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Celsius Holdings, Inc. (CELH)

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70.11+0.90 (+1.30%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • J
    For all the supply issues people talking about I just bought 4 cases off of Walmart website and was able to get it cheaper than Amazon. It also showed up in shorter time than what Amazon was able to do. The supply is where you look. Gotta get it quick or it's gone the stores need to order more.
  • B
    All this talk of empty shelves and you think that's a good sign? It's not. Store will replace vendors that cannot keep stock up. They make $0 with empty shelves.
  • D
    Not much to worry about today’s temporary drop. The dip offers golden opportunities for long term investors to pick up from here. With today’s offering, this company is in unprecedented great cash position (more than 90mil total) without any debt. Celh has never been so strong before. We expect its growth to be accelerated with the additional fuels.
  • M
    There are 1M more shares in the float since a week ago. That dilutes current shares by 1.4%. PPS dropped 15% yesterday. Does that make sense to you??
  • D
    Positive move! Raising decent amount of cash for further expansion and increasing the stock’s liquidity. Insiders hold too big portions. Good for them to release some back to the market or other institutional holders.
  • J
    Just asked a Target store manager when they would receive more Celsius since the shelf is empty. He said its been that way for weeks and that they are having shipping problems
  • a
    CELH Celsius Holdings Credit Suisse Upgrades to Outperform Raises Target to 78.00
  • U
    Unsophisticated Investor
    I’m not surprised or concerned. This stock is hyper volatile and has been for months. Will probably level out between 65-70 for a while now.
  • J
    Solid books on this company. Drink is good and revenue growing heavily. Glad this dip to 62 happened cause allowed me to get in at my target price. Looking forward to a 20+ percent gain in a year 😎
  • D
    What great news for those of us who recently bought shares at $70++ that the new shares were issued at a price of $62.50. Shows a lot of confidence in the company's forward-looking prospects.
  • W
    $KGKG conversation
    $CELH has been running like wildfire for a little over a year. I remember watching it at $3.50-4.00 thinking I should buy it, it's now at $78. I wasted my time holding KGKG instead...now KGKG sales growth is on fire and if it continues over the next 4-5 quarters we can follow a similar path. CELH trades at 37x sales...that type of comp can turn KGKG into a 10x bagger or more.
  • j
    It does not help that they keep adding to millions of out standing shares. More shares lower price.
  • C
    I understand that us longs are all cheering right now, but if you pause for a second and listen really really closely, you can hear Larry's and Brian's receiving their margin calls on their puts 🙃
  • R
    Well, i going to wait for a rebound and then I'm done with this security.

    It's not a coincidence that it started dropping massively before the offering news got public.
    I believe someone leaked the new to the hedgies and front run the retail investors.

    So, even though this is great company with amazing growth opportunity, I'm tired playing into the hands of the hedgies!
  • l
    may not be short sales. may just be traders taking some off the table to have cash for the Summer
  • j
    Share offering is a bummer in the short term for those who bought recently, but great move by CEO. More firepower for growth and possible addl small acquisitions. Anyone who thinks dilution is bad for a small fast growing business is foolish. If you believe in the product and Managment then you want them to add money to the coffers. This is a blip on the screen long term and sets a soft floor on stock price. Bought more today with original cost basis in 40s
  • M
    Up 1600% on about 19k shares. Mind boggling. Trimmed 2k shares in a Roth yesterday. Can it really continue to climb?!?
  • r
    Very glad I took advantage of the ruthless beating this stock took awhile back back down into the 40s. I am sitting on big money right now. I fully expect CELH to take out 100 over time, especially once rates settle down.
  • b
    $Hyre recently offered stock for $12 when the stock was at $14. It crashed down a few months later the stock is over 18. $Celh has down amazing and long term holders are up big. Hopefully they are just refueling right now.
  • j
    Back up to 80. Bought more after offering. Peanuts in grand scheme, big over reaction. This product is awesome and the company is only in very early innings