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Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)

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341.80-6.82 (-1.96%)
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  • Only one person got sick at that restaurant in Virginia. The restaurant opened next day. One person got sick at only one restaurant and short sellers make over a half billion dollars. Something smells rotten and it ain't the food
  • CMG Stock Is Too Darn High
    At its present price, shares still are too expensive. Consider that Chipotle shares presently sell for about 2.5 times annual sales, and its price-to-earnings ratio is still an eye-popping 105.
    At the same time, operating cash flow for the March quarter was below that of the previous three quarters.
  • don't matter if they beat, theperson that got sick eating at chip will scaremany customer away in eating their. seethem losing customer revenues and earning because peoplecouldbe afraid of getting sick
  • http://www.businessinsider.com/chipotle-conspiracy-theory-gains-steam-2017-7

    Hopefully they can find evidence.
    then this stock will be back above 500+

    A conspiracy theory about Chipotle is gaining steam
    Some Chipotle fans are blaming the latest norovirus outbreak on corporate sabotage.
  • I was betting against CMG now I think it may a good time to buy
  • One person gets sick at only one restaurant and the stock drops over $75/share. The patron probably didn't use toilet paper when he wiped.
  • Going to fall tomorrow.
  • I love how the company is blaming a sick employee for this outbreak, seems fishing over a 100 people got sick from one lonely sick employee the company made work while sick. What's the odds.....
  • Since the recent reports emerged in July, any impact from them would take place in the current quarter and beyond -- rendering Chipotle’s latest (strong) earnings report rather unimportant. Since the recent reports emerged in July, any impact from them would take place in the current quarter and beyond -- rendering Chipotle’s latest (strong) earnings report rather unimportant.
  • Machines going wild after hours from well up to just red in minutes.
  • I live in a suburb of Sacramento and have several chipotles within a 10 mile radius. I ate at lunch at one and drove by 3 others. All were busy with lines. I've been a fan (of their food) for years now. I ate there before the 2015 incidents, and continued eating at them immediately following. The stores were dead back then. You walk in and go straight to the head of the line type dead. Today is a completely different story. Business seems steady as ever. You might ask why I wasted an hour of my day today driving by 4 different chipotle locations....my wife asked the same. My answer - research. I've bought on the recent dip. I do not believe the Virginia incident plays out anywhere near like 2015 did. Even if mgt guides conservatively during ER, chipotle is a good long term play. I think it's a good short term play as well as the sell off is excessive given the concern. However we are dealing with the market which is irrational which means anything can happen short term, but long term this rides much higher.
  • Pathetic miserable shorts still complaining about Chipotle. They want you to eat at a Mexican street cart run by illegals that doesn't pay taxes. The fake news media does too. We will find out the truth soon.
  • Institutions own 92.40% and insiders own 1.58%with only 6% out there are you telling me that this stock moves 150 points down on 6% I am in a long time traider and I could never justify $700 a share on any restaurant stock however I always said if this stock pulled back substantially I'd be a buyer with 400 stores opened in the last 18 months and almost 600,000,000 in cash what they need to do on earnings call is an ounce an aggressive Buy back at these levels and hire more responsible managers to maintain these restaurants I recommend each time there is a new 52-week low continue to add shares and all you bashers go find another stock
  • CMG is going down, not because of the stupid news that two people got Noro Virus, which is a common virus, and it is a self limited conditions it takes two days and it go away, it is going down because the insiders and the big banks want to take it down because it has high rate of retaill investors... They will take it down to $250.... do not fight it, just open and relax so it doest hurt.
  • small pop. still need to clean management . they are over their head and anything is possible
  • Truth. "A woman planted a severed finger in her Wendy's chili more than a decade ago. In the 1980s, Tylenol capsules were purposely tainted with potassium cyanide, leading to the deaths of seven people in the Chicago area.

    Plus, there was a lot of money on the table for Chipotle short sellers—as much as $459 million, according to Allen's calculations—before there were any inklings of a food safety problem. "Chipotle short-sellers saw their ambitions rewarded with $55 million in less than one day," he wrote of the latest scare." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-25/the-chipotle-corporate-sabotage-theory-returns

    The Chipotle Corporate Sabotage Theory Returns
    Some people see a simple case of foodborne illness. Others see corporate sabotage.
  • Many are talking like the PE ratio matters. The PE ratio does not matter to a company that takes a long term view like Amazon or Tesla. Most investors in Chipotle are institutional players and they will not be scared in to selling. A few daytraders panic over fake news and the institutional big boys just buy more. Chipotle's long term future is secure and debt free.
  • Who is that commentator? Some Mexcian lady who got fired from the Virginia store? I could hardly understand her.
  • Forcefully went up even though they fell on Revenue.
  • 15% up tomorrow with so many upgrades.