2025 and the fast growing structural deficit from 2025

    Denison mines is more and more in position to do what Paladin Energy did with the start of Langer Heinrich mine production in the previous bull run (2004/2007)

    I’m strongly bullish for the coming months and couple of years


    I’m also strongly bullish for other uranium companies, like Energy Fuels, UR-energy, Peninsula Energy, Paladin Energy, Boss Resources, UEX Corp,...

    And Cameco, URNM etf, HURA etf, ... are no brainer LT investments for those who want to take less risk in their uranium investment

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    The World is facing an electrical shortage as wind and solar replacements only work part of the time.
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    I really like this company. I think its a great buy. Their financials are solid (go figure, they've been in operations for many years). With global Uranium prices expected to rise this company is going to make bank.
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    Uranium is gaining momentum - CGN Mining news (1164.HK)


    “CGN seek for potential uranium resource investment opportunities in major uranium-producing regions such as Central Asia and Africa on the other hand, and start to build a sustainable development resources pipeline of “exploration +inproduction”.
    Furthermore, the Company will seek for establishing strategic cooperative relationships with internationally renowned uranium producers and traders to study the feasibility of joint development of uranium projects in various modes.”

    ==> Namibia, where they already have Husab mine and 25% of Langer Heinrich.

    —> Next: Forsys Metals (They have their DFS)?
    —> Bannerman, Deep Yellow?


  • D
    Scotia bank raises target to 25..
  • N
    Mega uranium is in my opinion a turbo on Nexgen.

    The NAV of Mega uranium today:

    The value of Nexgen Energy, Toro Energy Limited, Uranium Royalty corp and International Consolidated Uranium and taking into account the existing liabilities today, while giving a zero value at their 3 uranium projects in Australia, gives me a 0,34CAD net asset value for Mega Uranium today

    0,34 CAD compared the stock price today of 0,215 CAD.

    URNM and HURA have a Mega Uranium position.

    A lot upside potential!


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    This is big for UEX!

    UEX Corp signed a C$10M cash deal to acquire 100%-interest in JCU (Canada) Exploration Co Ltd., making UEX the 2nd largest junior resource holder in the Athabasca Basin.

    By doing this acquisition they double their U3O8 resources, with:
    - 10% in Phoenix project (JV with Denison mines)
    - 30,10% in Millennium project (JV with Cameco)
    - 33,80% in Kiggavik project (JV with Orano)
    - the remaining 34,45% in Christie Lake project (becoming 100% owner)



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    Let’s put the Cigar Lake restart in perspective: “How big is the uranium deficit in the future?”


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    why uranium sector down so much today?
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    Seeking Alpha reports that Cigar Lake to be reopened this month
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    Anyone know of anything that might be happening in late May/early June that would cause someone to load up on June calls?
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    From +-50GW nuclear power in 2020 to 70GW of nuclear power in 2021 in China!

    Construction Officially Begins Of Two New Hualong One Reactors At Changjiang :The Independent Global Nuclear News Agency


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    $28 million dollar after hours share transaction?
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    Just Bought 20,000 Shares @ 16.63, then it goes instantly to 16.60, lol.
    I've been following this stock for a few weeks, 1st Purchase of this one.
    I like the Analysts comments, price targets. Looking for a Breakout to New Highs..