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    Mo C
    I will take 6.5% div and wait for the shares to come back.
  • C
    I understand the trepidation. The orange man waved his sharpie and signed ANOTHER unenforceable executive order. Spookie... But his poorly constructed isolationist trade policies and anti-free market restrictions on American investment will soon be over. Combine that with a solid Q4 earnings report due to 5G contract upgrades and I see a big swing in this stock value.
  • M
    Here are the positives. 1. Cheap valuation. 2. Secure div. 3. A moat that is way bigger than WB's ketchup, soup and beverage ideas. The negatives. 1. A complete lack of revenue growth in the last decade. 2. A saturated market, albeit stable. 3. Cell phone data plans are regulated by the Gov. and when these Companies invest in 5 G ( which they have to ) the investor gets no additional value back than what the investor got in 4 G. Thus. 5 G is NOT going to pay more dividends until the 5 G network expands into cars and IOT but by then ( another decade ) we will be on 6 G which means that the entire 5 G network is a gift from the investor to the consumer but this is true all over the World and in China at least they have free competition when building the Towers. P.S. What Trump said recently is irrelevant garbage unless it's escalates into a military war.
  • J
    Jimmy Ning
    What a policy ? China didn’t ban us stock in China market ? He is a trouble maker ? If Tesla don’t have china market then how can Tesla stock over $1000? Ask trump to get Tesla back to us drop out china see what Tesla will say ?
  • a
    New York Times article says we have till Nov. 2021 to sell! Has anyone read that anywhere else?
  • c
    New 5 year low
  • D
    I am buying this dip
  • G
    How much of the $48 target is a hoax? This has been a Zacks and Valueline hoax. Zacks upgraded twice to strong buy as it continued to slide. Disaster
  • A
    Another executive order...LOl. Big whoop. Just stealing shares. Trump is out and just helping someone make money in a fake panic.. It will never happen.
  • i
    CHL, CHU and CHA as far as I can tell operate almost exclusively in China with 99% of their revenue and customers from China. What on earth does that have to do with the US? Please correct me if I am wrong. Next we are going to ban red wine sales in france and kangaroo steaks in Perth. Just what on earth is going on? Why is everyone crazy everywhere I look? Left, right - all equally intolerable and intolerant.
  • P
    Where are all the cheerleaders this morning.....Chinese sympathizers are MIA
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    Yahoo Member
    Trump just issued executive order barring investment these stocks!!!
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    4th and Long
    Tesla, Inc.
    Matter of time Chinese companies will be banned from investors in the U.S. As of today $CHA and $CHL are banned. I would not be suprised if NIO or XPENG and others are included. The ban was to target Chinese companies that support the Chinese military....PRC. I'm sure all Chinese companies are controlled by the PRC.
  • e
    Many of you ask why the stock has gone down to current price-per-share. The simple answer is in the Trump administration. That's all. The likelihood of Trump being re-elected is nil. Therefore the stock will bounce right back to new highs. Just be patient. At this price there's very little it can drop, if it does, from here. You're certainly in a safe position now if you have purchased in the low $30’s.

    ”The US Defense Department has determined that 20 top Chinese firms, including Huawei, are either owned by or backed by the Chinese military.
    The list, seen by US media, features video surveillance firm Hikvision, China Telecoms, China Mobile and AVIC.
    The determination could lay the groundwork for new US financial sanctions against the firms.
    It comes as the US has pressured other countries, including the UK, to bar Huawei for national security reasons”

    ”The White House already taken several steps against Huawei and other Chinese firms, including barring US companies from selling them certain technology without permission. The administration has also said its trade war with China, which resulted in billions of dollars worth of tariffs, was a response to theft of US trade secrets.
    But it has faced calls by some in Washington to act more aggressively.
    Huawei has contested US claims against it as "unsubstantiated allegations".
  • A
    Biden will flip it back
  • P
    State Run Enterprise ..... Command & Control make this un-investable
  • N
    Nik Raivio
    As a China Mobile (CHL) shareholder would you hold or sell your shares after last week's news of certain Chinese companies no longer being able to be held by US investors?
  • C
    If trade in CHL shares is banned, what happens to those of us who already own shares, will we be able to collect the dividend_/???
    How about selling the shares, who will buy them??
  • M
    I understand why Americans are iffy on Chinese companies. But lets look at the facts here. China is forever growing and CHL is their #1 telecom company. Prices right now are primed for entry for us long term investors. You get a fat dividend, and exposure to an emerging market outside of the US. Am I missing something here? American telecom companies are riddled with debt.
  • b
    Get it below 30$ please