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  • IMO They did it again.
    Fridays volume 1.8M shares traded as the insiders and hedge fund shendler find themselves trapped, little new private money. This is about 1M shares less than averave as they hold shares to try to inflate prices AND the sector is in an uptrending market (NOT CDE). CDE has been trending down for 9 months.
    The insiders transfer 2.2M shares aftermarket in an effort to save a sinking ship.

    CDE is doomed without unsuspecting retail investors new money, they know it, I know it and now you know it.
  • Disaster looms on the very near horizon. Earnings report July 27. Another poor earnings equates to much lost for CDE. In February earnings the insiders took the price down almost 2.50 overnight and over the next few weeks almost $5. Never to see $12 or $11 again. The price briefly touched $10 a few months later and was taken down to $9.
    Another poor earnings is expected and I don't expect CDE will see the 8s or maybe even the 7s for some time.
    Last week I told you PM would rise yesterday and it did. All miners on both of my watchlist gained 2 to 6%. After I posted the 'insiders' scheme they had to hold back almost 2M shares to inflate the price.
    After hours they sold a block in low volume after hours to spike the price to lure in the naive.
  • Daily volume is one half of normal since my criminal, civil post.
  • Has Ryan Edmund Schedler
    Managing Director/Co-Founder
    Condire Investors Llc
    a hedge fund specializing in metals investments with members on the boards of CDE mines that he has been providing daily "guidance' on the yahoo message to you have a fiduciary to you under the new Federal guidelines?

    Ryan Edmund Schedler
    Managing Director/Co-Founder
    Condire Investors Llc

    Company Profile
    Sector: Financials
    Industry: Asset Management
    Sub-Industry: Investment Management
    Condire Investors, LLC operates as a hedge fund.

    Corporate Information
    2000 McKinney Avenue
    Suite 2125
    Dallas, TX 75201-2169
    United States
  • Lisa why you here ? I am buying and not complaining,I see huge opportunity in this Company. I think if you own any shares,you should sell it and move on. Bashers like you make other people laugh and wander why someone like you spend some much time and energy on something which they hate. Get a life and move on.
  • IMO cde, insiders, institutions and hedge fund schendler are in dire straits. You have them on the ropes and they know it. Unsuspecting money all but dried up after I exposed the scheme this week.
    They were forced to hold back about 8M shares in a booming sector to create the illusion of gain. You forced them to transfer 2.2M shares aftermarket Friday for lunch money cos now they are more than desperate, they are scared and panicked...Earnings looms near.
    July 27th will tell their truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • If edmund and mblimon were in on this sleazy backdoor $6+/sh deal, and they pumped the whole way down...
    justice will be served on these vermin.
  • cde might as well be toilet paper to lisa
    she has no knowledge of mining sector as she brags about skims
    at the beginning of month i started getting concerned as to silver/gold prices and stated coeur need some help from metals.I also a week before fed voiced concern as the paper comex position was so out of align and the specs added an extra 50,000 contracts against the large commercial banks.This while demand dropped after a huge previous month as the jewellry sector stocked up early.
    So here we are two weeks to end of quarter with metals giving no help at all.
    This does not diminish coeurs steady progression of its three year mine plan,its ramping up od guadalupe and addition of royalty free gold.This does not diminish the new heap leach completion or the paying down of rye patch NSR of 3.4% or returning to the golden reward higher grade at wharf
    Rochestor cap ex increased from 3million to 10 million in three quarters as a result of that expansion -the construction is now complete
    -exploration has increased by 6 million at kensington and the tunnel not complete till 4th quarter
    so as i posted earlier cross currents and lower earnings.
    Also low metals, has i think coeur looking elsewhere and banking Preciosa-
    for years i have said metals dictate and who instituted and controls all the different ETF's the banks algos
  • lisa doesn't know the first thing about miners as she uses AG as a benchmark and states coeur is losing money.
    In the year 2016 coeurs revenues dwarfed AG and coeur net earnings were about 55 million while AG made a miniscule 8 million on about 270mill in revenue
    Coeurs first quarter 2017 had revenues of 204 million with a net profit of 18.7 million to AG's revenues a paltry 69 million with a net earnings 2.7 million
    So will you explain coeurs losing money and why comparisons to AG that makes so little net profit.
    Again Coeur full year 2016 earned net 55 million to AG's 8.7 million and coeurs first quarter
  • Remember this is not a dividend stock,matter of fact the covenants of debt restrict this
    So growth of production and resources is important.Mine lives are finite and can alter dramatically with metals prices and metallurgy .The reason i keep bringing this up is direction and how low metals was addressed with three expansions and two acquisitions and exploring for high grade
    .The Bolivian mine has less than three years and Wharf five with little possibility of expansion or growing resource.
    Palmarejo is adding ounces and exploring during ramp up
    ,kensington is exploring while finishing tunnel to high grade and rochestor heap leach completed with huge resource
    At one time Bolivian mine was a major percentage of Coeurs silver production and has faced analyst critique over the years' because of political enviornment. So two mines are adding free cash flow while not adding to coeurs market cap but decreasing it.
    So Coeur is quickly attempting to re configure Preciosa and silver prices are sabotaging it.

    The sale of joaquin a possible build with silver/gold and good grade but sold and cash redistributed to North America.
    This leads to Coeur taking a recent position as 11.9% investor in Northern Empire and is considered by Northern to be a strategic partner-
    Northenr has just acquired Sterling mine and land package and 48 hours ago added 489 further claims Making this a contiguous 95sq kilometer package in Walker Lane trend.They also hold royalties and property in alaska

    The sterling property has a n43-101, 700,000 gold ozs ,a mill and infrastructure ,,permitting and enviornmental license with,engineering plans and a technical study but is a prospect generator not a mining operator
    The drills will start resource drilling and exploratory shortly to add ozs and move them up

    Timeline is important as Coeur also did private placements with Almaden and Rockhaven both advanced 2 million oz deposits but have no infrastructure-so keep an eye on empire north as it could add profitable ounces in short order with Coeur as operator
  • AG or first majestics so overvalued or coeur is undervalued first majestics revenue for 2016 280 million while coeurs
    650 million first majestic net income was 8 million to coeurs 55 million
    coeurs first quarter revenue 190 million alone--first majestic one country one metal silver
    couer has more cash and has had a much higher exploration budget and three expansions and two aquisitions
    coeur has much greater silver equivilant production,a diverse country exposure as well as 50/50 gold silver-Kieth knuemayer is a bit of promoter and gets a lot of publicity
    coeurs gains will be exagerated with higher metals as well as to downside with falling
    Hl and CDE are held down as largest silver producers in USA and not allowed to lead silver higher
  • Sickening to see how the Algo's bring this stock down on low volume. I guess the institutional investors know the game and are waiting.

    Us, little muppets, we are victim but can also benefit, because we don't matter and can buy small amounts at the bottom.

    If they start pushing gold below $1250 this may be the end game of gold suppression. I don't think they will go that far right now.
  • EXPLORATION-coeur finished 25,000m of drilling at Preciosa project
    coeur added 4 surface risa to its existing 4 rigs and has had ecouraging results at two new veins zapeda vein at north guadalupe an hidago vein at northern indepencia
    6 million added to exisiting 4 million drill plan accelerating high grade at jualin
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  • norther empire coeurs strategic partner has staked 489 new claims in bare mountain district the company now controls 95 sq kilometers of contiguous prospective land in walker lane trend-drilling will start soon a combination of resource and exploration and grassroots at newly staked before drilling starts on this new property-
  • i mentioned cross currents even the undertow of precious metals as a major factor in upcoming earnings.There should be some financial hits from early redemption and some premiums for new notes,wharf may see higher costs with higher milling of lower grade,increased exploration costs and continued work at kensington extension
    .Metals prices have been down and analyst earning estimates have been dropping.
    If metals stay at these type of prices make any kind of build decision on Preciosa difficult.
    there is a production report that comes out shortly after the quarter closes that will help in making estimates leading into earnings release
    My information comes from 10qs,presentation,technical reports,exploration reports,the net for articles and press releases and i do the same for all the positions coeur takes in exploration companies and prospect generators and that includes research of bondholders
    -i also read the same volume of information on several other miners, it used to be a majority and i have traded most of them that were not to small.-often speak to ceo's and heads of development of juniors and in past had good relationship with coeurs i/r-
    making decisions or none decisions as well as the medium direction of companies focus is easier when your informed and pursue knowledge. versus roll the dice ,skimming from the big boys that lisa professes to do
  • Here is where i think cde is going and why-
    palmarejo will be one of coeurs most profitable mines theyhave asserted and reasserted that profits will stay in mexico for an indefinite period,coeur has been re configuring preciosa to absorb these profits
    preciosa is predominately silver but not high grade-it doesn't work at low metals prices
    coeur is losing two mines wharf and Bolivia to mine lives--those will have to have production replaced
    management mentioned less than three years and hopes of replacing that mine with a safer jurisdiction and lower costs with preciosa
    so coeur has its drills cranking 17 of them .
    The sale of joaquin and focus is now mexico,nevada and canada so funds are being redistributed to these areas
    I see Almaden as a possible replacement of preciosa it is 50-50Gold to silver
    Northern Empire as a short ter repacement for wharf -n43-101 infstructure and enngineering as well as permits and lasrt but not least Rockhaven gold/silver n43-101 and PEA
    then coeur is drilling with bravad at quito project nevada and bought into aztec a very early stage in mexico--
    Also cde has had encoraging resuts at guadaupe north and indepencia north at zapeda and hildago veins.
    sources northern miner
    gambusino prospector,angry geologist
    rockhaven ceo
    almaden head of development
    presentations ,technical reports all available on their websites along with drilling results, PEA's and N43-101's
    now lisa might be better served reading than sitting drinking aged part and fancy cigars and doing donuts in her souped up tuna can
    all a figment of delusional imagination
    now she is appealing for a sec investigation and appealing to little old ladies cause she got toasted being a over leveraged juiced up trader-that didn't understand a COT report and that USA silver miners of size would not be allowed to lead silver up.
  • now don't forget 2nd quarter will have an 8 million tender/redemption premium loss for early redemption of 2021 notes and a non cash write off of 2million unamortized issuance costs and premium received
    and there is a 5 million issuance cost for 2024 notes which will be amortized
    so that 69 million in new debt out to 2024 and 54 million incremental cash--
    this obviously will effect the earnings release in 2nd quarter
    The repayment of Rye Patch Royalty will add 4 million annually to rochestors figures-
  • There we go. At 16.0144 tere were almost 8.9 million shares traded at $8.36.

    So this is in all likelyhood (I am speculating), Paramount that dumps its last batch of shares (sold at a large discount by Coeur management at around $6.50) to (again speculating) Van Eck that needed that number of shares to replace the small miners it had to dump from the GDXJ.

    This sector is so transparent, that I dare to say that the share price will finally be free to go where it wants o go.

    No more Paramount shackles. Thank you Krebs.