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Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR)

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  • I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I see and hear things that aren't real. I've had 10 suicide attempts and am now on disability social security. I promised my psychiatrist I wouldn't commit suicide again. Also, I paid on a life insurance policy for many years that I'm now being paid monthly. I'm going to live in a fifth wheel trailer after Urban Lumberjacks sells. I plan on seeing my children taking them to Lake Naciemiento and visit their grandparents.

    Looking back I guess I should have invested better as well. I remember getting a call while I was invested in Metricom, Worldcom invited me to meet a representative at the Monterey Airport and should schedule three hours of my time. I had emailed Metricom that I would be happy to help hang poltops. The representative from Worldcom didn't show. Paul Allen didn't know that Bernie Ebbers of Worldcom was cooking the books. The breakthrough at Transmeta was by accident. Paul Allen didn't do anything wrong. I'm just joking, somehow Paul Allen comes out smelling like a rose. I'm glad for Dr. Ritter, Goldman Murry, Paul and anyone else I don't mention. Take care...
  • Back when I lost money investing in Metricom and Transmeta I came to the conclusion that Cristina Williams may have been murdered while Bill Clinton and Al Gore were here on the Central Coast visiting at an environmental summit in a mostly democratic Central Coast, California. Al Gore came first and made a speech, and then Bill Clinton flew in and spoke as well. I thought that the murder may have been a political statement and may have been been indians or latinos being a Federal (FBI) jurisdiction as the murder was committed in Fort Ord? The FBI profiled two assailants of the crime of brown color citing someone who came forward mentioning that they saw two men scouting the area of Fort Ord. I thought that it may have been someone that had an ax to grind while Christina's father made a speech at the summit along with Leon Panneta, Al Gore and Bill Clinton? I lost my child as well and had a heightened awareness of it at the time. I remember posting, It just seemed so elementary to me and don't forget the time? I remembered reading about a book when I was in elementary school and posted..Jim Bridger Mountain man! Well, I know now that the FBI found the killer with the help of DNA. It means closure to me as well. I thought I had an obligation to come forward and say my peace. My condolences to Christina's family... Russ
  • Paul, get together with your friend Bill and ask him what to do? We all make mistakes, including you. I know it's been a while I admit but I relive it every day over and over. I'm on a lot of medication now. I guess I'll die a popper instead of a pauper. Maybe it's karma, I don't know? I should have asked for you when I went to Transmeta and things would have been different? I GUESS IT'S ALL MY FAULT!
  • My first employee has been here for 25 years. When I invested I wanted to be able to have them retire some day. Paul, I know what it's like to have employees, especially when they've been so reliable over the years. I also knew there would come a day that I couldn't be able to climb trees anymore. I guess I should take my medicine.
  • I remember after Intel got wind of Transmeta's breakthrough, I remember someone from Transmeta posted that Intel was going to ruin a mans career? That would be Dr. Ritter. What about my career? I was so scared.
  • Paul: what would it hurt to have conversation with me? When I tell my friends about what happened they don't believe me? Why didn't you just call me instead of parking at the corner waiting for me to drive by? Were you afraid of me? I should have brought my Windows ME tablet with me when went I went to Transmeta. I had bought a Dell laptop windows ME that had a defective keyboard. None of this would have happened if I hadn't invested in both Transmeta and Metricom! I really think Dell was trying to rip of the Microsoft corporation with the help of Intel? I wish you would have come out the door while I was there at Transmeta instead of looking at me through the lobby glass doors. I don't know why I shrugged back when I saw you? I'm not your enemy! I lost all of my savings investing in both Metricom and Transmeta. I guess Holymcom made money shorting both the stocks. I have to say, I wish I would have known to go to Metricom when it went public and talk to Dr Ritter when Metricom asking him to go to Transmeta with me to initiate a merger with Transmeta and pay the combined employees with capitol investments which would have had 6 hundred million in cash after paying off the bonds. We both sometimes do things, looking back, that we would like to change? Mary keeps telling me you only have today, moving forward. She's my best friend and I can always count on her to help me, as well as my psychiatrist whom I see every two weeks to make sure I'm OK. I've had 10 suicide attempts. I drank antifreeze 2 times, ate all of my medication pills at once a few times and ended up in a coma for a weeks not to mention slitting my wrists. I remember when the senate tried to break up the Microsoft "monopoly". Bill went in front the senate hearings and said that the competition was fierce! Now Apple is more dominate than Microsoft. However, Microsoft funded Apple with 300 million dollars before Apple went bankrupt. So, by now that investment would have more than quadrupled. Anyway, I was so happy for DR Ritter! I wrote the code and I remember it well. I wrote: The code will be determined by the user frame window action or action windows the user deems accessory, is that Sun digital thing really true. I'm glad Bill and Paul were there to witness what I think was the end of the century moving forward and why Windows ME was developed. Really, can you imagine that led to the biggest breakthrough in history! All I can say now is work with Paul Allen at Intellectual Ventures.
  • I remember Paul you posted that you gave it to your son. I took that as me? I bequeathed all of my holdings to Paul Allen while being human. I figured you knew how to better invest than me? And, I wanted to make a difference by not selling you out. I never sold you out. I got caught in a quagmire.
  • Give me a second chance Paul, I gave you one. Please
  • Anyway, Paul Allen and Bill Gates didn't do anything wrong. Sometimes things just happen..
  • I was trying to invest to enough to retire my employees with me. I felt it was my obligation. I know what it is like to have employees. Anyway, I was so happy for DR Ritter! When employees at Transmeta posted that the bigboys were in town Intel initiated a press release saying that they have the right to compete with start ups.
  • When I emailed Transmeta I was writing in Microsoft word for therapeutic reasons writing about my past as a child and my parents divorce. When I wrote Transmeta I emailed ....May I suggest a printer? And, then again, I really have to pay attention while writing in Microsoft word on my Dell and I look up at the screen and it's scattered. I remember it like yesterday. Oh my god! I thought highly of Paul Allen and invested as such thinking he knew what he was doing? How would Paul know that Bernie Ebbers was cooking the books at Worldcom and would go to jail? Now, I guess Paul went private with intellectual Ventures. What I know is Paul didn't do anything wrong..Sometimes things just happen.
  • It's been a while but the thing that I remember which scared me most was when Intel caught wind of the Transmeta breakthrough! You guys were posting your happiness on yahoo. Again, I guess it was my fault? I bought a Dell laptop with a keyboard defect. I almost smashed my computer I was so scared! I remember it like it was yesterday, you blamed it on me? All I was trying to do was get a mobile computer system and got mad....I was just trying to do the right thing, now I'm on a lot of medication. I barely make it through everyday. Hope your happy!
  • Paul ask Dr. Ritter if you should be so kind as to help me....
  • Paul Allen this is Russell (superwapo) from Metricom and Transmeta. I know you will read this. Back then, I actually wanted a mobile device to help me run my tree service. As you know, I'm an Arborist. Anyway, you and Bill know I wrote you this while you were at Transmeta together. I bequeathed all of my holdings to Paul Allen while being human. I was so happy for you after the slaughter of Metricom and Transmeta. I told my wife Mary that you and Bill get the chance to change the planet again as we know it. Well, I want you to help me now. When I saw you at the corner I thought you were another private investigator? I had to look up your photo to realize that was you! I can't go back or I would have turned around and met you. I apologize. Back then my wife Mary and I were looking to upgrade our network after using DOS 5.1 for years. We had our company mailing list on it and I was using it going to night school and writing arborist reports for our clients. I would like to meet you some day. Anyway, I'm asking for your help now. Please reply.
  • I'm going to keep writing you Paul until you reply to me. I know your out there...Put yourself in my shoes, how would you feel?
  • This company growth was crazy. It was $240 a year ago but It went up almost 100 points. Their cable internet is good, fast and reliable. The phone plan is only $19.99 per month with unlimited long distance calling in US and Canada. Not bad at all.
    I think its share price could reach $400 unless there is a big competition such as AT&T and Verizon of the Fiber optic.
  • They raised my bill almost 20% last month. Offered me an alternative for the previous price with a much reduced channel selection. I didn't realize how much reduced until I accepted...and most of the channels I liked were gone. I called them last night and changed to internet only, which roughly cuts my bill in half. The lowest internet connection speed of 60 MB/s is way over what I need. Call your state public utility regulator and demand that ISP's be required to provide a basic internet connection (say 20 MB/s) at a government regulated price.
  • Can't Wait To Find A Solution To The Price Gouging For Less Selection

    Best way to protest is to find a way to lower your monthly cost basis, $10, $20, or more, even full cancellation. This will remove cash flow and disrupt their assumptions.

    Gouging MFer's
  • What is going on with Chtr?
  • those #$%$ holes raise my rates and their internet keeps dropping, timewarner no matter how bad they were it was 10 times better, how can we push their stock to the ground.