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    check options for October 15, 2021
    Investors often buy calls when they are bullish on a stock
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    CLVS options for January 21, 2022 at $30 strike?!
    I can't believe my eyes but there it is.
    Why would somebody put serious money on CLVS rising to $30/sh by 1/21/22?
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    JCRT Editorial : Rucaparib as maintenance treatment for ovarian cancer patients. Another positive evaluation of Rucaparib, this time for ovarian cancer. The clinical data continues to reflect outstanding efficacy and safety for Ruca:

    J Cancer Res Ther. Jul-Sep 2021;17(4):1123-1124. doi: 10.4103/jcrt.JCRT_458_19.

    Rucabarib: A new lease of life for ovarian cancer patients

    Sandeep Sachdeva 1, Tamkin Khan Rabbani 2

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    PMID: 34528576 DOI: 10.4103/jcrt.JCRT_458_19
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    Background: Rucaparib is a drug with potential as maintenence monotherapy in ovarian cancers irrespective of genetic mutation.

    Methods: The results of the ARIEL 3 trial were analysed for the drug's prospects towards cure in ovarian and other pelvic malignancies.

    Results: Ovarian cancer patients with highly malignant tumors and relapses on platinum based chemotherapy exhibited statistically significant reductions in tumor size with maintenance Rucaparib therapy vis a vis placebo.

    Conclusion: Genetic heterogeneity of the tumor did not have an impact upon Rucaparib efficacy in ovarian carcinoma. More malignant and relapsed variants can effectively be treated with Rucaparib, thereby improving survival rates and quality of life.

    Keywords: ARIEL 3 study; ovarian cancer; rucaparib.
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    Too many big money investors buying, for me to lose interest. Every qtr, another 5-6 funds buy this stock, or add to their existing holdings. I'll wait another 12 months.
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    HC Wainwright & Co. Maintains Buy on Clovis Oncology, Lowers Price Target to $9
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    9/9 Targeted Onc: Oncologist explains rationale for using Rucaparib over other PARPi as maintenance therapy:

    "Considerations for Selecting PARP Inhibitor Maintenance Therapy
    September 9, 2021

    Dr Ramez Eskander shares his insights on considerations for selecting appropriate PARP inhibitor therapy for patients based on molecular testing and other factors.

    Ramez Eskander, MD: With the evolution of PARP inhibitors as a treatment strategy in the ovarian cancer space, we’ve realized that we’ve made significant gains and have various treatment options in the setting, and it’s important to note that this patient in this clinical scenario was counseled and was treated with maintenance rucaparib in the platinum-sensitive response. Again, this patient had received maintenance bevacizumab monotherapy in the front line after initial completion of chemotherapy. It is a patient who is PARP inhibitor naïve specifically. And that’s important to remember. We know the data regarding rucaparib, the ARIEL3 clinical trial supporting the efficacy, the safety, and the tolerability of this drug, which was again given until disease progression or unacceptable adverse events. There was also an interesting abstract that was presented that compared real-world data among PARP inhibitors. There are other options for PARP maintenance in the platinum-sensitive setting in a patient who is PARP naïve. And what we saw was that rucaparib and olaparib appeared to be better tolerated than niraparib when it came to dose interruptions or dose reductions. We don’t have any head-to-head data the way that we want it, but they are data that help us contextualize potentially the treatment-related tolerability or adverse effects that may be experienced on therapy. The other important thing to note is that niraparib has an individualized starting dose, a dose that’s dependent on baseline weight and platelet count. If you have a patient who has struggled with thrombocytopenia, understanding that may guide you away potentially from one PARP inhibitor to consider another PARP inhibitor such as rucaparib for maintenance strategy. Analogously, a patient who has poorly controlled hypertension may not tolerate niraparib as well, and you might want to consider others.

    There are nuances here when making this decision. We know that there are multiple agents that are approved in this setting, but the patient clinical case may help inform and guide treatment choices. And again, rucaparib is dosed at 600 mg twice a day. You have multiple opportunities for dose reduction to help keep a patient on treatment, which again is the most important component to drive efficacy in this setting. I have used all PARP inhibitors in clinical practice. I’ve used them in the front line as maintenance treatment strategies. I’ve used them in the platinum-sensitive recurrent setting. I’ve used them as treatment monotherapy in the later-line setting previously. It’s important to know, the take-home message here is all of these drugs can be given. They’re given orally. You want to be thoughtful about treatment-related adverse effects, but almost universally patients can stay on treatment as long as they’re benefitting from therapy. And it’s uncommon to have to discontinue treatment because of adverse effects. And I empower you when you’re using these medications to be proactive about adverse-event mitigation strategies, dose reductions and interruptions, with a goal for continuing treatment for as long as possible. And rucaparib can be used in a setting just like this. I have many patients who are treated with rucaparib in a platinum-sensitive maintenance strategy, some with many years of benefit. I have patients treated with rucaparib as a treatment strategy.

    That pivots nicely into review of the ARIEL4 clinical trial. And ARIEL4 is a study that looked at rucaparib vs chemotherapy in patients with advanced stage epithelial ovarian cancer who were also found to have a deleterious BRCA mutation. This may not be as relevant in the future. Why? Because now we know that patients who have a BRCA mutation in the front line should be all receiving maintenance PARP in the frontline setting. When they recur, there are no data for PARP rechallenge after prior PARP yet. Those are emerging data and we’re learning more about it. But as it exists right now, it’s limited. But the ARIEL4 clinical trial looked specifically at BRCA-mutated patients, looking at rucaparib vs chemotherapy. patients were randomized to rucaparib 2:1, 600 mg orally twice daily vs physician’s choice chemotherapy. And their progression-free intervals were defined. And what we saw was a benefit when you looked at rucaparib vs chemotherapy. Patients with relapsed BRCA-mutated ovarian cancer who received rucaparib based on the ARIEL4 clinical trial had a significant improvement in progression-free survival vs standard of care chemotherapy. ..."
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    Hopefully the ATM is shut down and we can go into 2022 without the overhang of more dilution. Plenty of
    news for Rubraca and of course FAP-2286 next year. We'll likely stay below $5 for the remainder of the year
    but that's OK, I'm waiting for the data.

    We've been reading these stories for a few years now that CLVS might be a target for big pharma, recent institutional buying might suggest they are thinking 2022 might be the time for that to happen.
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    Buyout Monday.
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    “In the 17 months since Clovis won an approval for their PARP drug Rubraca, the reality of anemic sales revenue against a backdrop of major league competition has crushed its shares and raised doubts about its future.” Sell the company Mahaffy, you’re the laughing stock of the industry!
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    THE VANGUARD GROUP, INC.,MORGAN STANLEY & CO. LLC, IKARIAN CAPITAL LLC bought a fresh place in Clovis Oncology Inc. https://bovnews.com/companies/looking-better-but-stay-cautious-clovis-oncology-inc-clvs-designer-brands-inc-dbi/
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    Would love a surprised news release of FAP 2286 update.....if positive, this thing will go through the roof. if negative...well, can't get much lower.
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    transformative events!!!!
    These activities improve our balance sheet and complement our ongoing focus on cost control as we look forward to the potentially transformative events of 2022," said Patrick J. Mahaffy,
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    The Wolf of Wall Striptease
    When big institutions buy a stock la CLVS, they certainly know something the retail doesn`t.

    "THE VANGUARD GROUP, INC. bought a fresh place in Clovis Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ:CLVS). The institutional investor bought 2.3 million shares of the stock in a transaction took place on 6/30/2021. In another most recent transaction, which held on 6/30/2021, MORGAN STANLEY & CO. LLC bought approximately 564.4 thousand shares of Clovis Oncology Inc. In a separate transaction which took place on 6/30/2021, the institutional investor, IKARIAN CAPITAL LLC bought 450.0 thousand shares of the company’s stock. The total Institutional investors and hedge funds own 48.80% of the company’s stock."

    Looking Better but Stay Cautious: Clovis Oncology Inc. (CLVS), Designer Brands Inc. (DBI) | BOV News
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    Love the people saying for years Institutions want all the shares cheap. Ok it's down 98% has 500mm market, cap shares are pretty cheap. It's a grain of sand in most of their funds if they wanted to own shares. Why would they for that very reason a small position in their portfolio becomes a majority stake in CLVS.
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    As I was saying, Sept 14= $4.28, today Sept 17= $4.75, that is 11% gains in 3 days. AAPL takes months to gain 11%...but haters will hate ...and lose their money :)
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    Put on your reading glasses and read carefully the last sentence regarding the Clovis Athena TPG loan repayment terms: "Clovis Oncology CEO Patrick Mahaffy has engineered a risky gamble to pay for his big Phase III study combining his PARP Rubraca with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo. He’s borrowing up to $175 million for his Phase III ATHENA trial, and he’s committed to paying back up to twice that amount for the cash runway." The House of Horrors that Pat built....
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    Nice data on Lynparza+Abiriterone in Prostate.
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    Chevy, Dew Master,Robert, Morgan or Sharon.
    Can you summarize what that 9KD trial means? What would one want to hear Dr. Petrylak say Sunday in the mini oral presentation? Finally, what could a positive take away from that presentation be worth for helping Clovis ? Thanks …..
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    ATHENA monotherapy in first-line maintenance treatment ovarian cancer in Q1 2022, TRITON3 monotherapy in second-line metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer in Q2 2022, and ATHENA combination with Opdivo® in first-line maintenance treatment ovarian cancer in 2H 2022. These data read-outs provide the potential to reach larger patient populations in earlier lines of therapy for ovarian and prostate cancers.