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  • Golds in the red over here over $7.00 and the sky is grey and it is quite cool-a nice day for a joust
  • You people are playing against a stacked deck. As the sector raced ahead last week cde had to hold back shares to create the illusion of gain.
    June 19 to June 23
    AUY gain 11.30%
    AG gain 10.98%
    FSM gain 9.42%
    EXK gain 9.34%
    SSRI gain 8.62%
    NGD gain 6.23%
    HL gain 6.20%
    CDE gain 4.21%
  • now she states no silver demand -chinese imports jumped in may to 407 tons double that of may 2016 and a level not seen since may 2010
    Then for 5 months 2017 33% higher than previous year
    What did she post no demand for silver
    and Coeur lost money -in 2016 net profit 55 million
    first quarter net profit 18.7 million
  • Monday June 26 Share price 8.61 Volume DOWN about 500K shares
    Low volume due to no new unsuspecting, innocent money being lost on a loosing miner...cde
    At the current silver prices cde cannot sustain.
    This HUGE LOSS will show up in the October ER.
    The July 26 ER will be bad enough
    Todays silver trades at last spring prices 16 to 17
    cde trades at $6 at these silver prices
    cde is now loosing HUGE sums of money at the current PMs
    Insiders and the 80% institutions that make up the bulk of cde are panicked.
    cde has been pumped to 8 and it is worth 6
    today your dollar is still worth a dollar if you did not buy cde
  • 3 years ago coeur set out a three year plan to become sustainable and profitable at lower metals that feat ahead of schedule as coeur became profitable by 55 million in 2016 and 18.7 million in first quarter.This started with re negotiation of franco royalty and going underground while the open pit life ended.This raised royalty payments to 800.00 from 400.Coeur thenacquired Paramount for it high grade and ability to extend indepencia with all the synergies,equipment,mill,exploration teams merged-this year palmarejo will produce 5.7 million silver ozs and 115,000 gold and still ramping up.All shares
    Then purchased Wharf 100million cash and bumped reource adding an extra three years-the mine has paid for itself with free cash flowRasmussenfound super high grade at jualin and coeur has almost finished a tunnel to reach grade about 5times the reserve grade-completed 4th quarter.
    then there was permitting and expansion of rochestor nearing completion now
    All this with low prices and now has a reworked balance sheet and at least 250 mill in cash
  • my posts stand and i will not be deterred from posting informative factual posts with a positive bias -i live in england and have no linkage ,conversation or contact with Condire or any fund..I do however contact junior miners and have been accumulating cashed up explorers with size n43-101s ,poly metallic and in safe jurisdictions.I have held a position in Coeur since 2009 and am at least 30 yrs older than the co founder of Condire based in Dallas.The accusation is without merit and my first name of edmund, the only thing i have in common with Condire.
    After the format change, i was one of the very few who continued posting trying to build board back up
    .I relish confrontation that brings out facts and forces me to read and stay informed.
  • Sat. June 24 share price 8.67
    IMO Message to retail investors. From this point forward we will move in a more orderly fashion. Since I will no longer be deleting posts the board has gotten a little out of sync. I will make 1 post after 7PM CST after the after market closes. Monday June 26 we will start a countdown to earnings report July 27. This will give us an easy reference to order as the board gets out of sync with hits and posts. The purpose of this countdown is to prevent further loss to the retirees, retirement account holders, the elderly and retail investors who have been mislead and ripped off by cde and insiders. I will no longer address hedge fund schedlers worthless hype, it has only cost you multi millions of dollars that you no longer have and are in his and the insiders pockets. That stopped last Tuesday. He posts last years numbers earlier, a bull market and this year has been a total loss and going forward without your money to swindle it's over. I used that to make my point. We will no longer address the wicked. Together we will turn the tables on them and destroy them from ever doing it to you again. Got it? Good,

    Last week starting after my Tuesday post the retail money all but stopped forcing them to drastic measures. We are in a short term rising miner run. You forced them to hold about 10 to 12M shares they intended to sell to you only to drop prices and do it all over again. The volume proves this. Last week when I posted during trading hours I had 2 computers and a tablet going. I made a couple of errors on the skim numbers..it did not matter cos the retail investors caught on the first day and shut the skim off. They had to hold sales to give the impression of gain. In this new PM price cde is a total loss for the rest of the year. It is so hyped and pumped that it will take it 3 more loosing earnings reports for the institutions to get it.
    Without your money to skim they have what they have now and losses to look forward to. It is a money trap designed for you and starting last Tuesday you let them sit in it and the volume and after hours gags proves it. You have them up against the ropes and now they are desperate cos they have never experienced what you did. You turned the tables. Expect the deceiver to throw everything at us he can muster.
    Come July 27 we are going to look him in the eye with the truth.
    I am only here for those I listed above. I am here that they never loose another cent to the wicked.
    You now have your foot on their neck. Do not let them up. Your dollar will still be worth a dollar in you pocket. in this money trap it will be less. From Sept to February cde fell 50%. From July 27 earnings to Jan 2018 earnings without your money to prop it up it will fall more than 50%.
    We started last Tuesday.
    P.S To those retail investors trapped, better take your losses and git
    To all institutions who came to skim off of the deceivers deceit. You will sit in your trap and reap what you sought to sow.
  • are some posters on this board going to jail?
    interesting times.
  • "there is no connection ,i am a private investor"

    Ryan Edmund Schedler, MBA - Biography
    Mr. Ryan E. Schedler is a Managing Director at Condire Investors LLC and a Managing Director at CPMG, Inc. He is on the Board of Directors at Strategic Metals Ltd. and Northair Silver Corp. Mr....
  • IMO They did it again.
    Fridays volume 1.8M shares traded as the insiders and hedge fund shendler find themselves trapped, little new private money. This is about 1M shares less than averave as they hold shares to try to inflate prices AND the sector is in an uptrending market (NOT CDE). CDE has been trending down for 9 months.
    The insiders transfer 2.2M shares aftermarket in an effort to save a sinking ship.

    CDE is doomed without unsuspecting retail investors new money, they know it, I know it and now you know it.
  • Lisa should move to horse trading,not gold.She has no knowledge, nor willing to learn about it.
  • Lisa why you here ? I am buying and not complaining,I see huge opportunity in this Company. I think if you own any shares,you should sell it and move on. Bashers like you make other people laugh and wander why someone like you spend some much time and energy on something which they hate. Get a life and move on.
  • Disaster looms on the very near horizon. Earnings report July 27. Another poor earnings equates to much lost for CDE. In February earnings the insiders took the price down almost 2.50 overnight and over the next few weeks almost $5. Never to see $12 or $11 again. The price briefly touched $10 a few months later and was taken down to $9.
    Another poor earnings is expected and I don't expect CDE will see the 8s or maybe even the 7s for some time.
    Last week I told you PM would rise yesterday and it did. All miners on both of my watchlist gained 2 to 6%. After I posted the 'insiders' scheme they had to hold back almost 2M shares to inflate the price.
    After hours they sold a block in low volume after hours to spike the price to lure in the naive.
  • Daily volume is one half of normal since my criminal, civil post.
  • Has Ryan Edmund Schedler
    Managing Director/Co-Founder
    Condire Investors Llc
    a hedge fund specializing in metals investments with members on the boards of CDE mines that he has been providing daily "guidance' on the yahoo message to you have a fiduciary to you under the new Federal guidelines?

    Ryan Edmund Schedler
    Managing Director/Co-Founder
    Condire Investors Llc

    Company Profile
    Sector: Financials
    Industry: Asset Management
    Sub-Industry: Investment Management
    Condire Investors, LLC operates as a hedge fund.

    Corporate Information
    2000 McKinney Avenue
    Suite 2125
    Dallas, TX 75201-2169
    United States
  • IMO cde, insiders, institutions and hedge fund schendler are in dire straits. You have them on the ropes and they know it. Unsuspecting money all but dried up after I exposed the scheme this week.
    They were forced to hold back about 8M shares in a booming sector to create the illusion of gain. You forced them to transfer 2.2M shares aftermarket Friday for lunch money cos now they are more than desperate, they are scared and panicked...Earnings looms near.
    July 27th will tell their truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • If edmund and mblimon were in on this sleazy backdoor $6+/sh deal, and they pumped the whole way down...
    justice will be served on these vermin.
  • Early in 3rd quarter a production report comes out with ounces milled grades,recoveries,ounces produced,ounces sold-
    Until then sheer guesswork
    silver recoveries at guadalupe should increase
    production and recoveries should be higher at Rochestor raised grades at kensington (back to normal
    Wharf grades increase from mining in golden reward
    Royalty free ore from indepencia
    Rain in bolivia drought had effected grade and production
    Then there is added exploration costs,one off cash early redemption cost and premium on note offering
    this realized 54 million in cash with note at 5.875%-coeur increased debt has the cash interest payment the same
  • cde might as well be toilet paper to lisa
    she has no knowledge of mining sector as she brags about skims
    at the beginning of month i started getting concerned as to silver/gold prices and stated coeur need some help from metals.I also a week before fed voiced concern as the paper comex position was so out of align and the specs added an extra 50,000 contracts against the large commercial banks.This while demand dropped after a huge previous month as the jewellry sector stocked up early.
    So here we are two weeks to end of quarter with metals giving no help at all.
    This does not diminish coeurs steady progression of its three year mine plan,its ramping up od guadalupe and addition of royalty free gold.This does not diminish the new heap leach completion or the paying down of rye patch NSR of 3.4% or returning to the golden reward higher grade at wharf
    Rochestor cap ex increased from 3million to 10 million in three quarters as a result of that expansion -the construction is now complete
    -exploration has increased by 6 million at kensington and the tunnel not complete till 4th quarter
    so as i posted earlier cross currents and lower earnings.
    Also low metals, has i think coeur looking elsewhere and banking Preciosa-
    for years i have said metals dictate and who instituted and controls all the different ETF's the banks algos