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  • J
    In the beginning of the summer I predicted Comcast would reach $50. sometime in 2021. It came early. I know it will bounce around and maybe even go back to $47 or $48 but by the end of 2021 we'll be looking at $60. Invest in this thing if you want price, dividend growth and safety!
  • B
    Wow getting eviscerated on social media for their data cap plans.."Price gouging in an emergency and monopoly"
  • M
    The smart money knows that CMCSA is on sale at these prices. 2nd half 2021 the parks and studios will be going full blast, Olympics ad revenues, NBC and NBC sports will be raking in the ad dollars on top of all of this. And don't forget the ad revenues and subscription fees for Peacock. Also don't forget they still have a multibillion dollar payday coming from DIS in the future. That continues to grow in value as Hulu continues to grow.
  • S
    The certification of the Penna vote will not stop with the State Supreme Court. It will go to the US Supreme Court, like Bush Gore. They have poll watchers being beat up, they have video of Biden votes being counted 3 times, they have the code that Dominion used to change many Trump votes to Biden votes, they have testimony from Dominion employees that said over 1 million votes was changed in another election, and that algorithms were used to keep Chavez in power for years after he bilked the country out of 6 billion dollars, and drove it into the ground. Why didnt the Mayor of Philly allow poll watchers to watch the count ?
    When the case goes to trial, we want to see the phone numbers and facebook and twitter accounts of the people who have been threatening witnesses. We want to see this information posted online.
  • S
    Tom Wolf, the governor who allowed his first Lt Governor to abuse employees at their mansion, the guy who allowed his current governor to illegally fly an anti family flag from his state paid residence, now continues his vandetta against food service employees. Apparently he has been told that the virus hides in beer bottles, and whiskey bottles. And if you stop serving alcohol before 5 on Wednesday, the virus will still be sleeping, and not affect anyone. if you are young, and impressionable, you should see the stench from the left, as they do everything they can to hurt you, so that in the future, they will control you. Like Wolf is doing right now. Didn't that Judge forbid him from taking any future unconstitutional actions, like the Judge did to Gruesome in California ?
  • r
    Do you guys ever read (http://Multistockalerts.com)? They just wrote about CMCSA
  • S
    Have you seen the weather channel recently. Every day they say , No its not wild fires, its climate change fires.
    They neglect to talk about having too many people, drilling too many wells, taking too much moisture out, and forcing too much rain water into creeks and rivers, and not funding needed forest fire prevention and harvesting, that would drastically cut down on the number and size of fires.
    The channel sends dozens of people to hurricanes. Recently Mike Seidel warned us that the fallen leaves of a hurricane can make a road slippery. One time he showed us a snow hill from plows on a parking lot. Cantore was on top of it, with exciting video of a casino parking lot, after the water drained out. And today, Abrams informed us that if you receive direct sunlight, you warm up, and so does the temperature. wow. I never knew that. you guys are soooo smart. If the channel really cared about the environment, they'd stop sending people to storms, and use local coverage. if they really cared. Now you might say they take commercial flights. So. Their added weight uses more jet fuel. Don't go, or take a train, like AOC wants to do. Stop the climate mongering. me, and millions others stopped watching the NFL, and NBA, with their mongering, and it wont take much to turn you out. You stop warming the planet, then maybe you are qualified to make your point of view. And comcast has the tv modems that are hot to the touch. if comcast cared, they'd order modems that don't waste electricity. You've got a lot of nerve comcast. but if you can bait people into packages, then take away the 2 best channels, and then take away internet security, during high unemployment and a pandemic, then perhaps you'd sell out your mom too, if it pushed profits up, to make rich people even richer. .
  • G
    We teach our kids in Little league that when they lose they shake hands and move on. It's high time for the fat baby to move on
  • C
    America just lost all future election trust, just like the FBI, the House of Representatives- Thanks Comcast and the media- the ends do not justify the means ! Will not trade CMCSA anymore, or watch their channels.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    CMCSA reached an all time high at 48.72
  • S
    Facebook and twitter prohibit posts about promoting violence. Well at least they say they do.
    But with Comcast, their own employees are allowed to promote hate and violence, on air.
    Chris Hayes, who lives in NYC, was allowed to say a group of people, a group of Americans, should be confronted and destroyed.
    How does the SEC allow speech like this ? How does Comcast, whose wealth was created from capitalism, be part of the socialist agenda. Arris, their modem manufacturer has plants in China. They love cheap labor flooding across the border. To help their profits, they promote hatred and harm to innocent people. Isn't it ironic, that a comcast shareholder is funding the end of their way of life. And if Chris Hayes (comcast) has his way, you will be hunted down. Don't you hear what the guy is saying ?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    CMCSA reached an all time high at 48.22
  • b
    bubble what bubble
    CMCSA scooped again:
    *Dominion cancels appearance b4 Pennsylvania lawmakers, citing legal action.
    **Crowder shows 160,000 votes in MI log lacking # of registered voters in precinct.
    ***#%$& hitting fan, GA recount with signature verification underway.
    ****Sid Powell vows proof within days. . .
  • H
    Comcast dropping free Norton 360 included in your cable subscription. That is a stealth $105/year cost increase that you will have to pay to Norton now.
  • S
    Comcast continues to slither along the ground. After baiting hundreds of thousands of customers into midrange TV plans with popular channels, one by one, they are taking them off the midrange plans, and making it an option or more money to get. IE TMC and Starz. And if you want to downgrade, if you can stomach their sales people, and get them to do what you want, you have to pay a penalty. Isn't it bait and switch ? Shouldn't the price of the plan be reduced when the best content is removed, and some junk channel added ? If comcast had an ounce of decency, no one would ever sign up for dish or hughes, unless they lived in a remote area. The satellite companies thrive because comcast stinks, through and through. Investors, you don't have an inkling how bad comcast is, and the stock price could be 2 or 5 times what it is, if you demanded they listen and serve their customers, who make money for you.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    CMCSA reached an all time high at 49.74
  • K
    Comcast 5g goes nationwide and today and 5 days ago reaches 10G Technical Milestone delivering 1.25 Gig Speed!! Wooowhoooo!! Nice CMCSA!!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    CMCSA is up 6.89% to 47.60
  • A
    A-anthony real real
    is this a buy?
  • S
    This morning, weather channel Steph Abrams, an indirect employee of liberal comcast, talked about the crew returning from a 100 day mission from the International Space Station. She said how it was the first crew to go up since the virus, and that nothing changed the entire time they were up there. No Steph. Big changes. They have therapies to stop the deaths. Hopefully Cuomo and Wolf stopped sending infected people to nursing homes. Steph, the virus is still here. But its like the flu now. It is different. Totally. Maybe you were on the station, and not following things on earth. or maybe you are marching to the agenda. under socialism steph, how many weather forecasters will there be ? And how low do you think their pay will be ? Don't you like freedom Steph ?