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Career Education Corporation (CECO)

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  • CECO is up 5.14% to 10.44
  • Most of us don't recognize an opportunity http://dataunion.tistory.com/1452

    [2016-MAY] Career Education Corp. NASDAQ : CECO Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.1 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • $CECO Looks ready for a short term bounce. Technical 83% chance bullish at foxchart
  • Whats up with the continuous decline in SP? Anyone knows sth?
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  • Dick Wang just sold 200K shares. Smart guy.
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  • Newest Board Member Ms. Gonzales should be familiar with current CEO Todd Nelson when they were both at UOP:
    Todd Nelson resigned as chief executive of Apollo Group, parent company of the University of Phoenix, in 2006, in the wake of two controversies that ended up in court. In the first case, Apollo, the nation’s largest for-profit college business, paid $9.8 million in 2004 to settle a U.S. Department of Education complaint that it had engaged in systematic violations of rules regulating aggressive recruiting of students. The second, less well known, was a case brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), several months after Nelson left, charging that for years the University of Phoenix had discriminated against employees who were not members of the Mormon church. According to the Arizona Republic, “The University of Phoenix and Apollo were long dogged by murmurs of Mormon influence. Apollo’s longtime chief executive officer, Todd Nelson, was active in the church, and the company was said to heavily recruit church members as enrollment counselors.” The school settled that case by agreeing to pay $1.89 million — the largest payment to settle an EEOC religious discrimination case in the agency’s history.
    Today, Todd Nelson is chairman of EDMC, the country’s second largest for-profit college business. EDMC, too, is embroiled incontroversy, including lawsuits by the U.S. Justice Department and state attorneys general alleging fraud and recruiting abuses. EDMC’s stock has plummeted to about a tenth of where it was a year ago, and the company is laying off teachers and cutting services to students. This morning the companyannounced that enrollment and revenues had once again declined this fall. Amidst this collapse, Nelson has allowed a significant portion of EDMC’s declining resources to be allocated … to himself. He received $1,812,996 in compensation for 2009, $3,804,121 in compensation for 2010 — and $13 million in compensation for 2011.
    Todd Nelson and his wife, Amy, are also major donors to Mitt Romney. They have contributed $7,500 to the Romney campaign, and both are members of the Romney fundraising committee for Arizona. Amy Nelson also has given $50,000 to the Romney Super PAC, Restore Our Future. In making that donation, she used a Utah post office box as her address. Nelsontold USA Today that his donations are not related to his business interests. “I’ve given to those who I feel can help our country,” he said. When the paper asked about his wife’s $50,000 contribution, Nelson said: “I’m aware of some of the things my wife does and some not.” Todd Nelson also donated $30,800 to the Republican National Committee in April.
    EDMC receives 80 percent of its revenues from federal student financial aid. Apollo Group receives 88.7 percent of its revenues from such aid. Todd Nelson’s wealth has been enhanced, considerably, by us taxpayers.
    Although he appears to downplay the intensity of support, it seems apparent that Todd Nelson really, really wants Mitt Romney to win the election. Indeed, as the truth catches up with the major for-profit colleges, it appears these companies are doubling down on a Mitt Romney victory as their last best hope to retain unquestioned access to a torrent of taxpayer money.
    Government and media investigations have shown that many for-profit colleges use deceptive and coercive recruiting to lure veterans and low-income Americans into high-priced, low-quality programs — leaving students deep in debt, and leaving taxpayers, who fund financial aid at for-profit colleges to the tune of $32 billion a year, with wasted investments. Meanwhile, many of these companies, which get an average of 86 percent of their revenues through federal funds, have reaped huge profits. These revelations have now had a major impact — student enrollments and company stock prices are way down, and the industry appears to be in disarray
  • When does the roof cave in?
  • Now that the DOE has sacked COCO and ESI, shouldn't they be teeing up CECO to join their group?
  • PVHO looks like it could be ready for another run. Intel recently wrote a whole whitepaper on the company and it could be ready to take off soon. They have a huge partnership in place with riteaid also. Check them out.
  • PVHO could be ready to run again. They have a partnership with riteaid and are in a ton of riteaid stores already. Plus they were recently endorsed by intel (yes that intel). Check out PVHO today.
  • Hillary Clinton Rape & Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Sex Crazed First Man Threatens White House Employees If She Wins.

    Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States (1993-2001), has been publicly accused by several women of sexual misconduct. Juanita Broaddrick has accused Clinton of rape; Kathleen Willey has accused Clinton of groping her without consent; and Paula Jones accuses Clinton of sexually harassing her. Other women have alleged adulterous affairs with Bill Clinton (e.g., Dolly Kyle, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky). In addition, rumors of additional sexual misconduct have been publicized in tabloid magazines and on the Internet.

    Of all the allegations made against him regarding his sexual history, Clinton has only admitted extramarital relationships with Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers. He denied having an affair with Dolly Kyle.

    In a 1999 episode of Dateline NBC, former Clinton volunteer Juanita Broaddrick alleged that in the late 1970s Bill Clinton raped her in her hotel room. According to Broaddrick, she agreed to meet with Clinton for coffee in the lobby of her hotel, but Clinton asked if they could go to her room to avoid a crowd of reporters. Once Clinton had isolated her in her hotel room, he sexually assaulted her. Broaddrick stated Clinton injured her lip by biting it during the assault.[1][2] In 1999, Clinton denied Broaddrick's allegations through his lawyer.

    Supporters of Clinton have questioned her account by noting that Broaddrick continued to support Clinton, and appear at public events on his behalf, weeks after the alleged rape.[3] In addition, Broaddrick had once signed a deposition stating that no sexual contact had occurred with Bill Clinton; although she subsequently stated that she had made this claim because "I didn't want to be forced to testify about the most horrific event of my life."[4][5]

    Juanita Broaddrick

    Broaddrick's allegations resurfaced in the 2016 presidential campaign. In various media interviews, Broaddrick stated that Clinton raped her and that Hillary Clinton knew about it, and tried to threaten Broaddrick into remaining silent. She started giving some interviews in 2015 because Hillary Clinton's statement that victims of sexual assault should be believed angered her

    Dolly Kyle

    As part of Paula Jones sexual harassment case Dolly Kyle (formerly Dolly Kyle Browning), a childhood classmate of Bill Clinton, was deposed and stated that she had known Bill Clinton since she was eleven and had an affair with him starting around 1974 and ending in 1992.[7][8][9][10] Ms. Kyle had become a lawyer in Texas. She began writing a "semi-autobiographical novel" about her alleged affair with Bill Clinton. In the publication process, Browning asserted that Clinton did everything in his power to prohibit and undermine publication. Browning sued Clinton for damages, but the US Court of Appeals denied her appeal. Clinton denied that an affair had occurred.[11][12] She subsequently published a memoir (Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir) on their alleged 18-year affair.[13]

    Paula Jones

    According to Paula Jones' account, on May 8, 1991, she was escorted to Clinton's hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas[14] where he propositioned and exposed himself to her. She claimed she kept quiet about the incident until 1994, when a David Brock story in the American Spectator magazine printed an account. In any case, in 1994, Jones filed a federal lawsuit against Clinton, alleging sexual harassment. In the discovery stage of the suit, Jones's lawyers had the opportunity to question Clinton under oath about his sexual history; in the course of this testimony, Clinton denied having had a sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, a denial that (once his affair with Lewinsky was exposed) would lead to his impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.[15]

    In April 1998, the case was dismissed by Republican Judge Susan Webber Wright as lacking legal merit.[16] But Jones appealed Webber Wright's ruling, and her suit gained traction following Clinton's admission to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky in August 1998.[17]

    On appeal, in the midst of his trial for impeachment based on false testimony in the Jones case (about his affair with Monica Lewinsky), Clinton was faced with the prospect of having to go under oath again and testify more about his sexual history. Instead, Clinton agreed to an out-of-court settlement, paying Jones and her lawyers $850,000 to drop the suit.[18] Clinton's lawyer said that the President made the settlement only so he could end the lawsuit for good and move on with his life.[19]

    Kathleen Willey

    In 2015, Kathleen Willey alleged Clinton groped her in the White House Oval Office in 1993.[20] Kenneth Starr granted her immunity for her testimony in his separate inquiry.[21][22]

    Linda Tripp, the Clinton Administration staffer who secretly taped her phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky in order to expose the latter's affair with the President, testified under oath that Willey's sexual contact with President Clinton in 1993 was consensual, that Willey had been flirting with the President, and that Willey was happy and excited following her 1993 encounter with Clinton.[23] Ken Starr thought there was insufficient evidence to pursue her allegations further. In 2007 Willey published a book about her experiences with the Clintons.[24]

    Gennifer Flowers

    Gennifer Flowers (born January 24, 1950) is an American model and actress who obtained notoriety in 1992 by revealing a 12-year sexual relationship with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Clinton denied the affair at the time. However, In January 1998, as part of Paula Jones' case, Clinton testified under oath that he had [25] sexual relations with Flowers.[26][27] In 2016 Flowers stated that Hillary is an enabler of Bill Clinton's affairs.[28]

    Other allegations

    Eileen Wellstone is an English woman who alleged Clinton raped her in 1969 after she had met him at a pub near Oxford University, England. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholarship student at Oxford at that time. Ms Wellstone re-confirmed the incident in 1999, but asked to be left alone.[29]

    In 1998, in response to what she called false media claims that Clinton had raped her, Elizabeth Ward Gracen (former Miss Arkansas and Miss America) recanted a six-year-old denial and stated she had a one-night stand with Clinton in 1982.[30] Gracen later apologized to Hillary Clinton.[30]

    Sally Perdue, a former Miss Arkansas, said she had a four-month affair with him in 1983.[31]

    Connie Hamzy, a self-described rock-and-roll groupie, who said Clinton propositioned her in 1984 while she was sunbathing by a Little Rock hotel pool.[32]

    Lencola Sullivan, a former Miss Arkansas and fourth runner-up in the Miss America pageant was rumoured to have had a "sexual relationship" with Clinton by L.D. Brown, Clinton's state trooper body guard.[33]


    Young Hillary Clinton heard laughing while discussing her defense of an accused child rapist in newly discovered audio tapes

    A young Hillary Clinton callously rejoiced at getting an accused child rapist off the hook even though the then-lawyer suspected the man was guilty, newly unearthed audio recordings of the youthful future pol show.

    Clinton, then a 27-year-old legal aid lawyer in Arkansas, is heard on the old recording, obtained and first reported on by the Washington Free Beacon, casually discussing how she was able to finagle a plea bargain for her client — an Arkansas man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl — because of a legal technicality.

    “This guy was accused of raping a 12-year-old. ‘Course he claimed that he didn’t, and all this stuff,” says a cavalier Clinton on the recording, referencing her client, Thomas Alfred Taylor, who was charged with the 1975 rape.

    “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” a chuckling Clinton is heard saying — a seemingly obvious clue that she felt her client was guilty.

    Over the course of the interview — conducted from 1983 to 1987 by Arkansas reporter Roy Reed for a piece in Esquire magazine that never ran — Clinton reveals how she took advantage of critical mistakes by the crime-scene team and the prosecution to get Taylor to plead to a much lesser charge.

    “The crime lab took the pair of (Taylor’s) underpants,” which reportedly contained blood and semen that some thought would have proved his guilt, “neatly cut out the part that they were gonna test, tested it, came back with the result of what kind of blood it was what was mixed in with it, then sent the pants back with the hole in it to evidence,” a breezy Clinton says. “Of course the crime lab had thrown away the piece they had cut out.”

    Clinton, who as Taylor’s court-appointed defense attorney was legally obligated to act in her client’s best interests, capitalized on the grave mistake, taking the remaining fabric to a well-known forensic expert in New York to prove that the evidence had been irreversibly compromised.

    The expert found that not enough blood remained on the fabric to test, prompting the judge in the case to urge lawyers on both sides to agree on a plea deal for Taylor.

    Taylor, who died in 1992, ended up pleading guilty to unlawful fondling of a child and was sentenced to one year in prison. He ended up serving less than that, due to time he had already served.

    Clinton, in numerous interviews, has described the case as having been difficult for her.

    God Bless You, Your Family and USA
  • How did Todd S. Nelson get another job after he destroyed APOL and EDMC? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/for-profit-zombie-college-crash-dahn-shaulis-5980844737412763648?published=t

    Subprime College Criminals Slide. Federal Government (Again) Slow to Act. [Updated 9-28-2016]
    News of the crash of the Art Institutes ("Ai") and its parent company, Education Management Corporation ("EDMC") should have happened months ago.  Almost half of the Ai schools are in the process of
  • Hear Me out…If you are really serious about trading then you NEED to check out LoinStockAlerts. They have been alerting some solid trades recently.
  • Todd S. Nelson's greed helped take down APOL (University of Phoenix) and EDMC (Art Institute and other brands). He is a scourge on for-profit colleges.
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