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    all the chain got deleted were I said I sold 2/3 of my share as result of the PTAB to allow Thorne to proceed. I have been on this board long time so feel obligated to let folks know:
    stefan_0018 hours ago
    @el duderino sold 2/3s. I was in this stock for the strong IPR position, that is now undermined. To invalidate the patent will take a couple years still for Thorne but every party considering infringing will be emboldened and so is Thorne, hence I expect that we see more NR products on the market undermining the price. I may increase position again if sales are good and the brand value goes up. Agree that NRH has promise and the IPR is strong but its several years out. If the stock runs back up towards 20 I will sell the remaining part.
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    el duderino
    Before the year is up, the trials will be complete. There's been speculation on this board that once the trials are finished, Nestle could make an offer. Fried has repeatedly said that Nestle has an interest in the other precursors, and they've shown that with their work. Whatever happens with NR, Tru Niagen is a brand, and there will still be value. The only problem is appeals. They usually take a year and a half or so, depending on the case. Would Nestle wait for the appeals process to finish up, or if they like what they see, could there be an offer in the fourth quarter?
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    To all those defenders of Rob Fried and his “slow and steady” … “own the science” approach, the PTAB ruling should be a huge wake up call. If they have little sales and little brand awareness in the space and lose the patent protection, how long do you think it will take WMT, etc to have their own branded NR on the shelves marketed the right way? Tru Niagen who? Rob has wasted years. Years!!! He needs to go and CDXC needs deals with every major retailer right this second, major ad campaigns and every form of media attention they can get. They need to be “the original”, “the trusted brand” before they lose in court and become the never was. Downside if they take this approach and I’m wrong, say they actually win in court, they will have significantly more sales and a better CEO.
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    Here's the lineup on the cognitive products at my Walmart store, moving from left to right, at eye level.
    This data is from yesterday, 06 08 2021 about 7 pm ET USA.

    Spring Valley Brain (Spring Valley is a Walmart in-store brand.)
    Spring Valley 4-Function Brain Support
    Cognium (sold out)
    Focus Factor
    Focus Factor Extra Strength
    Tru Niagen 100 mg
    Tru Niagen 300 mg
    Neuriva (sold out) (top rating is for 207 customer comments, with a 4 star rating)
    Neuriva (sold out)
    Neuriva (sold out)
    Neuriva (biggest bottle for about $39)
    Neuriva (sold out)
    Prevagen (387 customer comments, with a 4 star rating)

    Prevagen has a huge expensive advertising campaign, claiming that it improves memory.
    Most of the Neuriva was sold out -- only a few bottles were left, from FIVE different versions of it.

    I had NO IDEA that people were buying expensive cognition supplements, on this scale.

    Tru Niagen should be able to keep a 4.5 star rating, and have a few hundred customers rate the product.
    A person nicknamed Edgar added in a short comment, on both the 100 mg and the 300 mg bottle.
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    Went to the WMT near my house for the 300 mg and are sold out. They lost a sale. Don’t run out Rob. 3 bottles of 100 mg still on the shelf.
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    My post got deleted. Wanted to say that you can put increasing amounts of TN in your wmt cart online and basically see how much is in stock by which point the option for today pickup disappears.

    The stores around me have at most 4 bottles of each. Some have less which I suppose means some sold.
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    Just went to my Walmart (grocery version) and they had 4 bottles of 100mg.
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    el duderino
    Reposting @Jimbo's link from yesterday
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    Just bought my first bottle of TruNiagen at WMT in The Woodlands Tx.
    There were 6 100mg and 4 300mg (now3).
    I will monitor this week to see if they are moving.
    I travel a bunch, it’s really nice to know I can always pop into WMT if I forget to pack my NR
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    Nutrition Live Online

    Wed June 9, 2021

    12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

    Optimizing NAD Status: A Call to Action for Nutrition Research (Sponsored Satellite Program)

    Live Q&AWill Be Recorded for Non-Live Viewing

    Chair: Mona Rosene, MS, RD – ChromaDex Corp

    Speaker: J. Bruce German, PhD – UC Davis

    Speaker: Eija Pirinen, PhD – University of Helsinki

    Speaker: David L. Katz, MD, MPH – Diet ID, Inc

    Cellular and Physiological Nutrition/Metabolism
    Sponsored By: ChromaDex

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    Tom Varvaro (ex-CDXC CFO) on FB, about why some NR studies take forever to publish:

    "If you are a research group and have a positive outcome, you first have to convince your institution to file a patent on in, but wait, the company that sponsored it has ROFN. If we license it to them they they will pay for all the patent work. CDXC says we will pay, but we want to guide the patent work and oh yeah your patent is blocked by our other ones and it is just an application ( Let negotiations begin!) I negotiated with University tech transfer groups for years. Some are relatively quick, some are glacier slow. Some required a 3rd party to agree as well ( For example lab also has USDA as a general sponsor), and some have people in place that have no business representing their institution in the tech fields."
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    el duderino
    Join naturopath @DrMeletis for a FREE webinar on June 15 at 1 pm ET on Powering up Whole Body Cellular Performance and Athletic Pursuits as your Patients sponsored by @TruNiagen
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    For new advertising, we REALLY NEED some more electron microscope photos, of before/after mitochondra treated with Tru Niagen. Just black and white images. This is nothing new -- but most people who buy vitamins haven't see a photo yet.

    If you want to sell Tru Niagen, use photos and video clips. Seeing is believing, for a lot of people. Words are not as helpful as photos and video clips, for a lot of people.

    Something like this photo, where "NR increased muscle mitochondrial number and density".
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    I understand that NR stability in liquids is still problematic. Would that be the case as well with gummies? Goli is advertising the hell out of three different varieties of gummies (apple cider vinegar, ashwaghanda, and citrus) they sell for ~ $18 per 60 count, with recommended dosage of 4-8 gummies per day. And they’re pushing daily use of more than one variety. Even at only 4 per day, if you use 2 of the 3 varieties, that’s about $2.50 per day. Compare that to the $2 per day per person my wife and I pay for our daily 600mg dose of Tru Niagen. I like the Goli products. But I don’t think they have the science behind them NR does. But man, does Goli market the hell out of those things. (I mentioned the island displays at Walmart in a separate post yesterday.)
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    Mitochondrial Quality Control: Epigenetic Signatures and Therapeutic Strategies

    This is behind a paywall but the goggle search shows this little snip of preview text under the link which is not part of the abstract and it says something about NR restoring cognition but I don’t want to get too excited about it.

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    el duderino
    The role of Nicotinamide Riboside on gut and muscle
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    Wallmart extra revenue - imagine 3800 walmart, each sells 10 bottles per day, and CDXC receives US$10 per bottle. They will get extra 3800*10*10*365 revenue, this is US$138mln of revenue, 100% of what CDXC did last year!! Super bullish for CDXC.
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    Brenner starting new cancer metabolism company. Thoughts?
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    el duderino
    CD38 deficiency alleviates Ang II-induced vascular remodeling by inhibiting small extracellular vesicle-mediated vascular smooth muscle cell senescence in mice'
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    Although there is currently no treatment available for Alzheimer's disease and its progress cannot be stopped, the disease can be prevented by maintaining good cardiovascular health and ensuring sufficient, high-quality sleep.