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Canadian National Railway Company (CNI)

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112.37+3.40 (+3.12%)
At close: 4:00PM EST
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  • B
    So many new investors came onto the market in the last year, a huge influx of money. So these investors have been playing the trendy speculation future stocks for a few months and are now getting to the value aspect and going with stocks that are not unfinished companies but rather a established money maker with solid prospects for reasonable growth even at this stage.
  • A
    I love CNR.TO. Slow and steady. I hope we get a split in near future.
  • I
    Literally no risk here. Nice place to park your money.
  • F
    Is the cancellation of Keystone XL could impact positively CNR ?
  • D
    I'll take the 5 cent increase today with the market crashing around us. CNI will keep up with inflation with it's dividend policy.
  • N
    Think of this stock as a 100 year old tree. It bears the fruits (Dividends) and has a solid root (Cash flow). Moreover, this is the backbone of canadian economy.
  • C
    Shocked by this selloff. Dividend increase, significant buyback announcement, beat analyst expectations. Sometimes the market is just inexplicable. Well, I'm looking at a 15-year hold here minimum, so I'll shrug this off.
  • S
    Very good results! Dividend increased and NCIB reinstated!
  • N
    What made this jump today? I’ve been waiting to break even to sell. Bought in at $114. Might just sell now and take the loss before it goes back down
  • D
    bought 120 shares at the dip, now we ride
  • D
    If you get news someone like bill gates or warren buffet sold or bought a stock it happened three months ago and youre just finding out about it then. Plus odds are that its time to do the opposite of what they did by the time you hear it
  • J
    Beat estimates, raised dividend, decreasing share counr. What's not to like?
  • L
    I started watching CNE from around $130 and was waiting for it to drop to $115 to buy. Never happened as it shot up to $147. Now it’s dropped back to $130. This is quite volatile for blue chip stock.
  • D
    Is it very profitable for CNI to ship oil by rail? Captured market?
  • S
    To get it now(and start a position) or wait for the CN stock split? Curious on your thoughts friends. Cheers
  • J
    Maybe it’s time to sell CN shares and buy CP shares.

    CP just announced 5:1 stock split. Yahoo!
  • M
    Lot of chatter on splitting. Would give stock a nice bump, but not sure it's happening at these prices.
  • O
    The whole S&P 500 is down based on the liquidity crisis going on with GME. CNR was quite highly valued, not too surprising to see it drop as the hedge funds scramble to cover, just a weird coincidence that a historic squeeze happened same day as earnings
  • A
    the only stock that's stable right about now.
  • j
    one of the best long term stocks out there, get in before the next split and/or dividend upgrade