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Coeur Mining, Inc. (CDE)

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  • K
    Wow, over 3.1 MM shares trades in first hour.
    One or more funds saying 'AMF' to Krebs spending.
    Algos joined in to downside momentum.
    Increased capital expenditures equal the middle finger to present day shareholders.
    Any benefits will accrue to future buyers not present day bagholders.
    Is it even possible for CDE to go 'green' YTD with only 28 trading days left in the year?
    Significantly higher metal prices are now the only hope, imo.
  • H
    Just watched the replay of today's RBC interview with CEO Krebs.
    He seemed very upbeat and expects quarter over quarter improvement.
    Repeated expectations of $100 million cash flow coming out of Rochester new build starting in 2023.
    Seeing good drill results coming out of Silvertip for an expanded operation approaching 2000 tons per day upon rebuild and restart.
    Thinks that Coeur has the commanding land position at Crown - will see what develops with other players.
    Preciosa is down on the list but getting interest from others. Priority is to get U.S. properties profitable and maximized because of availability of $450 million NOLS.
    Opportunities to the east at Palmarajo.
    Things are looking up - will they drop the ball again?
  • R
    These silver mining companies have to form a co-op or something and trade when their shares are being ravaged
  • e
    Andre-Corona virus just ripped through my house 4 of us all tested positive. My wife, daughter and son. .My son must have brought it back with his cavalier attitude. I took all the protective measures.
    This is really contagious.
    Be safe .
  • A
    "Analysts are giving Preciosa 30 million market valuation".
    This seems very low to me since according to 43101F1 of 2014, NPV @ 5% of 240.1M with the silver at $ 25! -12.5% of the NPV and a fraction of the purchase price: is it serious?
  • S
    Sentinel Prime
    another 4.5% down... btw where is Sheriff Lisa?
  • A
    Reading this article, you might think that a Valuation / Cash Flow Ratio of 15 is a reasonable average for a mining company.
    If we apply it to estimating future cash flows, we get more than double the current price of CDE!
  • A
    "ANDRE-3rd quarter has given you a baseline can you project the 4th quarter numbers?"
    At constant sales prices for gold and silver, I forecast sales of 239M for 4Q, but I believe production forecasts will be exceeded by at least 5,000 ounces for Warf. Average CASs are expected to be $ 900 and $ 11.5 per ounce.
    In 2016, while forecasts for gold and silver were less optimistic than they are today, CDE's market capitalization reached 12.5 times its Cash Flow from Operating Activities.
    For the 3Q, Cash flow from operating activities was 84.6 M (excluding advance) with revenues of 229M (+ 10M for 4Q?). It should also be remembered that Rochester is expected to give the term a CFOAct of over 150M per year when it is currently barely positive (conference July 30). Therefore a CF OpAct. of the order of 300M does not seem utopian to me and could justify a capitalization of more than 3750M, or more than $ 15 per share.
    But perhaps I am too optimistic to believe that CDE will continue on a positive path?
  • s
    So Ed, 5 days after covid ripped thru your home infecting 4 people you are up posting on the CDE message board.
    I would have guessed you'd be in an ICU ward by now.
    I wonder, based upon your personal experience, do you still advocate for the lock downs of personnel and economies??
  • A
    @ edmund, and others,
    About reserves and resources, a small question for which I sometimes have doubts:
    Are "Proven & Probable Mineral Reserves" included in the "Measured & Indicated Resources"?
    Is there at least partial duplication between the 2 categories or on the contrary, the classification in one category excludes the classification in the other too?
    For "Inferred Mineral Resources" they only appear in this one category.
  • e
    In the latest Corporate report on the efficiency side which is quite impressive 27m-kilowat hours of electricity saved to put that into perspective energy saved could power operation for 4 months .Also Rochestor was awarded $435,000 from NV Power Shift Program the largest award NV Energy's portfolio history. Savings in electric could power 25,000 homes for one year.
    At Wharf Coeur in 2021 has committed to 40% electricity from wind power and as it becomes available 100%.

  • l
    Today was a massive stock loss raid...Nobody sold down to 7.22.
    This was all algorithm trading today, stil time to add on the dip.
    I'm shorting the Naz too with QID.
    The gaslighting is going to fail.
  • A
    Dear Fellow CDE Stock Holders, I hope you can enjoy this as much as I can after such a tough day.
    Coeur Mining EPS beats by $0.06, beats on revenue
    Oct. 28, 2020 4:34 PM ET|About: Coeur Mining, Inc. (CDE)|By: Vandana Singh, SA News Editor
    Coeur Mining (NYSE:CDE): Q3 Non-GAAP EPS of $0.16 beats by $0.06; GAAP EPS of $0.11 beats by $0.04.

    Revenue of $229.7M (+15.1% Y/Y) beats by $13.07M.

    Gold production increased 23% to 95,995 ounces.

    Full-year 2020 gold production is expected to be slightly higher at 100,000 - 110,000 ounces, while silver production outlook is unchanged at 6M - 7M ounces.
  • e
    During the Gold Resource Forum Q+A-Krebs was talking about Sterling/crown and C Horst with moderator and all the activity around Beatty. They reminisced back to a time in Nevada of the overbuilding mills and chuckled .Krebs hopes sanity might not allow this to happen again..
    Corvus is at it again intercepting a high grade core area at Motherlode Also producing a stand alone PEA for Motherlode .
    Motherlode would be perfect fit with its couple million gold ounces in oxide and sulphide with C --Horst and Crown but its about timing.
    Corvus does not want to be a mine operator and it has Coeur on one side and Anglo Ashanti on the other but Coeur is still got a lot of drilling work ahead at Sterling /Crown also it has it's position with Integra.
    The point is, it is two years before Rochestor's build with HPGR pumping out cash flow,
    There is also Lincoln Hill District and Wilco ongoing.
    And the Silvertip mill expansion

    The Kensington permitting and build by 2022

    Integra 4.4 million gold ounces with multiple deposits and district scale in Idaho. This is a project Mick Routledge might put signature on after all those years at Kennecott also in Idaho.

    Coeur has a wealth of strong projects in pipeline with higher metals.
    Investor Day is going to be special sort of unveiling

    HAWKEN you were right about opportunity cost.
  • R
    Other miners up cde down. That is when I get concerned
  • A
    It should be remembered that in the July 30 conference, it was said that Rochester's free cash flow would exceed $ 100 million per year once the expansion is complete with prices of $ 1,615 and $ 16.5 which, based on current gold and silver prices, would give at least $ 40 million more. Krebs had also noted the possibility of having five to seven assets, each generating more than $ 50 million in free cash flow per year, for a total of + - 250M + 100M (Rochester) = 350 * 140/100 (gold at $ 1900 and silver at $ 24) = 490M. A valuation of 10 to 15 times the annual cash flow would give + - 4900M to 7350, or $ 20 to $ 30 per CDE share!
    But perhaps I am too optimistic to believe that CDE will continue on a positive path?
  • e
    Hawken's-thanks for that .The word phenomenal as to Silvertips exploration results and the target of 1750-2000 TPD. and the continued underground work that will allow drilling in 2020-2021.
    Wharf got a pat on back but no mention of success at Richmond Hills.
    Sterling has 40holes at C Horst almost all intercepting mineralization.
    And missing was progress at Kensington on permitting..
  • e
    Silvertip with its phenomenal exploration results and Krebs mentioning a 1750-2000tpd operation and possibly higher. The tech report coming will put this in perspective...Zinc prices are now up to 1.23lb and lead .87lb..
    Also underground development that will allow for further drilling this winter.

    C Horst had interesting results with only 9 holes now at more than 40 and almost all intercepted mineralization.
    E Rochestor directional drilling found grade and thickness above resource grade and RC drilling in pit found grades higher than reserve grade below the water table i..Drilling was continued at both areas and will be incorporated into technical report.
    There is really no way to value Silvertip without tech report.

    Preciosa is valued at 30million by analysts with 170 million silver ounces. stated Krebs. They are looking at options and have gotten interest.

    Sterling looking out to 2025..

    Kensington has a two years to permitting renewal and 150 acres of disturbance for waste rock/
    This company is really hard to value.
  • s
    CRIMEX gold/silver options expire tomorrow
  • H
    Qtr 3 earnings - are out
    IMO looking pretty good -
    GAAP of .11 per share
    .16 per share from continuing operations