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    JPM is absolutely un-investable. I've listened to Tom Lee, Josh Brown, Stephanie Link and so many other great managers all summer and fall say barbell, reopening and rotate from tech/growth to value. Well, everything is losing today. Second wave. No stimulus. No help for small businesses, restauranteurs or entire service sector. Crude is low. Supply is high. No one is commuting. No one can vacation. Mortgages are defaulting. Rent won't get paid. State and local governments are losing huge chunks of income, property and sales taxes. This is a crisis. It turns out between 1 and 3 out of every 100 Americans actually prefer not to die of Covid-19.
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    The Fiddler
    Smashed earnings, new disruptive product in "Quick Access", share #$%$ returning soon. This should be at all time highs.
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    They had some interesting insights about JPM on (http://webstock.today). Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    The oil companies pushed production up to 11.1 million barrels per day last week.
    And JPM is still lending them money.
    Perhaps Jamie doesn't want to, maybe Saudi and china have told him to keep lending money, to thoroughly kill US oil.
    if i was a bank Regulator, i would be asking the Banks why they don't lend just enough money to maintain production, and pay off old bills, and I would be asking why they keep raising production during the slowdown and glut. Taxpayers, who foot the bill for bankruptcies and writeoffs, have a right to know.
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    I am a retired JPM Chase employee and well schooled in finance. Today's Yahoo Finance hit piece entitled
    "How the Trump economy went south" by Rick NewmanSenior Columnist,Yahoo Finance•October 19, 2020
    illustrates fake news. It criticizes President Trump's performance without attribution to the pandemic. Were this about President Obama under similar circumstances, the title would have been "How President Obama's
    Economy is making a miraculous comeback". Yahoo Finance together with most of the media cannot acknowledge that President Trump has dome some remarkable things such as putting the American people, workers and our economy 1st in enacting his policies. He has rebuilt our military and created and effective foreign policy that has begun to put the middle east on an early path to peace. He has forced our allies to meaningfully start paying their fair share for their own defense and along the way reduced the uncontrolled
    entry of illegal immigrants into our country. President Trump is NOT A POLITICIAN and the United States, save the pandemic, is better-off today than we were four years ago. It is about time that business people in this country acknowledge that we need business trained people running our country, states, counties, cities and school districts rather than politicians and academics. Business people know the meaning of performance, politicians do not!
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    Read an article that stated bank stocks would take a hit if trump loses the race. Does this stock seem like it could crash if so?
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    Why are bank stocks tanking after JPM and Citi reported better than expected top and bottom lines?
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    I heard about JPM the other day on http://stocktip.xyz. It’s looking like an interesting play.
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    JPM's earning already included the $920 million dollars fine... It's a quite impressive earning beat.
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    Done well as a very, very long shareholder in JPM 30+ years. I doubled my position 2 1/2 months ago, and gained another 5.8% on that since. Great decision.
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    Anyone else trading options on platforms like E-Trade getting FINRA locked without adequate notification on pattern day trading until it's too late? Did you know the information from your transactions on 3rd party broker sites like e-Trade is sold to the same direct brokers on the other side of your options positions? I guess I understand why JPM bought E-Trade now, data being the new oil and all. Anyway, in a Trump administration and a retail investing boom, I am starting to become highly suspicious of the role of 3rd party brokerage sites in the broader manipulation going on in the US Stock Exchange.
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    Yahoo123 Who....the....He11....Cares!!!
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    Online retailer and portal stocks are hot! SNAP jumped up 25% to 30% in pre-market!

    BIGC will report earning the week after next with SNAP and Facebook on customer list and strategic relation! It will run up 30% soon!

    The biggest short-squeeze is coming! 300% gain in a year! Nice and easy!
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    They made 9 billion in profit and can’t buy one underpriced share.
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    I have ADD real bad so I can't read over a large financial report. I just take the current EPS X 4 and slap a 12 multiple on it and I get around $140 for JPM.
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    hey, a 3.45% dividend is better than what you can get from putting money in the bank ... buy and hold ..
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    Pancho Villa
    JPMorgan Q3 Earnings
    -Q3 EPS $2.92 (est $2.35)
    -Q3 Revenue $29.95 Bln (est $28.39 Bln)
    -Q3 Provision For Credit Losses $0.61 Bln (est $2.38 Bln)
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    10 yr bond .778 +2%

    "Interest rates and bank profitability are connected, with banks benefiting from higher interest rates. When interest rates are higher, banks make more money, by taking advantage of the difference between the interest banks pay to customers and the interest the bank can earn by investing."
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    great job by JPM. still structural issues with NII but at least loss provision seem to be over with. Income investors lining up today