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    After an exhausted oversold with low volume holiday shortened week. Tuesday Coeur traded 7million shares closing down a few cents but the winds shifted on gold and silver and it did a bottle rocket This event dragging Coeur with it resulted in volume of over seven million shares This time Coeur closed up 8.6%..Thursday trading dropped back to the daily avg of four million shares and closed down 0.14 cents -2.57%.. at $5.30.
    The 4th quarter is supposed to be overall Coeur's strongest .
    With new secondary crusher and it increased through put adding to production of HPGR ore being placed on Leach Pad 1V
    .The 3rd quarter not only produced and placed 1.3million tons of over-liner ore. on Heap Leach Pad V1 .Who knows what the recoveries be with Legacy pit having so many areas of testing inter-liners deep ,inter-liners shallow ,run of mine ore, soft ore and fines, new secondary crusher and small HPGR recovery time then the normal large crusher. crush sizes and and blasting efficiency leading to consistency of crush size.

    The shortage of haul trucks caused a 56% drop in run of mine ore material due truck unavailability lowering Gold Production in third quarter..With completion of placement of over-liner ore and normalization of trucking gold production should increase as it leaches quickly.

    Wharf has been a homerun for Coeur and third quarter had its second highest free cash flow and 4th quarter should be Wharf's strongest.Exploration costs and cap ex minimal in 4th.

    Kensington has a 7.5 cash inflow from Refinery in 4th quarter in 4th quarter and Jualin will increase its contribution of high grade and reduction the development ore.The drill bits have arrived in 3rd quarter that disrupted grade development and mine plan.
    Coeur has recent history of not posting a Production and Sales Report this is like flying blind in a storm without instrumentation.
    Palmarejo can't help but have a better quarter than the thirds free cash flow..
    Exploration costs in 4th quarter might be less as targets were hit ahead of schedule and underbudget.
    Whatever contribution individual mines show Rochestor's free cash flow will be massive negative with the capital expenses.
    In previous quarters ore on leach pad at Rochestor had an 8.8 million adjusted non cash loss from correction of production model .Another ,5.5 million non cash loss from lower metals prices of PMs on Leach Pad 1V ore
    Previous quarters has pre-construction at Silvertip and the third quarter a 7 million purchase of a existing 1.42% NSR.
    Rochestor early upgrades to controls of heap leach and Merrill Crowe ,reconfiguration of Ore Chute Entrance , new powerlines, towers and electrical substation as well as a portable cement mill.
    The return of focus at Rochestor without the rush to complete over-liner placement on Leach Pad V1 before winter season.The costs associated with the completed over-liner push and lack of stacking at Heap lech pad 1V the haulage scheduling and loss of 56% of run of mine ore and gold drops the quickest are in rear view mirror at end of third quarter. This along with silver from HPGR that also had 18 down days with installation and configuration of new secondary crusher. as well as production shift to over-liner ore.The costs incurred while interfering with present production and effect on timing of future production is incalculable .But it was over in the third quarter
    In previous years a 2021 Reserve and Resource Report was released in first quarter .
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    At Rochestor they have crushed and placed 1.8 million tons of over-liner material with 1.3 million in 3rd quarter beating the winter season. Rochestor lost 56% of run of mine material to haul truck shortage and there were 18 days of installation of new secondary that then increased through put. to HPGR crusher and then placed on Heap Leach Pad 1V the Legacy Pad and there is alot of noise-Run of Mine interlift liner shallow and deeo,soft or and fines,Regular large crusher,ore from HPGR crusher and gold that drops quickly.Wharf in previous quarter had 2nd highest free cash flow ever and 4th should be stronger. Kensington has 7.7million cash inflow and should see a pickup of high grade Jualin percentage and less developmental ore.
    Kensington re permitting started in 2018 received Record of Decision the first phase -expansion of waste rock storage.

    That was quite an accomplishment at Rochestor beating winter season and may help getting it completed by late 2022.There is always a hook the screening system being tested on secondary and small HPGR crusher if tests economic installation and configuration will delay production 3-6 months.

    The deck has been cleared with sale of Preciosa bringing 15million in first quarter and 16% of Avino shares and warrants and the push back of the accelerated start program. at Silvertip.
    The world and markets are subject to the crazy times ahead.
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    On a day like this makes the acquisition of ex Rye Patch properties from Alio and being gold dominant 600,000 at Lincoln Hills 4 times Rochestor reserve grade with 20 million silver and Wilco 1.5million gold and 20 million silver for 18million.dollars in shares .DILUTION AT ITS BEST

    The acquisition of Northern Empire with Sterling /Crown 1,000,000 ozs of Nevada high grade Run of Mine oxide gold and permitted.For all shares at over 8.00's. DILUTION AT ITS BEST.

    Paramount acquisition with Don Ese high grade royalty free joining Indepencia after driving twin declines for 15million.
    After a short tunnel, its now Nacion's turn with their royalty free portion as well as Bavisa and Ojita
    They are only now stepping out to East in Paramount's into San Miguel District large land package
    with its N43-101 close to 2million gold ozs and 110 million silver-And further East the Guazapares District. with its Guazapares Fault and parallel San Isidro Fault.Where last quarter they discovered the Carmella Vein.
    Palmarejo free cash flow positive since 2017 with joining of Don Ese. DILUTION AT ITS BEST
    Palmarejo over 300million free cash flow and 94 million in 2020 in three quarters( covid suspension)
    Wharf gold mine with still 7 years left of reserves and accretive since purchase in 2015 and over 320million free cash flow . With a record 74 million free cash flow in 2020.
    it had its 2nd highest ever free cash flow in 3rd quarter 2021

    Kensington in 2020 set a record 62 million in free cash flow .Has received it's Record of Decision in Nov 2021 after starting the process in 2018---
    Coeur has a historical record of Reserves and Resources in 2020 and exploration added double digit. growth across all mines.
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    Tehe rereshing of Senior Executives with serious education credentials al background and decades of experience.They have also increased bandwidth .
    Mick Rutledge the new CEO had 20years with Rio Tinto rising to COO of Kennecott Copper Mine in Idaho the largest in the world,Then COO of Ashai Refinery .He has an Engineering Degree from University of Sunderland England in Electrical and Control Engineering.A MBA from Henley Management College in with focus on strategic business transformation.

    Cody Southerland spent ten years with Rio Tinto and 13 years of operational management and mine technical services the then Newmont Goldcorp Nevada as GM.
    Has extensive experience with large and small open pits.Has a Mining Engineering Degree from Montana School of Mining and Engineering.

    Alim Visram has a Honors in Business Administration from Richard Ivey School of Business University of Western Ontario
    !2 years in banking sector Credit Suisse London specializing in structuring and executing a variety of strategic M&A as well as global financial transactions in mining and metal sector. He was Senior Director
    of Strategic matters and Corporate Development for Barrick.

    Kris Vankiteswaran moved up as VP of Operational Excellence in Oct 2021 after being with Coeur since 2016.He in charge of driving continuous i improvement processes and innovation across the company.Also in charge of procurement and maintenance..Has a BS in Mechanical Engineering University of South Florida and MBA Finance and Economics Booth School of Business from University of Chicago

    Thomas Weylan partner in Vancover and previously all of Canada mining sector Earnst Young a Chartered Accountant.

    You guys are Krebs bashers he got out of the way in day to day operations and handed Mick the keys..
    I would say know these guys and you start to see fingerprints on Victoria takeover.
    And the structuring of Avino deal .Like it or not these guys part of the modernization and beginning of transformation stage. of Coeur.
    Rassmussen is retiring the exploration teams have been reorganized at Rochestor and Sterling.
    And Rob Eastebrook has taken charge at Silvertip and gets the credit for 2020 and 2021 exploration success.
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    Can’t believe this stock isn’t moving higher today nice gap up in silver today looks like it’s going to keep this move
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    IN RESPONCE to Eric the troll and Snook the day trader both slinging insults

    One can be bearish situationally but bullish as those situations resolve themselves ' Also the lower the stock goes it can then becomes undervalued and that changes the equation.And it becomes a deep value investment
    And then there is the rebuild of company and employee culture from what it was in July 2011 with the bear market just starting,the volatility depth and duration.
    Exploration,acquisitions,metals prices , developments for efficiency and innovative technology all factor in

    Coeur has record Reserves and Resources in 2020 and double digit growth since 2016
    Coeur had a record exploration budget in 2020 and in 2021 eclipsed that with another record.
    Also its drilling became more efficient it set a meter record and reached targets under budget and early.

    The question is!! Is dilution for acquisition of high grade with synergies to existing processing or sharing
    a border Lincoln Hills i km from processing.,GoldRidge adjacent and Wilco combined now are called West Rochestor .Lincoln Hills has a resource of 600,000ozs gold and 20 million silver at 4 times the Reserve grade at Rochestor, Wilco has about 1.8million in oxide sulfide and 20 million silver.

    .Sterling has 1,000,000 high grade oxide ounces permitted ,143sqkm land package with 4 deposits in Crown and the past producing Sterling Mine highest grade Nevada and infrastructure synergies also with Rochestor both in Nevada and Rochestor have shared advisors ,Rochestor supplied a PHD to help with sampling and mapping predating Coeur s acquisition
    Today there has been a reorganization of exploration teams at both Rochestor and Sterling /Crown,exploration. and the project gains from Coeur infrastructure and good will garnered from 50 years of mining Rochestor.
    Recently added is Cody Southerland VP of US Operations. and his 10 years with Rio Tinto and GM of Goldcorp /Newmont Nevada operations.
    Sterling?Crown WAS ACQUIRED FOR 12 MILLION SHARES and came with " two NSR's "in Nevada with Newmont on Hoodo Canyon and the 2nd Tenabo Canyon adjacent to a Barrick producing mine. and 5 million in cash.
    Shortly after Franco Royalty Re-negotiation the all share acquisition of Paramount allowing all cash acquiring of Wharf 99million. resulting in 300million free cash flow since 2015 and 300million plus FCF from Palmarejo since the 2017 joining of Don Ese and Indepencia with its high grade royalty free .
    DILUTION AT ITS BEST all those gold and silver-high grade ounces and synergies of production.
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    Silver’s up and this is glad I punted when I did
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    I never read any comparisons from where this miner came from with Krebs taking over.Rochestor off care and maintenence in 2010 and mining old dumps with old digarded metal ruining the crusher,moving ore about 4 times,a full Franco Royalty at palmarejo paying only 400.000 for 50% of gold produced with a 50millionoz minimum or the strikes and Morales threatening way back then of MNationalization of multi national miners,add to that a 4400ft mountain ban wher the high grade was.Open pit bul tonnage mines a played out Martha Mine a difficult gold mine in Chile and Kensington
    hastily rushed to completion ...Then the Crash of silver starting in April 2011 from 48.70 the suspension of Kensington to finish properly and to train employees after a blowback ricochet from a drill while blasting.
    Rochestor is transformational with the innovative technologyand exploration that has extended mine life to 2038 and beyound doubling production ,lower the strip ratio by 50%,craising recoveries and leach time to 60% in two years not 20.And producing 8million ozs silver and 80.000ounces of gold
    Palmarejo has become a force with going underground closing open pit and re-negotiating Franco royalty to 800 from 400an oz.

    Paramount bought for extension of Indepencia to reach Don Ese royalty free high grade cash flow positive since reaching it in 2017 over 300 million. Wharf last year had 72 million free cash flow and

    Kensington also a record 62 million.This after developing a tunnel to reach high grade Jualin..

    Palmarejo in 2020 was 94 million free cash flow positive in a covid shortened three quarters..

    Silvertip exploration has turned Silvertip an over pay with an obsolete mill.Now it needs a larger than 1750tpd that was to be part planned expansion .Historical high reserves and resources in 2020 and

    The sale of Preciosa avoids a huge mine build over 400million now It avoids a huge open pit and any further interaction with Mexican rule of law sold for cash,a16% position including warrants,cash ,cash one year from closing cash on one years of product .50 on all exploration converted to reserves ,TWO NSR.s Total deal valued at 93million with out NSR,s.
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    Outside one sentence numbers pulled from charts why not discuss what has worked and what hasn't In turning around Coeur.
    Shrinking geographic footprint limiting it to US & Canada.
    Record exploration. record reserves and resources 2020 .The 2021 record exploration budget eclipsed 2020 with phenomenal results and record meters under budget.
    The re-negotiation of Franco Royalty doubling Francos payment to $800.00 gold oz for 50% of production .Erasing the minimum of 50,000 ozs for flexibility of future production and where it comes from
    Going underground at Guadalupe for lower production higher grades ,lower costs and closing open pit.
    Acquiring Paramount added Don Ese (high grade ,royalty free) and joining Indepencia with twin declines
    Acquisition of Wharf raising recoveries 15% doubling reserves land accretive since purchase in 2015 and record 2020 free cash flow of 74million
    At Rochestor the permitting and development of Heap Leach Pad 1V.(2years permitting 10month build)
    Exploration at Kensington discovered high grade gold at Jualin and with tunneling tcompleted it has contributed 15%-20% leading to record 2020 FCF of 62million
    Recovered cash from Bolivia without any liabilities and reclamation.
    Acquired Silvertip only now justifying its purchase with phenomenal drill results
    Added Sterling /Crown project for high grade gold in Nevada ( 1million ozs) in 2020 dicovered CHorst
    Record of Decision for re-permitting and expansion started the process in 2018.
    Started the rebuild of Rochestor over 50% complete
    Acquired ex Rye Patch projects-Lincoln Hills 600,000 g/ozs 4 times Rochestor grade with 20 million silver. Wilco 1.4 million gold ozs 20million silver and Gold Ridge more than doubled Rochestor's land position to 40,00 0acres.
    The rebuild of Rochestor 40% complete with exploration pushing production beyond 2038.Expected to produce 8 million silver ozs and 80,000gold annually.

    The negatives Rochestor non payment of land fees and Rye Patch staking over Rochestor claims
    Purchase of Precious a and bear the bear market began363 million cash and shares
    Numerous weather events flooding, record snowfall, rains diluting leach pads .A ground fall killing 2 miners ay Palmarejo ,a national gas blockade and effect on consumables.gale force rain flooding processing plant the bankruptcy of Palmarejo's refinery. all in 3rd and 4th quarter

    The San Bartolome sale due to third party contracts after the murder of Morales Mining Minister.
    The water issue at Kensington delaying tunnelling by 3 quarters and a geologic reinterpretation of Jualin
    The Silvertip misappraised obsolete mill,with no spare parts availability,lacking automation .Or the ability to produce a marketable zinc con
    The Preciosa sale to Avino for 15 mill cash ,shares a 1.25%NSR and 2%GSR and contingencies.
    The attempted purchase of Victoria and losing Orion as a deal partner.
    The success of Silvertip drill program delaying the planned mill expansion for an over 1750tpd mill-redo studies and permits. and will not start till Rochestor completion
    A fines screen system could delay Rochestor 3-6 months.
    Then there is debt,depletion, dilution of shares.Inconsistent profitability
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    more losses
    more shares
    more debt
    more compensation (CEO working on cumulative $100 million)
    more institutional shorting against converts
    long term shareholders down 99% during Krebs tenure
    2022 = more dissapointment
    the beat goes on
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    Over the years defending the "premise that Coeur was relentless in it drive to become a modern,efficient metals producer through innovative technology,optimizing recoveries, raising grades with developments,exploration around existing producing mines,acquisitions of deposits with synergies to existing Coeur production facilities.
    i readily admit and concede Coeur has made mistakes of timing, jurisdictions ,human error,geological interpretations, and industry trends as well as metals prices.
    I have never been given a definitive timeline of how long it takes to turn around a company so distressed,disorganized and inefficient. With a cornerstone mine lumbered with an usurious Royalty or a surface mining operation denied access to over 4400ft where the high grade of mine plan was. Rochestor coming off care and maintenance in 2010 and Kensington rushed into production unfinished.
    Palmarejo open pit with large production, Rochestor open pit low grade bulk tonnage Kensington narrow grade high cost underground mine in Alaska.And of course San Bartolome bulk tonnage surface,
    operation that was low grade.
    Coeur d'Alene had a $30.00 AISC back then.
    A primary silver mine in Mexico one of top five in world and Preciosa was under offer by Kieth Nuemeyer after PAAS had dropped its JV. .

    Coeur d'Alene got taught a lesson with the credit crisis and Palmarejo unfinished, or the lesson political jurisdictions at San Bartolome The volatility of silver and a long ,deep bear market on silver/gold prices. There was the state of workforce and mine managers,The assets inherited and the grades of tonnage of ore processed. The grades, recoveries and effects on margins -a 30.00AISC
    Recently Kieth Numeyer the most ardent supporter of silver just stated the difficulty of planning with the volatility of silver or was it impossibility. He also claimed that silver was not money but industrial and went out and bought a Nevada gold mine.As Mexico faces political and tax headwinds.

    With permitting taking so long and EPA standards, conservation groups and local opinion .The industry quote is 10 years from discovery to production.
    So for the sake of discussion,
    How long does turning a company around with weak assets spread ,around the world, high costs,an inefficient workforce of 2500 employees take? A Corporate move and all new mine managers up after failure to pay Rochestor land fees. No centralized billing at was left to individual mines

    How long to become a modern company with IT infrastructure, innovative thinking and technology. The quest for grade by exploration at producing mines and acquisitions for grade and synergies.Drill permits
    require permitting that can take forever ,developments like heap leach pad 1V took 2 years permitting and a 10month build.The The new West Rochestor expansion had to start a sage grouse reservation .The drill permitting of Lincoln Hills has to deal with traffic issues, dust issues,noise issues, water issues with the locals.And endangered desert hawk to top it off.
    Up at Kensington a study on effects to mountain goat migration and reproduction.
    Kensington re-permitting started in 2018 and only recently received the Record of Decision
    All this in long bear market ,the amount of effort involved in a the divestitures.The loss of San Bartolome just when it had contracted for high grade third party ore and was providing strong free cash flow.
    It was like treading water in an undertow .

    And the bashers dare not discuss the dramatic positives of developments,
    The acquisition for grade and synergies,the exploration successes ,the development to reach high grade at Kensington or at Indepencia connecting Don Ese royalty free high grade.The addition of Wharf accretive from 2015.The re negotiation of Franco Royalty.
    The apples and orange comparisons ,the inability consider the changes that occur even with a stagnant or lower share price.
    Coeur still in transition stage heading int transformational with production at Rochestor .Silvertip is transforming itself through exploration but still in transitioning as to mill expansion and costs.
    Palmarejo is just stepping out into San Miquel project after Don ese and discovered the Carmilla deposit in Guazapares District

    Back to the point
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    74.45% of outstanding shares owned by 309 institutions and 1 ..39% by insiders
    75.84% owned by institutions and insiders
    Retail 24.16%
    What do these institutions desire from a metals producer
    exposure to precious metals
    metals mix
    There are no dividends in the past 15 years and Coeur will look at this on completion of Rochestor
    Metals mix 70% gold 30% silver providing more stability
    Reserves and Resources at historic levels with exploration at record levels 2020 2021
    Award winning ESG program and an early leader in this field that will appeal to a funds investors that have certain environmental demands and hiring practises
    Expansion and rebuild of Rochestor after 50 years of supporting local economy acquisitions in Nevada extending mine life and synergies and growth of Sterling/crown
    The acquisition of Silvertip with huge exploration growth further diversifying metals mix and jurisdiction.
    Sale of Preciosa deposit further narrowing the future focus toward USA & Canada
    Work with First Nation on employment and using First Nation businesses .
    Sourced wind power at Wharf and Sage Grosse reservation at Rochestor.
    Use of semi autonomous LHD vehicles and electric brand new replacement generators of much greater efficiency,
    Use of innovative technology and sensor suits The the 24/7 use of trucks and loaders led to facial sensors that monitor for recognition of tiredness of drivers .
    The semi autonomous usage after blasting for safety and efficiency not wasting that 30 min down time before workers allowed back The self monitoring of pumps saves man hours underground.
    At Kensington the historic 62 million free cash flow year in 2020.
    Miner morale a refection of successful team rewards based culture Interaction with and support of local communities,scholarships and summer work and programs The,hiring of vets and women without any prejudice.A covid prevention coverage,and testing program tops in the field.
    A full year of no worker reported injury at Wharf and also record free cash flow of 74million in 2020.
    This type of infrastructure is now central to Coeur of the future a far cry from the disorganized inefficient Coeur d'Alene Krebs inherited
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    Its been a decade roughly since purchase of Preciosa was acquired and it resisted further exploration , reconfiguration optimization of build cost with a small IRR that did not justify the build.
    With silver rising so did diesel.water is scarcer,taxes are again bumped higher in Mexico, volatility has done nothing but hinder as well as political environment and rule of law..
    Mexico at the time of offer was a preferred destination.
    .Couer started getting interested with silver in mid 30'sobviously so did First Majestic who had already put in an offer.Previously this was a PAAS JV with Orko and after years of exploration was finishing a Pre feasibility study..With that due PAAS suddenly dropped Orko and bought Minefinders for the just in production large Dolores mine in Mexico.
    How often do advanced primary silver mines come on the market? This was one of the five largest in world. And it was about to be snapped up by First Majestic and Kieth Nuemeyer for all shares. Coeur upped the bid with 100million cash and shares.Silver was about 31.00dollars by closing crashed to low 20's .The next event Mexico's unexpected TAX rise and added Royalty
    "Right Mine Wrong Timing"

    Snook has bludgeoned with this at every convenience and still is.. I always countered it was like a long term option and a return of a bull silver market combined with technology would make it invaluable.Also those 12 million shares used were printed at 22.00.
    Obviously the length severity and volatility of the bear market were misjudged. As well as the political leanings of the Mexican President his stance on Coeur's VAT refund ,The raising taxes ,clamping down on Canadian juniors and no new permitting of deposits.Even Nuemeyer went and bought a gold mine in Nevada.
    It was only March 2020 that silver tanked to 12.01 and by August 2020 was back up to 28.68
    Then back down in Sept 2020 to 22.16.Then another back to a high of 29.58 Feb 2021 with Robin Hooders and threat of squeeze of Comex
    By Sept 30. 2021 down again to 21.52 .
    From 48.68 in spring 2011 to 12.01 March 2020.
    Who would build a super open pit with high strip ratio facing inflation and at huge cost.With rising taxes and a low IRR with a jurisdiction and President is not favoring miners from US and Canada.
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    With no Production and Sales Report there is no definitive way to figure earnings but the in print guidance and the stated 4th quarter is expected to be strongest of year.They may release Reserves and Resource Full Year2021.
    There will be plenty for the bashers to bludgeon with all the money whizzing
    .In third quarter production turned to over liner ore at Rochestor
    1.3 million tons placed on new leach pad completing this before winter season at the expense of crushing and stacking production ore.Another positive was the brand new replacement of secondary crusher that increased throughput per day and that the haulage trucks used for run of mine ore which was cut to 51% availability and is back to normal with over-liner completion. and there will be no swap out time or extensive configuration on the new secondary crusher.Gold drops the quickest so hopefully gold production is back to normal or better with increased back to previous

    Palmarejo if it is to make adjusted guidance must up recoveries ,grades and input.
    There will be a winner 2021 Resrves and resources but when Preciosa ia acquired by Avion then there goes over 100million silver ounces and 300,000 gold. ozs.

    Victoria unrealized gains dropped off a cliff but have quickly been rallying ,The third quarter hit a similar low at closing so not much to worry about just a smoke screen ..

    On the other hand the re-permitting Of Kensington started in 2018got its Record of Consent over the objections of Environmental groups but it was broken into two phases the imperative waste rock storage expansion the was expiring in 2022.This was immediate the 2nd phase the dam raise,a lowerer secondary dam spillways that is complicated and not set to expire till 2024
    In third quarter after two years of studying e,xploration soil analysis the Richmond Hills Barrick was returned -this was a shot at a satellite deposit that had been producing only two years but was shuttered 20years ago for acid drainage and has been been under remediation since 2002.

    Wharf had its second largest quarter of free cash flow in 3rd quarter and Coeur claims 4th quarter is to be companies strongest .

    In the 3rd quarter Kensington had a cas as well as raising percentage of Jualin high grade ,not using developmental ore so higher grades to be expected with higher throughputh outflow to refinery and 4th quarter will have a 7.5 million inflow.I will gauge Coeurs Coeur by its free cash flow
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    Simply Wall Street article Jan 13 says : UNDERvalued. Should be a little over 10 bucks.
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    Oct 28,2008 silver$ 9.09
    April 28,2011 silver $48.70
    Krebs became CEO July ,2011
    Sept12,2012 $41.40
    March 19,2020 silver $12.03
    Jan 20 ,2016 silver $13.58
    July 23,2016 silver $21.20
    Feb1,2021 silver was $29.38
    Jan 6,2022 is $22.26


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    ask yourself this...why does "edmund" take SO much time over the past 5+ years posting on this message board when he says he doesn't own the stock (currently for a long time) and he doesn't post on any other YMB''s not because he makes money trading this stock (which he says he has BUT if you look at the amount of time vs. amount of time he owns this stock it would equal a waste of time with all his "research" time) unless he has some other vested interest in CDE but NOT as a share sane person would waste that much time researching and posting "stuff" about just 1 company....i don't spend a lot of time with this is only 3% of my portfolio and has performed miserably so isn't worth my time to focus JUST on CDE like edmund does and has
  • A
    Regarding CDE's participation in Victoria Gold, the unit price is now close to that (13.2 cad) paid by CDE for its 11M shares. This is not a good thing for CDE which has probably given up on a purchase which was not within its means, further diminished by the higher expenses for Rochester and Silvertip. Was this fall caused by the sale by Orion and by CDE? or are other negative elements suspected or known to other sellers? Do we know if CDE has sold all or part of its Victoria shares?
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    The purchase of Silvertip and "that old mill" with frustration boing over from Hanagarne and in background Krebs going "bought for deposit."
    The highest grade in North America and now with exploration called one of highest grade silver ,zinc lead deposits in the world..The successful 2020 program was totally eclipsed by 2021 discovery of Southern Silver Zone of a deep high grader vertical feeder system enveloping the stacked mantos of zone 65.Followup drilling connected up to a large flat mantos with good width before finding several vertical chimneys under Discovery south a 500m step out hole under Silvertip Mountain the best hole ever 11mineralized mantos horizons,
    The deposit indicates further growth ending ending at Tour Ridge that 7 holes had intercepted mineralization.
    Their was AirTem airborne survey geochemical and geo physical as well as core that backed up a further extension of 1.25 km.The finding of Southern Silver zone sent the exploration team to back core logs and photos for signs of vertical structures.
    OF INTEREST ANDRE-- its on to Tiger Terrace in 4th quarter.
    That old obsolete Mill was destined any way for scrap heap and now the replacement 1750tpd may need an even larger one.And Zinc up to over 1.61 and lead 1.06.And a bonus they had moved a 2nd rig underground that means all year drilling and at angles that can better define deposits.

    Rochestor exploration E Rochestor was further extending i
    ,Drilling toward Nevada Packard was successful with its extension and infill
    In pit infill below water table and beginning of expansion at Lincoln Hills.

    The Sterling/Crown mine was successful extending all deposits at Crown as well as C Horst last years discovery.

    Wharf infill highly successful and is in process of pushing boundaries out.

    Palmarejo stepping out to East and into Guazapares District quickly discovered the 'Carmella Vein and was infill and extending Hilldago the longest widest, high grade Vein since 2012.
    Exploration is the high point of 2021
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    Record reserves and resources
    150million shares bought at bottom of market-Paramount with 2 million gold ozs and 110million silver allowing twin declines to combine Don Ese and Indepencia ,With the royalty free high grade reached in 2017 Palmarejo has been free cash flow positive 300 million and 94 million in 2020 in only three quarters
    Wharf purchased for 99 million has been accretive since acquisition in 2015 setting a record 74 million of free cash flow in in 2020 and over 300 million since purchased Wharf has raised r recoveries by 15% and still has reserves of 7+ years.
    You say BS i say don't be so fixated on blame Silver started falling from 47.80 only months before Krebs took over and in mid 30's Preciosa was attractive between offer and closing silver dropped to 21.00.And in 2020 bottomed at 12.00.Gold also went down to 1055 before making it run over 2000 and back to 1450 .
    You want concistency and and planning.Coeur is highly leveraged to metals-the miners you seem to forget are not in middle of 400million build.
    I have been bearish since Dec 19 2020 with release of Rochestor tech Report .Kensington need of permitting and Silvertip a wildcard and Preciosa unbuildable with silver volatility and hude cost of building the mine and Coeur was in 12's then silver had gone over 30with robbin hooders and millenials ready to take on bullion banks.
    First majestic has been diluting big time San Dimas,private placement to SprotT and Revitt Canyon gold mine 400million dollars in Nevada.
    I buy Coeur at deep discounts am patient and sell exuberance.

    There are several article s on Preciosa "Right Mine Poor Timing" it is now being a salvafed deal and Silvertip has proven bought for deposit.
    This company is nothing like it was when Krebs took over .Nothing is simple quick and easy in mining.Don't forget appreciation forsuccesses is not BS.
    And this is not BS silver from $48.70 to 2020 12,00 and gold down to 1055 inn 2016. with silver most of the decade at 15 and under.
    What made Preciosa unbuildable ? -They had a mine building team assembled ex PAAS Joe Phillips and Peter Mitchell coming from Taesko build and 300 million cash.Not only did silver tank Mexico raised its taxes much higher than expected plus a Royalty.

    The development reaching Jualin had Kensington with a record 62 million free cash flow in 2020.
    The 2 year permitting and 10 month development of Heap Leach Pad 1Vis keeping Rochestor in production till capacity is reached in 2023 when the new leach pad takes over.
    Ex Rye Patch properties have over 2million gold ounces and 40million silver and just being drilled by Coeur. has extended the Crown and added C Horst discovery over a million high grade oxide ounces that are run of mine heap leachable wit 88% recoveries,permitted with heap leach at Sterling leach pad still producing.
    Bolivia always was a disaster but finally was producing free cash flow with 3rd party contracts supplying high grade for the for the foreseeable future when strikers kidnapped and executed a Mining Minister. This put the Morales spotlight on Coeur with its contracts being called treasonous--that was it and a swift withdrawal while retrieving 30million cash returned as a loan payment--right under the nose of Morales.

    Silvertip bought for deposit and permitting has now through exploration proven out that statement a needs an even larger mill expansion that was planned--so that old mill would have been scrapped The mill expansion of 1750tpd now needs an even larger expansion.
    Rochestor will double production to 8 million ounces silver and 80,000gold with 110million free cash flow and a mine life growing beyond 2038.