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Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNAT)

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    Blackrock increased ownership to above 5% level and filed 13G form yesterday. bullish
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    $ACRX conversation
    GreatDayLoser was pumping CNAT at $7+ (now $1.22) and EGLT (now bankrupt).
    GreatDayND 6 months ago
    $CNAT conversation
    "$CNAT average analyst Price Target is $15.83 vs. $GALT average analyst Price Target of $8.33... you do the upside math..."
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    What are your thoughts about the merger? Do you think it's going to boost the stock up and what's expected price?
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    Well I think the upcoming results will be good for a few reasons for Conatus ENCORE-PH

    1. First reason is that there are 3 doses being used 5 mg , 25 mg and 50 mg emricasan twice daily. the most confidence I have would be the 25 mg since the pilot study showed stat sig in only 28 days, and then the 50 mg as well. The 5 mg is possible over a 6 month period, but the least likely. however if the 5 mg pans out that would be game changing.

    2. Second reason is exactly the results seen in the pilot study. After only 28 days of treatment with 25 mg of emricasan twice daily in patients with above 12 mmHg the results were:

    4 out of 12 obtaining a > 20% decrease in HVPG
    8 out of 12 obtaining a >10% decrease in HVPG
    2 out 12 decreased below 12 mmHg
    11 out of 12 decreased in HVPG

    Keep in mind that this was only after 28 days of treatment, the current study is running 6 months.

    3.) No news of the resutls were released the other day on Friday. most Biotechs wait to release bad results on Friday. The fact that no results were released past this Friday is encouraging. The only way I see is if it waits until this next coming Friday to release the results. However, I think that the likelihood of results is going to be Mon-Wed of this coming week before the weekend conference.

    4.) A conference for Conatus has been set up with Institutional investors, I don't see why Conatus would do this without knowing any of the data or whether it will be positive or not.

    " In addition, the company will be meeting with institutional investors at the Stifel 2018 Healthcare Conference in New York on Tuesday, November 13, 2018." from the Press release.

    Now note this " In October, the company announced accepted abstracts for two oral presentations and a poster at The Liver Meeting®, the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) in San FranciscoNovember 9-13, 2018."

    Notice that the AASLD conference ends on the 13th, the same day that Conatus is meeting with institutional investors at the Stifel 2018 Healthcare conference. Why would they set this up on the 13th the day the AASLD ends if they have negative results? To me that's backwards thinking, IMO they had to have at least seen some of the data before setting this up.

    Anyways these are my pieces of evidence as to why I think the results will be good. Remember only 1 of the 3 doses needs to succeed for the company to move on to phase 3. I feel confident that the results should be good. Good luck to all!
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    CNAT filed an application to transfer the listing of its common stock from the Nasdaq Global Market to the Nasdaq Capital Market.
    In connection with the Approval, the Company has been granted an additional 180-day grace period, until May 25, 2020, to regain compliance with the minimum $1.00 per share requirement for continued listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market under Nasdaq Listing Rule 5810(c)(3)(A).
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    NEWS: 3 abstracts accepted at liver conference.
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    nvestment Agreement

    Concurrently with the entry into the Agreement, Conatus and Novartis entered into an Investment Agreement (the “Investment Agreement”) whereby Conatus agreed to sell and Novartis agreed to purchase, convertible promissory notes (the “Notes”) in one or two closings (each a “Closing”), for an aggregate principal amount of up to $15 million. Each Closing will occur at a date and time designated by Conatus, subject to the satisfaction of certain closing conditions, but must occur prior to December 31, 2019.

    The maturity date of the Notes will be December 31, 2019. The Notes will bear interest on the unpaid principal amount at a rate of 6 percent per annum from the date of issuance. Conatus may prepay or convert the Notes into shares of Conatus’ common stock, at its option, until December 31, 2019. Novartis may convert the Notes into shares of Conatus’ common stock upon a change of control of Conatus or termination of the Agreement in its entirety. If converted, the principal and accrued interest under the Notes will convert into Conatus’ common stock at a conversion price equal to 120 percent of the 20-day trailing average closing price per share of the common stock immediately prior to the conversion date. Upon the occurrence of certain events of default, the Notes require Conatus to repay the principal amount of the Notes and any unpaid accrued interest.

    This is very good news for CNAT %120
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    Conatus Pharmaceuticals Upcoming Presentations

    Portal hypertension for institutional investors and research analysts on Thursday, September 27, 2018, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET in New York.
    Good news what PPS?
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    Question to experienced traders. What do you do if a company announces successful trial data? Do you sell?
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    Nice to see the merger and RS was approved. Time to look forward with optimism.
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    We had a good day today guys have a good weekend
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    Waiting for $10 with 20000 shares
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    “NASH is a complex disease difficult to treat with a single drug or compound,” says Eric Hughes, global development unit head, immunology, hepatology and dermatology. “We believe combination therapy will be the best way to tackle this condition.”

    At the same time, Novartis is doing research to help the large population of people with late stage NASH and cirrhosis. It has an exclusive licensing agreement with Conatus Pharmaceuticals, a biotech focused on liver disease, to help fund the development and commercialization of a drug called Emricasan. The drug originally invented in 1998 by Idun Pharmaceuticals is a pan-caspase inhibitor that helps stop cell death and reduces inflammation associated with the disease.

    “The goal is to prove the drug can stabilize the liver and then reverse the progression of cirrhosis,” says Steve Mento, president and CEO of Conatus. “The liver is one of the few organs that can regenerate. If you can stabilize it the liver can repair itself.”
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    This company is heading in the right direction from everything I've studied. I'm in.
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    I’m in on 900 shares
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    Conatus Pharmaceuticals (CNAT). Conatus is set to report results for its ENCORE-NF phase 2b study in the 1st half of 2019. Specifically, the estimated primary completion date for this study is December of 2018. That means I expect results from this study to be released January/February of 2019. Conatus, like Intercept, is also targeting the F2/F3 fibrosis patient population for NASH. However, for Conatus, it had to change its protocol with the FDA a few months back. That's because its study was set up to meet the primary endpoint with only the F1/F2/F3 fibrosis population. The FDA will now allow this biotech to hit the primary endpoint with either this F1/F2/F3 population, or the F1/F2 fibrosis population. This flexibility might give Conatus a better shot at meeting the primary endpoint with either of these specific NASH populations. Especially, since this is one the longest studies performed by Conatus. This study will treat NASH patients with two doses of emricasan, 5 mg or 50 mg, for 72 weeks.
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    How about some post study commentary from management and or Novartis. They have painted a beautiful picture during the earnings report they had to know results were not going to meet the primary endpoint at that point.
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    Conatus is expected to report top line data readouts for emricasan in Phase 2b clinical trials, NASH severe Portal Hypertension, decompensated NASH cirrhosis, and NASH fibrosis, the focus of this article.

    Emricasan, the lead investigative drug candidate for Conatus, is a dual anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory hepatic drug candidate.

    Emricasan could be clinically de-risked potentially in late Q1/2019 with the announcement of a positive clinical outcome in the NASH fibrosis trial.

    I make a scientific case for emricasan at potentially inducing clinically meaningful benefits in the Phase 2b NASH fibrosis trial.
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    From what I am reading, the article today says CNAT can be worth 1.5BB with positive results and 6.5B on approval.
    1.5BB is about $60/share,by Friday!!!! I wish!!
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    Here is a company targeting some of the same symptoms as CNAT. In Oct 15, 2012 PPS was 19.97 by March 10, 2014 PPS was 462,26. Staggers the mind the potential of any bio that finds a cure for liver disease?

    The company is developing OCA to treat various non-viral progressive liver diseases, such as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), primary sclerosing cholangitis, and biliary atresia. (ICPT)