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    While Covid-19 has certainly hit the exhibition industry very hard, the continuous bullish posts here that Warner Bros's decision will start a streaming landslide that will kill this industry is not a new thesis. Many have been calling for the demise of the theaters since the earlier days of Netflix. It's not gonna happen.

    For box office revenues and attendance data, I recommend googling "Theme Report 2019 MPA" and reading the report. It's an easy read.

    Though there is a lot of good data in this report, one important data point was that frequent moviegoers in the US and Canada made up 11% of the population but accounted for 47% of the ticket sales. The majority of this group was also found to be in the younger age groups and more likely to have tech products, including video gaming systems. So when people post surveys about what percentage of people will go see a movie during or after the pandemic, the CNK longs should not be concerned.

    Streaming will not kill the theaters. It's all about the theatrical experience, similar to running up a big bar tab when it would cost much less to drink at home.

    Once the vaccine is widely disseminated, people will flock to the theaters and CNK will become profitable again. Even Warner Bros's CEO after yesterday's announcement acknowledged the importance of the theatrical release to their revenues.

    Lastly, I'm sorry to CreditGuy go, but the show must go on!
  • P
    I legit was seconds away from hitting the buy button at around 1:25pm today when I got summoned away on an inpromptu work meeting and was forced to close my browser. Came back end of day to find this? The movie gods just saved me about $45k with todays losses alone..... my goodness ..
  • j
    Well, I can guarantee to all of you that theaters will be back. It is a matter of time, and it is a matter of TIME. Listen, people won’t STOP going to see concerts. It’s a cultural thing, not a business thing. You can have pretty much any kind of music that you want for basically free today, but you do things like concert going for the experience. There are only so many things that we as human beings, who make up the current American culture of busy, business, go, and MOVIEGOING is one of those things. Find a good low point, be willing to go long, and leave your money alone for a year. That’s it. Same with Airlines...
  • C
    Also, not going anywhere :p. Even though I’m out of the time being, I’ll continue to provide updates bc I intend to buy again at the first moment I’m comfortable with long term risks. I’m now too emotionally invested in the long term success of theatres
  • S
    movie producers are tired of waiting and loosing money so they are cutting their losses short term for the 2021 scheduled movies... But post pandemic, there is no way movies will be released on hbo. They ar very expensive to make and it will not be profitable.
    All this means is the movie theaters recovery will take longer since they will have to share revenues with the like of hbo in 2021. CNK 29 valuation goes from $30 to $20 (max) and may settle in the low 10s for awhile.
  • J
    I don't think people genuinely understand the amount of lost revenue the studios themselves would have to contend with if they abandon theatrical. Every streaming service is losing money in the Billions and that will continue for at least 5 years before actually turning a profit. Just join a studio earnings call and you can do the math for yourselves. Warner made $2.5B in 2019 at box office. That is a huge number to completely dry up if theaters die. It is in every studio's best interest to keep theaters thriving. Will the structure of the market change? Sure. But will it go the way of VHS? Not happening.
  • j
    These news didn’t move T stock. I think this will hurt more Warner bros/HBO Max. I rather go to the theaters than get HBO Max and the fees associated with a movie rental.
  • B
    Who would ever choose to see Dune or the Matrix at home when you can watch it in a theater? We will have a vaccine in January so why would anyone be afraid of the movie theaters in the summer next year?
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    Those who long cnk and gain a lot, can u recommend more stocks like cnk if you have any? I would like to study more stocks.
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    WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar doesn’t think he just destroyed the movie theater industry

    “Kilar doesn’t believe that ending the theatrical window would spell doom for movie theaters.
    “I have conviction that for the next several decades there will be a very large volume of consumers worldwide that will choose on any given night, especially a Friday or Saturday night, to go out to a theater to be entertained by a great Warner Brothers movie,” Kilar said.
    Kilar also noted that international movies -- which generates the bulk of box office revenue -- will be first released in theaters with normal windowing rules. HBO Max will debut globally next year.”
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    I have no animosity for WB - everyone is trying new strategies to save their own companies and employees- CNK will be back to normal eventually and in the meantime keep thinking... we can’t judge... wait and see... if you stay out though, you will miss the meteoric rises in many stocks...
  • s
    Tom Cruises next movie being filmed on the international space station will have a budget anywhere from 200 million to 500 million depending on logistics.
    I want you to take that into consideration when you imagine the future of film and Cinema. There are zero models that allow for a movie like this to reach a billion in box office through streaming. 2021 will absolutely return to normal in terms of Cinema. The world will continue to innovate in film, pushing boundaries like Cruise is doing.

    Films will continue to grow in budget and streaming does not support this trend. Long live the Cinema Bulls
  • D
    Is it just me, or do you all think we will have another $1-$3 dip before it’s back on its inevitable climb back up to $18+?
  • R
    this is way oversold---people will eventually go back to movie theaters. There is no way all the pre covid movie theater goers are going to forever stay at home and watch on a 60 inch screen! It is all about the experience of going out to dinner and a movie! It is like saying no one will ever vacation again and will just sit at home watching travel shows on tv with a pizza!
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    home releases are not sustainable long-term. as others have pointed out, movie production expenses are only growing. not going to turn a profit on home release for a $500m production. other big issue is piracy. once you put a movie on someone's personal devices, assume hundreds of millions lost in piracy downloads.
  • J
    cinemas survived DVDs BlueRays, Streaming they will survive covid too. People don't go to cinema to watch movie, but to enjoy experience with friends. As people don't go to pub to drink beer, but to have nice evening with friends.
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    In $SDC at $11.16 - nice to get back in at these levels - if shorts can keep it going down I’ll happily buy more! Got into $CNK again after it got beat up yesterday! 2 great long term plays. However, SDC is also a great value currently!! It was selling at this price when we didn’t have the numbers yet... full steam ahead SDC!!
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    MoffettNathanson out this morning saying that it expects Warner’s $2.4b in ebitda to be considerably impaired by this decision. I think this won’t last. But still risk level too high for me -life the time being
  • T
    Note to Warner Brothers and all other movie producers : I absolutely will NOT watch a new movie on a tv set. It's a big screen movie theater or nothing. I'm not joking. I watch reruns on tv, that's it.
  • d
    They tried direct to streaming (Mulan). It didn't work. They tried the normal theatrical route (Tenet). It didn't work. Now they're trying both. Some people will go out, others won't under the circumstances so why not try both? I don't see much changing. As soon as the theaters open fully they'll just revert back to normal. This beats continually pushing back the release dates. The theaters starve completely then.