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Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (CLNE)

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    FHWA : talk from Pete Buttigieg

    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced the designations in April in a public even held in Washington, DC. The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) Alternative Fuel Corridors program recognizes highway segments with existing or planned alternative fuel infrastructure. Numerous designated highways across the country now have corridors that have been designated as CNG or LNG ready, meaning that NGV operators can expect to encounter multiple natural gas fueling stations along these routes. In addition to the “ready” category, FHWA also publishes a list of “pending” routes or corridors, signifying that new fueling stations are in the works and will soon be available. The program currently has designations and signage for compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, electric vehicles, LPG, and hydrogen.
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    Go to their webpage and look at the PR announcement from early May 2020. It's very similar, except now the volumes mentioned are significantly larger. Regardless of how this quarter's earnings look, they should pass the break-even point soon. So which way will the stock go after they announce? Personally, I've never had much success in predicting it. But I think I might pick up more shares if it drops significantly. After years of stagnant growth, the tide might be turning.
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    The real information should come during the conference call. I expect the analysts to push for clarity on volumes, margins, growth, etc. If management provides this, then the stock should pop up... assuming the information is positive. I'll definitely be listening and reading the financials.
    The latest PR was their consistent with their past releases. They always provide an update of new contracts just prior to the earnings release and provide more color during the conference all. So it's just a normal update, as far as I can tell.
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    Clne inks new deals across the country and share price goes lower. Elon Musk passes gas and electric vehicle stocks make new all time highs, kinda hard to get behind.
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    To position this PR in the context :

    Adding all the numbers give us 25 MM of gallons ...and not clear how to estimate the duration of contracts .
    One said 1MM /year , I counted 1 MM . One says 13 MM , but in how many years . I added 13 MM .
    Good spread all over the US even in Canada .

    25 MM is to be compared to the 130 MM sold in California in 2020 , to the 383 MM sold all together in 2020 . This would be at most 6.5 % of growth / year .

    To this we have to add AMZN of course at certain point .

    Not to be negative as I have a long positive view on CLNE , this PR is not as big as it looks .
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    Here is a tip for all you newbies trying to use your COVID relief checks to fund your retirement:

    If you look at the volume and not just the price, you won't get scared. The big players, with hundreds of thousands (or millions) of shares can easily sell 300 shares for 10 cents less than the current bid just to keep the price pushed down. This stock has been "maintained" at this level for quite a while on relatively low volume. Watch the BIG trades! Don't worry about the light volume days. Every retail investor they can scare away just means more for them. Don't fall for the manipulation!
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    Contracts galore just announced. Why are we not moving?

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    Lots of PR about contracts, but can this company have a profitable quarter? Management seems to find some reason on why they are losing money.
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    Any idea about total selling ? I know it is not a meaningful amount of shares.. but I am starting to think that the warrants to Amazon were more a poison pill to keep management in their seats to avoid a Total SA takeover...
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    Soft ending to the week but lets take stock of where we are. Weak hands saw an opp to sell on the recent rebound but the real money will be made by those that can stomach the ups and downs and take a longer term view. 1) Earnings should be good. Ports are busy as economy reopens. Look at UPS. Bottom line expect CLNE to put up a solid quarter and guide optimistically for increased vols next Q as opening recontinues. 2) we will get clarity around AMZN. There is simply too much misinformation floating around about the AMZN deal perpetuated by analysts trying to make a name for themselves. If mgmt does a good job in explaining the AMZN deal then we remove lingering uncertainties. 3) with AMZN deal adding trucks (and other potential fleets converting to RNG) the company needs to provide some updated guidance around when it expects to be 100pct RNG. This affects margins and also breakeven. Having clarity around that gives investors an important milestone to concentrate on. 4) the company must address the favourable reg and policy environment - bidens war on methane is directly related to CLNEs business. Knowing that the feds are going to be broadly supportive of RNG as a fuel addresses some of the noise that the only way to reduce carbon footprint is EV.
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    If earnings miss it could be a good opportunity to buy some shares.
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    On more than one e/s announcement they have released news just prior to the Q only to disappoint on rev or earnings...after years of owning CLNE ...I keep hoping this time different
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    All the contracts are expenses at this point. Last ER, they stated that it would be 12 to 18 months to see any revenues from the new RNG projects. Plus the $10 million of salary compensation, this year. Will most likely need to take an accounting charge for the warrants that they issued, to AMZN.
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    Well there’s all the new contracts. There are plenty of them and nice to see them scattered across the country and even in to British Columbia.
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    May 21st $21 call is being bought. Interesting as price of stock is going down. Hmmm!
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    If Mr. Littlefair can take a page out of the Amazon playbook and communicate a dynamic vision for CLNE (as Bezos did very well before Amazon became consistently profitable), then the share price should take off . If he cannot pull this off, I am still bullish but it will take much longer to get to the promised land.
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    If they manage to miss earnings with all these contracts.....
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    In the little 2 years of experience I have buying stocks trying to predict earnings equates to a coin flip. Especially with companies that have not yet turned a profit. Hoping a miracle happens so I’m back in the green soon with CLNE
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    CLNE is growing along with demand for their RNG and this will get bigger as diesels get replaced.
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    Zacks stated; per the umcoming ER: "the stock may move higher if key numbers are better than expected, on the other hand if they miss the stock may move lower."

    Some brilliant stock analysis I thought I'd share with you...................GLTA