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    Steel is making a huge comeback in 2021. It’s been down for 2-3 years, inventories of cars and many manufactured goods r at a minimum, regardless of who’s in the White House, there will b a huge multi trillion $ stimulus bill... CLF at $8 will turn into MINIMUM a double and very likely a TRIPLE within 4-6 quarters. I sell to the hot mills throughout the US, Mexico and I C what’s going on...
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    Well, well, well.....looks like Goncalves and Koci might have a real influence soon. From a previous article on the subject.....
    “If mills had switched to index-linked contracts, they could have dramatically improved price. It was iron ore mining companies that drove the move to indexation as they realised annual benchmark pricing was reacting too slowly to market conditions and that they were losing out on too much spot-linked profit.
    Mills surely must be inching closer to their hallelujah moment, when they realise the long-term fixed-price model is not the future for an industry as capital-intensive, cyclical and volatile as steel.”

    US sheet mills are attempting to take a stricter stance on 2021 contract structures in an effort to improve performance following extremely low discounted prices in 2020. It is too early to tell how s
    US sheet mills are attempting to take a stricter stance on 2021 contract structures in an effort to improve performance following extremely low discounted prices in 2020. It is too early to tell how s
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    Monkey Business
    Drove past MT Steel in Cleveland off of I 77 today. Coil yards were noticeably low of inventory. Multiple trucks were loading out also.
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    " Flat roll steel spot prices rebounded during the third quarter, as customer inventory levels were extremely low and demand steadily improved. We expect to see continued price strength and customer demand throughout 2020 and into 2021. STLD on their earnings release tonight.
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    Steel Dynamics stated that it expects sustained customer demand and pricing strength through the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. The automotive sector has witnessed the strongest recovery while construction remained resilient. Strength RIGHT in CLF's wheel house.......AUTO !!
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    Nice volume to break resistance on the close. Good luck longs going into tomorrow and the earnings Friday morning. HODL!!!!!
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    I think guidance will be relatively good considering everything that is going on around the world. perhaps I am simply optimistic. I saw a train leaving the yard earlier this week and it was nothing but vehicle frames.
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    US HRC: Prices move up as 2020 availability shrinks – Argus Metals
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    Short Interest is the fuel, performance is the fuse.

    Let’s see some cold hard facts Friday to ignite Cliffs . I’m not holding my breath but........the stars are aligned against 75 million shorts . There just aren’t enough available share to cover until high teens or possibly even 20$ forces me to start thinking about selling this American steel behemoth .
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    It's a coiled spring just waiting for some volume. Hopefully Fridays earnings is the stimulus for the volume to increase and break resistance.
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    From STLD Q&A. The first Q was from an LG hater Seth Rosenfeld, (HBI widow maker comment) who knows that AKS has a big auto market.

    “If I can kick off please just with a question on kind of the near to medium term outlook for demand. In your prepared remarks you presented quite an optimistic outlook on steel demand highlighting both autos and construction.”
    Mark Millet:
    “That being said, obviously, our third quarter results were impacted by sort of contract pricing lag. And that will revert obviously in Q4, but just specifically to the market times up in automotive, the US producers have I think achieved their anticipated 90% run rate, pre-COVID run rates. And I would say that the European producers actually are exceeding that. They're more than 100% of pre-COVID for sure. And that's being supported, obviously by low inventory levels in the dealerships. Dealerships that I talked to are struggling to get product. And I think if you look at just the automotive market in general, it's supports that; used car prices are extremely high today. And interestingly, that's somehow an impact on the scrap market. Because hoaxer, the pickup guys are keeping their cars longer.
    And it's given a little tightness to the scrap supply. But nonetheless, it's a good market environment. And we believe that's going to continue. The low interest rate environment is obviously a positive as our low gas prices. I saw just yesterday, our gas prices dropped to $1 95. And so that tends to help certainly the truck sales. And I think generally, that's going to continue, the sort of urban desertion of people moving out of the cities. Rideshare sharing and Uber and most not necessarily as available. And people are needing cars. And I think automotives will remain strong. It's not just a sort of a two month three month replenishment of inventory. In that environment, we've been fortunate, we've been gaining market share. And I think both in flat roll and in MSPQ, just generally manufacturing is strong. “
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    Monkey Business
    Stimulus deal close. Just trying to work out "The Big Guys" 10% kick
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    FYI: Texas Instruments Gives Strong Forecast on Automotive Demand
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    @BARON and all the Trump supporters:
    I don't think we need to worry about clf future under Biden now. Trump will be next president for almost 100%. The following is my reasoning:
    1. Biden's treason will be exposed by Giuliani this week. The following link has just said the 2nd hard disc has been found in Ukraine which says Biden/Ob provided a list of the cia spies in China to Xi in about 2012 which led to more 30 of them killed. I heard the story about the killing in the past, but never thought it was related to Biden/Ob. I have followed the link site for some time and found they offer news earlier than American media. Good example is NY post put out some evidences from the 1sr disc on 10/14 and they talked there were 3 disc and the main contents on 9/25.
    2. Giuliani used to be the Attorney General in NY, federal judge and NY mayor during 911. He sent more than 200 members of criminal syndicates to jail. He would only talk when he is sure with what he has seen. I trust his words. He shows up on the link site a couple times now.
    3. Giuliani prefers to expose his evidence after senate passing ACB nomination. Therefore, a treason crime can be raised to disqualify Biden to the supreme court.
    4. So far, we don't see any deny from Biden or his family members. In such a key time before the election, if it is not true, they should have come out to control the situation by denying it. We only see the biased media trying to censor the news or blame Giuliani. Is that telling us Biden's have been too shocked to speak out because they don't know what is really on the 3 discs when they have seen the real pictures and emails on NY post.
    5. the site said some of the videos/emails were flowing out from ccp in order to avoid Xi and USA worked together to suppress Xi's opponents. Therefore, there may not be only Bidens and may include some other american politicians or powerful people.(that is why Trump says to drain the swap) That may be the reason FBI got it in Sept last year and silent during the impeachment.

    For those who support Biden, I am sorry for you guys, but I think you should be happy as a clf investor because Trump will make USA a powerful manufacturing country again which will use lots of steel, instead of TPP/globalism promoted by Biden and big companies. I believe your love for this country and your wish of MAGA will help you to pass your spiritual suffering when watching Biden's crimes unfolded.
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    it just depends on how much IO and steel CLF is producing right now. The prices are in money making range. Last six wks increase in prices shows good demand. We'll see next week.🤞
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    On Biden, he's corrupt everyone knows it, but so are most politicians. So many people are ignoring the facts because lets face it, Trump's insults and business record prior to his Presidency turn off many moderates. Many sadly don't really look into policy and really don't have the opportunity to hear fair and balanced reporting by the media ( BECAUSE THERE IS NONE!) My biggest fear for CLF is if there is no stimulus for the rest of the year, because Trump loses, then if the economy stalls a bit then CLF's strong momentum could slow and that will hurt the stock prices. Next year Biden would try to stimulate the economy with an infrastructure plan but if the economy's momentum is negative it might not give CLF the boost we want. Still expect $10 next few months if economy doesn't show signs of rollover.
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    roger luther
    Just a little info.

    I/N Tek and I/N Kote
    Located in New Carlisle, Indiana, about 60 miles east of ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor, I/N Tek and I/N Kote receive virtually all of their feedstock from Indiana Harbor via daily unit trains.

    I/N Tek is a continuous cold-rolling plant that produces sheet steel of unmatched quality and consistency. A 60-40 joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation.

    The current configuration of I/N Tek utilizes two separate functions; continuous pickling and tandem rolling through the Continuous Descale Cold Mill (CDCM), and continuous annealing, temper rolling, and inspection through the Continuous Annealing Processing Line (CAPL) in order to give greater flexibility in providing material to I/N Kote for galvanizing or galvannealing.

    The partnership produces 1.7 million tons annually through the CDCM and 1.2 million tons annually through the CAPL.

    I/N Kote, which is adjacent to I/N Tek, is a 50-50 joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, with separate lines producing 500,000 tons of hot-dip galvanized and galvannealed and 400,000 tons of electrogalvanized sheet annually. I/N Kote sits on about 25 acres of land. The principal customers of I/N Tek and I/N Kote are automotive and appliance markets.

    Am I correct in assuming this is what CLF is buying from Nippon?
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    Clyde Fricken
    Frogs will soon be out to short CLF back under $8. It's almost as if they've never heard of instrafructure.
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    Big stock run up tomorrow as predicted by Mike Lohr!
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    Now ascending in earnest. Means at least another 2 or 3 points. The AKS acquisition was brilliant and at the bottom. Buy.