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Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (CLNE)

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  • V
    90M shares traded hands today, if retail investors can hold/add but not sell we can easily be $15-$20 range. Always do your dd n back your trade. Have a nice weekend see you all next week in green markets and better action next week.
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    David Z
    2nd highest mention on Wallstreet Bets today. And increased each of the last 3 days.

  • J
    So I'm holding mine long term, one big surprising press release and you could miss the train, not me, could be the chance of a lifetime, The climate change hawks will start demanding rng as a hd truck fuel, and the government will give subsidies and it's off to the races, there is no cleaner fuel, to Venus and Mars we will go.
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    Louie jay
    Who cant wait for monday?
  • P
    I purchased three thousand shares May 24th at $7.65. Sold today at $12.21. Gained $4.56 or 59.60%. For a profit of $13,680.00. I'm happy with that. Good Luck to all.
  • A
    The massive contract with AMAZON will not keep this at these levels much longer. Have you all seen the holders behind this stock? Do some research
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    $WPRT conversation
    Two remarks from the $CLNE interview with Cramer on CNBC
    - first, Cramer’s incipit was like “I thought clne was the same of few years ago, but sorry Andrew with RNG the business case is totally different
    - second, RNG negative carbon intensity has become official in wall street and investment banks will come back with their coverage earlier than previously anticipated

    About the stock, it is worth to mention that this is like a second Amazon announcement as many have not realized the magnitude of gallons Amazon has to buy

    I am not sure what will be market reaction tomorrow, but one thing is sure: if someone here asks for proof of RNG’s negative carbon intensity you can directly post CNBC interview. Because you know, these people were not able to understand thousands of news articles and academic reports, but they might be able to get the simple language of Cramer ;) at least I hope this for them…
  • M
    Paul; they are nowin the profit zone, and climbing. Building 30 new filling station to supply Amazon, and new RNG facilities with Total. Plenty cash, BP, and Chevron on board. Why should the stock drop to $7?

    There's the substance Paul. I don't know what headlines you're talking about, I will say, the company does,'t pump thier stock. What's wrong Paul? Stuck with your short position perhaps?............GLTA
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    Aslan Mardyar
    I suspect we shall hear something from CLNE on Monday like a PR regarding Amazon buying $500 worth of fule I am thinking maybe UPS wants to be part of this journey too… bears 🐻 🍻 enjoy your stressful long weekend Mr Bears
  • E
    Next week 🐂 will have a lot of fun!! this is going to go all time high sooner than expected!!!!!
  • T
    The CEO has never executed very well on anything in past ten years. Why is this time different? Asking for a friend.
  • A
    So many shorts on this board it’s hard to breathe, FED inflation releases as well as the recent unemployment news is going to rattle the market for a little bit. There are rumors of a UPS deal in the horizon and we have been up more than double and even triple our average volume in the last nine days consecutively. Wake up and realize this stock has a lot of potential
  • N
    This stock is easy $20!
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    $WPRT conversation
    it seems $clne will be hosted on CNBC at 18:00 , could not find the link, for a business update. If they clarify that Total is selling to finance the JV and not for an issue with mgmt (total voted yes at the AGM the other day), I think much of the downward pressure will fade
  • d
    Can’t wait to hear the CEO news at 6 tonight. Get in before market closes. Only time he does this is when big announcements coming.
  • S
     FYI on this company from Cramer

    Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (CLNE) , another mistaken meme play. Longtime viewers of "Mad Money" are no stranger to this stock, which had been championed by the late T. Boone Pickens, a friend of the show. CLNE, run by Andrew Littlefair, was based on the idea that natural gas would be a cleaner fuel than oil so trucking companies would flock to it.

    The fuel never took off and the company floundered, suffering year after year of losses.

    Now, though, it's largely in the business of selling renewable natural gas -- 73% of its production -- and this time it's got big supporters like Amazon (AMZN) , which is potentially its biggest customer. Now like Plug Power (PLUG) , Amazon has a deal where it got warrants from Clean Energy, something that could come back to haunt them in the form of some bad press if Amazon dumps the stock the warrants give them. Plug got some real bad publicity on that one. In this case, according to Littlefair, Amazon is committed to hundreds of millions of gallons of RNG with them. CLNE is building 19 new stations for them this year and Amazon is using 26 existing stations. The potential for Amazon alone is 15,000 heavy duty trucks.

    The deal solidifies the joint venture relationship Clean Energy has with BP Plc. (BP) and Total, two no-slouch players in an energy industry under fire for not doing enough to clean the air they naturally soil.

    The company is now cash flow positive from operations and they have $300 million cash, so different from the old days. Littlefair has set the company up to make a lot of money next year and it's a pretty shocking development from what we remember during the days weaker less competitive days. Then, again, they are now selling the cleanest lowest carbon fuel in the world. One day maybe green hydrogen will be the fuel of choice. Right now, though, its RNG from Clean Energy's 560 fueling stations.
  • O
    NASA reports today the heat wave has gone up do to excessive CO2.
    The Governement should mandate all trash trucks country wide should convert to comptessed natural gas. negative output of CO2, environmentally safer and less harm to children as well to diesel fumes.
    this is a must to help clean up world. The CO2 high levels traps the heat and magnifies the problem...kapeech!
  • V
    Amazon to buy 20% stake in clean energy plus to buy $500 M in fuel before the deal. Gl to longs. Check out CEO interview on CNBC. GL
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    We looked at the charts of CLNE on June 10 and wrote that "Aggressive traders could go long CLNE at current levels. On the upside our targets right now are $25 followed by $41."
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    Can I get a $15 today?