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Centennial Resource Development, Inc. (CDEV)

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At close: 4:00PM EST
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  • J
    I'm in at $1.63. I'm not selling until it gets back to $12-15, maybe even longer. I was torn between getting into this stock a few months ago or QEP. Glad I decided to go with CDEV.
  • F
    Here since 0.27$/share....are we 10 $ yet.
    I still remember to be called pumper and told this this company would go bankrupt. The only thing I am going to pump in 1 to 2 years is all the $ i am going to make.
    Good luck to all longs...we are almost there.
  • R
    "It is important to note that our expectations of free cash flow generated, both this year and in the future, are not underwritten by $60 or even $55 oil prices. Due to the dramatic changes to our cost structure, we believe we can be free cash flow positive in 2021 and beyond with oil prices in the mid-$40 per barrel range. Coupling that with our long-dated maturity profile and ample liquidity, Centennial is very well positioned going forward." Sean R. Smith , CEO

    we are definitely going to hit 10 and beyond this year. hoping it will be by next Q.
  • p
    With the OPEC meeting coming up on march 4th, all the small E&P stocks may down in the next 3 days, but long term we still are on an up move!
  • r
    Oil price for the last quarter that was just reported by CDEV was mid 30's in October, low 40's in November and averaged $47 in December and we were 9 months into the pandemic with little draw and an oil glut. Biden took the reigns in January, further tightening the oil screws, along with the OPEC decisions, and price is now low 60's. The quarter just released is old news that isn't relative to the current situation. While there was a lot of very positive information in the report, the most valuable line in the release in my opinion was, "Expect to be free cash flow positive in 2021 using current strip pricing." There will be significant difference in the first quarter of the new year compared to the last quarter. If anyone has just looked at the bottom line without taking into account world events, current oil pricing etc, they are not seeing things clearly. Just my opinion.
  • O
    Other Mark
    Man you can not time the market. Finally had some cash on hand, waiting for the morning sell off. It didn't happen so I grabbed some at 4.20. LOL Then the market dips this below 4 end of day. Probably more of the same tomorrow headed into the weekend. Not worried long term, but def laughed at myself for me trying to time the buy.
  • J
    Reading through the Q4 guidance, and I really like the plan for the reduction in debt, and I am glad their hedge positions are only for about 10% of their production. 90% of their oil produced in Delware basin will got $60/Bbl + hopefully the rest of the year. SM hedged 80% at $40! This may be the most upside oil producer stock available now that you know they will make it considering the high level debt position and last year of oil prices..
  • W
    2021 Financial and Operational Plan:

    Expect to be free cash flow positive in 2021 using current strip pricing.
    - no worries remember it’s CDEV, they never give exact figures early.

    Anticipate significant reduction in leverage by year-end 2021

    Plan to operate two-rig drilling program

    Expect to average full year oil production consistent with fourth quarter 2020 levels
    -OK for now, but we want to see improvements here by end of Q2.

    Operational plan supported by structurally lower well costs and increased lateral lengths

    Looks like we’re still on track for the steady path to $6 😎
  • J
    Jethro fake name:[Ninjaboy]
    CDEV is undervalued according to Yahoo analysts, they also believe they can be cash-flow positive in 2021 and beyond with their oil prices in the mid-$40 per barrel range (according to their last earnings report), and oil prices are rising because of the hope of opening our country up again. CDEV is a good buy short term and long term. And there are a lot of short-term moving averages crossing the longer-term moving averages (technical analysis). CDEV is a good buy!
  • F
    I am a novice investor but this shaking has happened so many time that it no longer generates any anxiety on me, actually, i took advantage of the situation and bought more shares of 2 different companies. of course, i invest with my money, i don't leverage, reason why I feel ok if I have a loss short term. Point is, hold your shares and keep you horizon far ahead from current levels. Good luck to all
  • W
    Two years ago this company was at $17 a share. With about the same oil prices. Thoughts?
  • B
    The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending Dec 2020... end of December, CDEV was trading at $1.50 and oil was high $40s....
    All price appreciate and oil boom happened recently and will reflect next quarter.... psychologically you see the price of late and since it happens close to and more importantly before earnings, you have higher expectations for earnings. Lucky for us and anyone with real money knows that’s not the case and that the GUIDANCE for this upcoming quarter is far more important. Goodluck to all! HODL! $5 around the corner
  • H
    Harry Ballz
    It just dawned on me that we have spent nearly a month just trying to gain 10% in share price. I thought I was investing in an oil company, not a mortgage backed stock. I'm a patient man but this nonsense with 4 is getting old.
  • 4
    4whom the bell tolz
    ok peeps, now that cdev 2.0 is rolling strong in 2021, go take a look at the 2 year chart and see where we are heading
  • H
    Harry Ballz
    We could really use some buyers right now. Time to step up and support these stocks. $CDEV $REI
  • d
    The Cdev will climb nice today as the oracle has predicted it will
  • A
    How are all you panic sellers that dumped after market and pre market feeling now?
  • p
    So help me here because oil is not my specialty.... Let's say some conflict sparks in the Middle East....
    How does that affect cdev price?
  • c
    EIA Report shows crude had a 7.3 million barrel decrease in inventory.
  • A
    it is already stated that due to the pandemic induced oil crisis, OG companies will have to pay down the debt by restructuring. Surely, with good management and oil price forecasts for 70$, no brainer to hold shares.