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  • IMO It’s over, the only question is how low will it go?
    The Pied Pipers never get wet, the followers do.
    This has been my underlying message.
  • When a company makes a drastic shift in focus and decides to abandon bulk mining production for higher grade lower tonnage ounces.That is a tectonic shift.
    Coeur laid out this three year plan in detail and it involved going underground at palmarejo ,a heap leach expansion at rochestor and a tunnel driven to high grade jualin
    .It included a renegotiation of Franco Royalty and 22 million advanced by Franco,,
    Then the acquisition of Paramount for all shares with its high grade and synergies by driving twin declines
    ,The planing and permitting the heap leach at rochestor and discovery of high grade at east rochestor
    Thenthe buiding of a tunnel to recently discovered jualin very high grade deposit.This arduous plan was accomplished during a severe bear market with company writedowns losses and delays of projects.
    The end of open pit mining at palmarejo was mitigated with purchase and profitability of Wharf.
    Coeurs exploration continued to find high grade near existing infrasrtucture and the exansions continued on time on budget while lowering Coeurs cash balance to the point of having to shed non core assets.Specifically,coeur capital and the joaquin project in Argentina.This coincided with a rally in metals that enabled coeur to return to PROFITABILITY ahead of schedule 55 million for full year 2016 and 18.7 million for first quarter 2017 with 210 million in cash as of last quarter.

    .During this rally and while still completing two of the three expansions coeur was able to lower debt and restructure the balance by 2% to 5.875% lowering its cash debt repayments from over 40 million to only 12 million.
    Coeur has completed the rochestor heap leach that is now commissioning and will shortly have completed and reached high grade at jualin.

    The efficeincy,the re negotiating,the acquistions,the planning and permitting,the exploration success and the financial engineering of balance sheet are all now coming together in the next quarters..Coeur has 250 million in cash,it has new royalty payments up now to $ 800.00,it has restructured balance sheet to 5.875% and Guadalupe underground with indepencia expansion will produce 120,000 gold ounces and 6 million ounces of silver THIS YEAR

    .Coeur has delivered with exploration success, permitting,planning and building with underground expansions all on time on budget..Its attention to detail has led to efficeincy and recoveries lowering AISC to 13.50 without the completion of expansions.

    The metals rally has dropped back but coeur has one expansion left and that near completion next quarter.
    This was a herculean task-------a few pennies earnings this quarter in either direction is nothing
  • De risking projects
    -almaden has just eaised 20 million
    it had spun off the project generator part of buisness ,to be a stand alone project that it easier to sell it has a pre feasibility report with recent update taking into consideration a barely used millthat jumpedd irr considerably,the mill has just had its portion of option fee paid and a team is being formed to dismantle and ship this mill,there was a release of more grade hits inside and outside proposed pit.This project de risked ,permitted and ready to be built commands a higher price tag but allows coeur time to finish its expansions and the results and study on preciosa.
    Northern empire is almost shovel ready has staked more land and has mill and permitting with leach pad engineering-has a n43-101 700,000 oz gold and technical report-not bad grade for heap leach operation
    Rockhaven has 2 million oz program ongoing now. Will go a long way to making this a mine-At the moment the study has a 14 year mine life producing 680,00-gold ozs-this life was done like this to show locals that it was going to be around a long time-the metallurgy is more complex with silver,lead ,zinc but the grade is high -.
    Coeurs position just bought in corvus is considered passive and can be added to at 5% below market.
    Where coeur is going,how much they have to spend, grades of project of projects

    silver standard turned its company around with purchase of marigold gold mine from goldcorp for 300mill
    we bought paramount and wharf ,Warf has done its job but production will be declining and has a short mine life and thats it
    there no exploration left to continue life
    Investors and analysts know this as well as coeur advertising 2.5 years left at san bartolome-so M&A and projects take on a different meaning
    The balance sheet and engineering of debt was masterful exploration,expansions and efficiency have all taken hold and coeur has well over 200million in bank after its private placements in above projects.
  • Therehas been a tectonic shift since krebs ousted wheeler. Towards youth ,innovation,modernization and IT infrastructure-in other words efficiency.Krebs hired all new mine managers and management created a rewards based culture-changed the name and re located to a transportation hub ,center of banking and a IT pool..He inherited these mines a extremely high AISC and a bear market.He got a mine in bolivia with threats of nationalism rampant,a ban above 4400 ft the best grade of the deposit,,a restrictive royalty on palmarejo ,a last resort to get funding for a unfinished mine during the credit crisis and a slapped together kensington rushed to production
    Coeur today has a re negotiated royalty for palmarejo expanded underground for grade and added paramount joining properties
    .Rochestor last year added 40% more reserves moving mine life to 2034 and has completed a heap leach expansion
    Kensington is expanding to its expansion to jualin a very high grade discovery by 4th quarter.
    SNOOK stated that krebs is just rectifying mistakes from past,that is true but what is left is a streamlined ,focused ,efficient company .Snook hates this but a Wharton b school and Harvard MBA was what coeur needed to clean up the residue and hangover of Wheeler and his shoot from the hip good ole boy network.
    Some real strides were made in this company during this metals depression.
    coeurs expansions and exploration pushed coeur to financial brink but the pruning of company to core,restructuring and lowering debt and 55 million net profit in 2016 as well as profitable first quarter.Speaks volumes for future
    With the twin declines at indepencia completed cde has 50% more gold production 120,000 at guadalupe with 6 million silver-that is huge
    ,A completion of heap leach and extending rochestor mine life to 3034-that is huge
    Kensington and tunnel reaching jualin high grade-that is huge
    This was laid out in a three year mine plan to become profitable ,it happened a year earlier because metals jumped but by end of year coeur will be profitable sustainable even with low metals
    Coeur has accomplished its goals on time.
    SNOOK and rarely agree but krebs was groomed in business and nbanking then 20 years in mining with mining so capital intensive these CEO's at times have to play the game-those 250,000million offering at 5.875% down from&.7.875%
    -Coeur IS the largest silver producer in USA
    next its going to be redistribution of joaquim funds another of SNOOKS pet peeves with some justification
  • the event of the week is not coeur earnings but the fed meeting and whether Yellen is more hawkish and that helps the dollar and could squeeze the loaded short position
    .I borrowed this from Hebba Investments"neutral to bearish"
    Silvers chart is down right horrible
    COT long spec position at lowest point since 2015
    So all eyes on Fed and dollar, if they create a dollar short squeeze with hawkish tone this will be bad for metals
    With coeur also making a few pennies or losing a few i expect the funds algo's to follow the metals--remember the phrase" "cross currents with undertow" its better sitting on the beach FED watching
  • ya know Ed,
    When the head of the CME comes out and states gold ought to be worth between $5k-$6k/ oz. it seemed like an open invitation for mining CEOs to publicly question and challenge the structure and nature of metal pricing and also seek government participation in an inquiry. I'm sure such a shrinking violet as Krebs would not speak up or out ; but I would have thought someone like Keith Neumyer or McEwen would have. Strange the non reaction thus far, eh?
  • Sad truth about all these posters touting Coeur and other miners is:


  • there are some articles out chronicling the increased short position by specs its been two weeks on the run and is considered bullish for gold
    the position has not been as elevated in years and led to a blistering rally fueled by short covering-seasonality is not a myth the timing of this short position is puzzling
  • I apologize in advance to the board.
    Since I was falsely accused several times, I went over to the HL board.

    This is cheap trick lisa's hero. This is disturbing and disgusting, but now I know that I am right.

    IMO another Thursday creeps into the week like the smell of an airplane restroom whisking through your nostrils after a fat lady's # 2. Silver morons ask God why he has forsaken them. But alas, God does not respond because God does not exist.

    "Is God a figment of silver morons' imagination, like the Tooth Fairy?"

    That's right, children. But the Tooth Fairy gives you money. God gives you a lifetime of disappointment no matter how hard you try to rationalize using Tony Robbins slogans. GLTU. SS
  • No retail-you need a story(inflation) for retail,you need charts for retail,most of all sentiment and that is not the case..The ETF's have taken retail long ago.Volatility has driven them off and general market has also been soaking up retail.
    Events like the multiple flash crashes and in coeurs case a buildup of inventory from deliveries payments overlapping quarters was enough to cascade coeur and take out stops.Anybody catching the tail end of rally got wiped and with silver and gold sentiment so low.
    You only have those on sidelines, contrarians and those long term investors with conviction left ..A thin line against the blitzkrieg of shorts,paper comex and ,algos moving the ETF's.
    Coeur is being engineered with the completion of its expansions to be sustainable and profitable at lower silver/gold prices- Coeur has diversified not only country risk but metals mix.Look at charts of GSR gold to silver ratio that will revert to mean at some point.
    Coeur has engineered its debt to 5.875% from 7.87 mill less recent private placements.
    Coeur has not been in this good of shape for years-expansion have taken hold at quadalupe (re enforced by 50% jump in gold production to 120,000 ozs gold and franco paying double for its position and 6 million silvert
    The commissioning of rochestor heap leach (securing rochestors long life) and the completion of kensington tunnel reaching high grade and opening up year round exploration and high grade to production..
    SO THE BIG QUESTION IS-can preciosa be built or justified at this levels of metals prices-the drilling is done.With the relapse of silver, this almost all silver deposit has got to wait and should be banked
    I think Krebs will have learned from the palmarejo build and not justify a build by length of time it takes and bolivia needing to be replaced
    Buy almaden at market bottom. if you need a mexican mine to soak up profits from palmarejo-it has 50-50 mix of gold and silver
    NOW the MATRIX ID that is trying to manufacture a challenge with two different companies and upcoming earnings over pennies and with little significance as the two of remaining expansions are not kicking in or completed-

    That ID has a mandate which allows it to deflect ,to create any blockage of information to destroy sentiment as coeur is a leading USA producer of silver along with HL.
    this ID claimed to have studied my posts for months before coming to board ,to have encyclopedic ability to pull them out in any order--there is a reason she wipes posts ,there is a reason it has come on this board
    A mirage of fabrication with a creative twist while she does her work

  • SNOOK-resource replacement,mine replacement and making a profit seem to be a sore point
    Sure with hindsight investments that were made in strategics did not reward coeur
    .Was it being a spendthrift i don't know-maybe you could expand on what was being a spendthrift.
    It takes about a decade to get a deposit through exploration ,permitting,studies and the build.the process is quite time consuming and costly.
    so constant exploration or purchases outright or subsidizing juniors with cash infusions for shares that allow those companies that know the deposit best and are best situated to do the drilling ,permitting and acquiring land package.

    San Bartolome has 2.5 years left and needs to be replaced thats 5-6 million silver ozs,wharf has about 5 years left thats about 100 million gold ozs.
    A decision was made on joaquin and argentina that mine was to be jv'd or sold with money recovered to go into mines in usa and canada and to bolster coeurs cash position
    coeur still gained a 2.5%nsr and 27.5 million
    and i know you thought move to chicago frivolous but it cleared way to clean house and modernize the company into and efficiency
    Krebs restored and expanded rochestor out to 3034
    krebs acquired Wharf highly profitable but short mine life- during sector lows
    ,coeur acquired paramount and explored and expanded during the depths of bear market-the quickly repaired balance sheet and cash position-during sector lows
    nobody wants to sell off quality at bear market bottoms but that is what sells an

    As to high grading coeur explored for it and found it at existing infrastructure again value play and went underground while also selectively without sterilizing deposit mined economic grades-a lot of attention went into avoiding what you are talking about.
    The cycle has not been kind to miners,the fed,comex and the press that allows the massive manipulation of metals
  • cde earnings are going to be terrible.......thank you lisa!
  • So i believecoeur is just biding time earnings wise without the conclusion of expansions and lowering cap ex and exploration budget
    The franso deal doubled the amout paid to 800.00 for guadalupe gold and lower interest cash costs down from over 40milliona year to 12 million,paying off rpm royalty saves rochestor 4,4 million annually.The twin declinedriven to indepencia added discoveries and targets.the drilling done a jualin should expand this high grade deposit adding value to mine and insuring profitability,the permitting and enviornment license a long process and building of heap leach insures long life and production from rochestor out to 2034>Amazing that this mine was going on care and maintenance and could have been sold if Krebs didn't step up.This was so poorly managed they moved ore 4 times instead of once tripling cash cost of ore..
    Almaden is a prime takeover prospect 2 million oz n43-101 gold silver wirh PEA and 20 mill in bank
    Rockhaven another gold/silver with 2 million ozs n43-101 being drilled 1600m right now infill step out and exploratory
    Northern Empire 700,000 ozs n-43-101 added to land position now 95 sq mi and has permitting and mill was producing two yeas ago -the Sterling mine
    The amount of time and money put into getting this company to this position and it comes down to judging cde over a couple of pennies -
    1ST QUARTER NET OF 18.7 MILLION-this was earlier than expected due to higher metal The 3 year mine plan to make coeur sustainable and profitable without help of higher metals but needs less than two quarter to complete its three expansions..
  • The actions of coeur are very telling-balance sheet restored,debt repriced ,cash accumulation,profits from its most profitable mine to stay in mexico for an indefinite period,the rapid in fill drill program at preciosa,new tecnical report on re configuration,the hiring of build management infrastructure,Then during last quarters earnings call the short mine life of san bartolome remaining and the replacing of those ounces produced cheaper and in safer jurisdiction .Preciosa was bought at much higher metals to be a huge super pit large producer 10 million ozs silver a year.This was a expensive build ,close to 300 mill after being optimized with ability to produce at 22.00 silver..The new re configuring of mine "is a tough nut to crack" and with silver in $15/16.00 a build decision is unlikely. So you can see investments in alamaden a 50-50 gold silver project of size with lower cap ex and in mexico the timeline of this project is compatible to the ending mine life stated by Hanagarne.
    Then there were multiple investments innevada and canada a varying states of readiness but this does not resolve the mexico profit situation.
    Mines are finite and mine lives are factored into company valuations-so replacement a pipeline of critical importance.
    Just because preciosa is paid for -high grading this mine and losing a large portion of ozs-maybe it should be banked instead of being built and marginally profitable
    There is a good possibility this project will be by passed and banked--leaving almaden as a possible replacement..
  • nice moves of late on low volume

    under the radar

    it's sleep walking higher
  • Is it time to make a move on CDE? Yo you should really check out AWE-some.Stock-s, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • a few pennies up a few pennies down Anlaysts have it at .01 dropping from .03-thatats a profit of 1.7 million-WOW
    More important is the coming conclusion of mine expansions and increased exploration at preciosa and rochestorThe 2nd monther of 2nd quarter iraised concern that coeur needed some help from higher metals,i raised concern over elevated short commercial gold position onCOMEX and the coming Fed raise .then used underwhelming for production report and crosscurrents this quarter making it a tough call.
    the most important will be realized price for silver and realized price for gold- this will push the needle in either direction.
    SO with no mine problems ,no builds and winding down of expansions,250 mill cash less recent private placements-lowered interest rate 5.875% pushed out to 2024 and about 12 million total cash interest paid bi annually
    The share prices are not elevated and expectations low this quarter-
  • state street corp bought 1.7 million shares raising position by 25% first quarter

    in 2nd quarter there was 6..2 m new buying 8.5 mill selling

    first quarter was 270 mill buying vs 70 mill selling
  • Guadalupe expansion along with idepencia continues to ramp up,after ground conditions slowed indepencia.Ground conditions are always concerning and this is not the first time this has occurred over mine life.
    Rochestor heap leach is commissioning and tunnel at kensignton nearing completion
    .Exploration at preciosa ended and rochestor will be minimal.Going forward cap ex will be dropping ,exploration costs will be dropping,grades,margins rising ,costs lowering as well as AISC.
    The heavy lifting and laborious,time consuming turnaround is kicking in
    .As one can see at guadalupe, a 50%increase in gold to 120,000 ozs and 6 million silver ozs..coupled by the highest free cash flow in 4 years last quarter

    meanwhile back at the ranch the big commercials taking advantage of flash crash to cover legacy shorts carried year after year.
    With expansion completing,,existing mines profitable ,debt priced properly and,cash position.
    The stage is set for the build of a mine or acquistion