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  • This board appears dead. Why aren't you people posting any more?
  • Holding his own....his last N-Q as of May 15th showed he was 44.9% short.
    24% the long bond and 19% short the real estate like SPG and MAC.
  • Old board is now a Ghost town.. Farewell..
  • I sold all my shares at $45 that I bought when CGMFX was at its peak. Worst investment I've ever made and while I know this fund may climb higher, I've waited years for it to hit this mark. Sometimes, it's worth losing a bit of money rather than the
  • I don't get it. He was heavy into money center banks, and they were all up almost 1.5% today, and yet he only eked out 0.18%.
    Even the long term bond short alone does not account for the disparity in closing N.A.V.
  • ....rather than risking another plummet into the $20+ range.
  • Very active board i see. Active by its silence. No igg, no other fx detractors. Could it be because fx's been doing ok for the past couple months and more and looks like it made a 5 yr high today? On a day the 10 yr was down a couple bp's+. I'd maybe look to see what his holdings are out of curiosity, but what would be the point. They've probably changed quite a bit since the last reporting. But not his treasury shorts. They should be god for quite some time. Even trump can't screw things up that quickly unless congress helps him so the fed should stay on the interest rate increase track for some time yet. Interesting article on how bush and obama both tried the tariff route and came out smelling like sheet. You can find it for yourselves if interested. Trade with mexico hasn't been a win-lose proposition under nafta, it's been Win-win. Igg, i understand mexico's a relatively important market for American farm goods. What happens if they slap retaliation tariffs on your stuff? Also saw where American subsidies to corn producers destroyed the mexican corn growers a bit over a decade ago. Any Americans cry foul over that?
  • Gee, nobody heuh no mo'? Now that fx is putting on a bit of a show no one has anything to say. Comical.
  • Is this guy still making disastrous ST trades like putting 30% of the fund into shorting Treasuries? Thankfully never put more than a tiny percentage of my money in this.
  • Challenge, you still around? I just posted something on the old board though it doesn't show unless i put the word cat into the search box. Just to remind you about the dow dogs and how that one can work. We're not too far from the end of this year, soon will be time to choose for next year. If there are any dogs. Anyway, here's the post i made over there. When i heard this morning the gain cat's made this year it reminded me of the dog pick thread.

    "Reply to Challenge, the dow by rivvir •Dec 25, 2015 6:42 PM
    rivvir • 19 minutes ago Remove 0users liked this postsusers disliked this posts0Reply
    "Cat's a definite pick for me, looking for a turnaround in mining."

    Just caught cat's leading the dow this year, up 31%, and it reminded me of the dogs pick for this year. I wonder which dummy gave me the td on the post - lol. Dogs for next year, a bit early for that. I don't even know if there'll be something i could call a dog for the dow.
  • “THIS country is a hellhole. We are going down fast,” says Donald Trump. “We can’t do anything right. We’re a laughing-stock all over the world. The American dream is dead.” It is a dismal prospect, but fear not: a solution is at hand. “I went to the Wharton School of Business. I’m, like, a really smart person,” says Mr Trump. “It’s very possible”, he once boasted, “that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”
  • Republicans have traditionally not placed much emphasis on early voting, or voter mobilization in general. This is not a deficiency, but a recognition that the Republican coalition is composed primarily of older, wealthier, and better educated people who have established ties to their communities and thus more often fit the profile of a likely voter. It is the Democratic coalition that is primarily composed of younger, poorer, and less educated people who more frequently move that more often need voter mobilization.
  • Van, don't know if you look in here or not, but today its another biotech i'm long on, aurinia, auph. I haven't even looked at the news yet so don't know what caused today's up. At the moment i'm a touch under doubling from where i bought, having already ha some gain in the stock before today. I doubt i bought it more than 3 or 4 months ago if that long ago. I'd have to see when they ha their bad news spike down.
  • If it looks like Trump is going to win exit the Stock Market and go to 100% cash. It will be an easy double if you wait four years as the Market retreats to Bush II levels. We have all gotten rich easily during the past 7 1/2 years and if you go to cash and then reenter at the end of the Trump term it will another easy double. I wish I had gone to cash when Bush II was elected but I didn't so I was only able to get an easy double + from the Obama market. Besides going to cash if you have young children or grand children at an age that they can get drafted it is guaranteed that Trump, in order to fulfill his threat to greatly increase the size of the military, will implement the Draft since everyone who wants to be in the service right now, is in the service, there is no waiting list so a draft to force kids into the military will be necessary. All military leaders in US says we don't need more troops so my guess is the Republican House and Senate will shoot this stupid idea down like they will all of his uninformed ideas.
  • In the and you thought yahoo's message board change was bad category, the blue ribbon winner is outlook. What an absolutely terrible change they made to a many years long serviceable program. Once again proof change for the simple purpose of change so often leads to very poor results, a situation worse than was in place prior.
  • Want to see a real businessman who'd make a great president of the US? Catch jaimie dimon talking at the economic club today. There'll probably be some tape of it available somewhere.
  • Today i make a proclamation. After months and months of screen results numbering in the 20 and less range, with last week's screen producing 9 which met the criteria, today, the first time in all the years i've run the screen, produced a result numbering 0. So i officially declare today the stock market is overvalued even when taking into account the historically low interest environment. For me that means we are particularly vulnerable to any interest rate increase, even 1/4% every 9 months to a year. Now, a question. How can inflation pick up if savers aren't given a return they can use to fuel an economy? Seems to me the worry is not fighting the fed but the fed fighting itself. They have put themselves between a rock and a hard place. The time to normalize has long passed but better to start late than never. Give savers some fuel to burn, forget about rewarding business owners/managements. They can work around the fed, savers/spenders can't.
  • I think it remains about 45% below 2008 levels. I think that warrants a zero star rating .
  • This fund has been unfairly punished by the ratings services. It's clear that it's days as a high-flier came to an abrupt end in 2008 (an economic collapse due to the ill-advised Iraq adventure and the sub-prime mortage mess. But since 2009 the markets have more than doubled under Obama, and the chart shows that Heebner's fund has beat the S&P averages--which fewer than 10% of the professionals can do. Why the fund is given a 1-star rating along with an exodus of shareholders is somewhat bewildering.
  • Sorry, I wasn't using the S&P500, which is the best representation of the markets as a whole. Heeb is back in the pack. But his present investment mix looks good if you like the chances of interest rate hikes and the revival of the big banks. Still, he's chosen some riskier plays with Citi and Bank of America. Morgan and Wells Fargo are solid, safer plays.